Spurs; a good season for us ahead – yes/no?

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Last season was a fiasco. There were high hopes with AVB at the helm and 100 million spent on 7 players. Then he was sacked and a novice put in charge of the team. Levy and co had panicked. If they were unhappy with AVB then they should have either given him until the end of the season or at least put an experienced manager in charge. Even though AVB had some bad results I always thought we were in with a shout. At least while he was in charge we were in all competitions. Sherwood’s time running a top club was a disappointment (which is an understatement); getting us knocked out of all competitions and finishing 6th. With the exception of the Arsenal game (league; WHL), which we lost anyway, I thought we were appalling, and that is including the matches we had won. I thought Sherwood was out of his depth. But that messy season is now in the past and we’ve got a new manager/ coach to start a brand new season. And with that season comes high hopes. I, for one, am excited and optimistic.

Compared to us Southampton had a very good season considering their structure (that is compared to the top clubs). They played attractive football and impressed the fans and the media alike. Southampton’s good season was down to Mauricio Pochettino. With Tottenham finishing the season dishevelled we’ve now got a manager that is revered in the Premiership and will bring a more organised philosophy. He also should bring stability to our defence; under Sherwood tutelage we were devoid of any real defensive cohesion. Pochettino also promised to restructure our over bloated, and in some cases, deadwood squad.

Erik Lamela could be a surprise and a key player after his poor first season at WHL. No disrespect to AVB but you can’t embed 7 players immediately and in one season. On top of that Lamela has a manager that comes from the same country as himself, thus speaks the same language. So the omens look good where he is concerned. He is a talented player after all.

Soldado had a poor first season with us, but had a better pre-season tour. If he isn’t sold then hopefully we will see an improved performance from him. However I am concerned about Emmanuel Adebayor. He fades as the season goes on; he did that with AVB and that was why he stopped using him. He also did the same with Sherwood. Started well, but quickly faded out after awhile. Therefore I would like to see Spurs buy another striker to challenge both Adebayor and Soldado. I think Kane is too inexperienced at the moment, but hopefully he will flourish as time goes by (as I was writing this I just heard that Kane has signed a new and improved contract that will keep him at Spurs until 2019).

As for our midfield; I am happy with the talent we got. We have 13 talented players fighting for 5 places (providing we use one striker up front). No doubt some of those 13 will be sold before the transfer window closes.

West Ham is an interesting first game of the season for us. They humiliated us three times last season; culminating in them commissioning a West Ham shirt commemorating their treble over us (I suppose they’ve got to take the titbits where they can; to quote that famous Manchurian Frenchman “When seagulls follow the trawler it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea”; seems appropriate for West Ham’s situation). We need to show them that our lacklustre performances against them were just a blip. They, on their part, have problems of their own. They have a manager they hate; described as a “dead man walking”. Therefore we can help the West Ham crowd by humiliating their team and hopefully give them, the fans, enough ammunition to make their “dead man walking” turn into a reality. If we are successful then we move onto QPR and our former two managers managing them (Hoddle & Redknapp), at White Hart Lane. Get past that test and we will be confronted (again at WHL) with Liverpool, another team that humiliated us and finished 2nd last season. But this time around things are different for both teams. They are without their biting attacker and we are without our clown prince (Sherwood). But one step at a time. West Ham first.


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  1. Need another forward in Bony who will surely score 20+ goals in the prem and a centre back to stiffen the defence because last season we were leaking soft goals right, left and centre. If we do then the Champions league awaits. HAPPY DAYS.

  2. I think it will be a good season, after last season the only way is up. We showed last season, even with the awful Sherwood in charge for the larger part of the season, that we can generally see off most teams in the league. We just lacked a certain something in the big games. I think we have the best squad we've ever had, but last season was just poor beyond words, almost everything went wrong that could go wrong.

    This season some of the opposition have strengthened, but so have we.

    We have 3 good strikers, who all seem to be shining under Pochettino (Soldado looks a bit rusty with his passing but it will come).
    We have Lamela who looks back to himself and who we didn't have last season.
    We have Holtby who looks brilliant playing in a box to box role.
    We have Townsend showing signs of having improved a little.
    We have the world cup players – Chadli, Vertonghen, Dembele and Paulinho all to integrate back into the team. Its hard to quantify how much they will improve or not under the new philosophy.
    We have Davies and Rose, which means we have Vertonghen back in the centre.
    We have proper cover for Lloris
    We have second season Eriksen playing next to Lamela.

    I think the acid test will be playing at home to Liverpool in a couple of weeks, their squad is stronger but their best starting 11 has went backwards without Suarez.

    I would quite like to see Lennon move on and hopefully bring in a big money game changer on the left hand side, even though I think weve yet to see the best of Chadli.

    But theres plenty to get excited about this season even after a quiet window. I wont put too much expectation on Pochettino too early but I don't think we could possibly be worse than last year under Sherwood where you knew we were about to get stuffed unnecessarily as soon as you seen his mental starting 11s.

    • Right on the money, there is plenty to get excited about

      Because it is always a mystery when Tottenham takes the field

      That’s why they are the best club!!!!

    • If you've got squad of average players who are nearly all playing the same position(thanks avb for spending our money so wisely,then your liable to struggle putting out a good starting 11.Ponchos line ups aint been to bright yet either.

  3. I think we will have a great season because we have a coach who: has the players' respect, was a professional footballer, and implements an exciting style of football.

    As to your article, and most other writers, you make the assumption that AVB couldn't communicate with Lamela, but being from Portugal, AVB natively speaks Eric's language (along 4 others).

    Also, the reason why Ade didn't play for AVB is due to arguments they had. Refusing to play Ade was one of the first nails in AVB's coffins, and while we did have a poor defense after the first blow out, up until then, our back line had performed well (our offense wasn't performing).

    In fact, before the injuries and AVB sacking, most people were impressed with the performance of the recruits – Soldado was scoring, just not in the EPL – A function of being new to the league and AVB not having enough time to get the offense in sync.

    In this pre season, Lennon (and almost everyone else) have been playing great!

    Finally, since the players read these articles also, why don't you focus more on the players' attributes instead of starting off the season beating them down? You are a Spurs fan – aren't you?

    • PluckySpur,

      Thank you for your interesting critique of my article. I would like to add a few points.

      1.I don’t make the “assumption” that AVB couldn’t speak the language. What I actually said; “On top of that Lamela has a manager that comes from the same country as himself, thus speaks the same language.” May I suggest that you read it your way so that you could show your expertise on AVB and Lamela’s language. Of course there is nothing wrong with that as we writers write so that you (the supporter) have something to say/ talk about/ comment on. Therefore your interest/ comments shows I have done my job.
      2.As for an argument Ade and AVB had; that was true, however, that argument was caused because of his performance. Ade also admitted that he didn’t perform as he should have done; he also said that he got a lot of stick from his family. Therefore AVB was right to criticise and drop him.
      3.As for Soldado’s performance; I agree with you, however, my comments should be taken over the whole season.
      4.And finally your “finally”; criticism is part of one’s works. In my article I said positive things about Lamela and only noted my concerns over Adebayor and what I said was factual. I also said that I was positive and optimistic with the up and coming season; that would suggest that I am positive with the manager, players and structure; therefore I didn’t really need to point a finger at each individual player. And yes I am a Spurs fan, however, that doesn’t mean I have to be sycophantic and smarmy where my/ our beloved team are concerned. I am sure the players that do read my articles are robust and mentally strong enough to take and accept criticism; if not then Spurs are in serious trouble. For a strong fighting season ahead players have to be mentally strong.
      Anyway, I like to end by thanking you and others for their critique over my article. I am not beyond learning from others and I am always interested in Spurs supporters’ views. It is because of people like you – positive or negative – that makes it all worthwhile.

  4. We had a novice at the start of the season and replaced him with another one.Now we've replaced him with another novice.Same old same old season I reckon.

  5. No finish about 8th due to lack of spending. Last 3 seasons we have made money each summer transfer window. Can't keep changing managers if players are the same (Dawson same player under MP, TS or AVB)! Other teams have moved further away from us, Chelsea buy Luis, Fabregas, Costa, we buy Vorm, says it all. Can see Chelski beating us by more than 4 this year. If we had coughed up and bought Depay for £20m we may have frightened a few teams but not now. We only have 3 good players who can hold their own in top 4 games, Eriksen, Vertongen and Loris, the rest just crumble

    • good point RBJ and not made nearly enough Spurs have not NET invested in the squad for three seasons while the money teams who already had wage bills far higher than Spurs continue to invest . Man U failed to invest properly for 1 (2) ? seasons and started to fall quickly .The EPL is about money in anything other than the very short term and in fact mainly about money even in the short term. Spurs have the 6th largest revenues even if they don't always seem to spend like that (I wonder if cash is being retained for Stadium? ) so 6th is about par for us 5th VERY good 4th would need a miracle like two of the money clubs seriously blowing up same time.

    • On the one hand we are saying that players need time to settle and on the other hand we just want to buy new players constantly. Last year everybody was excited about all the new arrivals and look where it got us. I expect us to do better than last year simply because our players are more settled, gotten more time to play together and cause we have a manager who seems to have a clear idea how he wants to play. The squad with the best individual players is not always the best team.

  6. 'SPURS; A GOOD SEASON FOR US AHEAD – YES/NO?', says the headline (there should be a colon after the 'Spurs', by the way). But then the question it has asked, doesn't get dealt with. Instead a rehash of by now tired, oft-repeated stuff about AVB, and Sherwood, then Southampton gets the second paragraph, and on to Lamela last season, blah-blah. Haven't we all read this stuff hundreds of times this summer? Then it's Soldado again, a grumble about Adebayor, and on to the first game of the season. Where's the answer to the question, though?

    Will Spurs have a good season? There is no option offered for the many 'don't knows' there must be. I don't know, but imagine that Spurs will do well. Meaning that after the new players settle and given that some old ones will recently have departed, Spurs will play well after the teething troubles to be allowed for. A settled squad that does eventually settle, should do all right. I doubt they'll do badly.

    • “Have we heard this all before?” Maybe, maybe not, however, and going by the replies people were interested in replying (including yourself) so it was worth repeating (if repeating it was). As the old saying goes; if it is worth saying once, it might be worth saying twice; more so if people reply.

      As for colon or not; don’t be pedantic; a slip of the wrist and hay presto you’ve got a semi colon.

      As for options or not (don’t knows); it is not beyond the typing wrist of the protractor to add the missing phrase or word here or there. But I must thank you for entertaining us and a good laugh doesn’t hurt anybody.


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