Three Things Spurs Learned From The Leicester City match

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The match against Leicester was, yet another, disappointing performance against a club we are better than. I was shocked when we finally scored, unfortunately, that feeling only lasted a few seconds before I felt deja vu. We drew the match in the most Tottenham-like way possible, and it showed how much we still need to improve. I believe that, since our performance was so poor, we had much to learn from the draw.

We need a new signing


Firstly, it showed we that still are in need of a new signing. I believe we are most in need of another striker, I hope Clinton Njie can fill that role, but I would prefer we sign someone like Saido Berahino. I think Berahino would’ve changed the match, because he would have drawn attention away from Harry Kane. Whenever Kane got the ball, Leicester’s defence would flock to him, usually causing a wasted shot. If Berahino was in our side, he would’ve forced their defence to mark both himself and Kane, giving Kane more space and more options. I believe with this advantage we would’ve won the match.

Lamela must go

Secondly, Lamela must go. I have always been a fan of the Argentinian winger, and I was always willing to give him another shot. This was his last shot. With Eriksen gone, this was Erik Lamela’s chance to finally show his ability, and he failed. In sixty-five minutes, he made zero difference, and when he was subbed off, we actually looked a lot better. Plain and simple, Lamela is deadweight, and he must be sold.

Alli deserves more minutes

Finally, Dele Alli deserves more minutes. I was pleasantly surprised when, after being subbed on just fifteen minutes earlier, Alli put away a diving header. Sadly, an in form Mahrez walked down and scored about fifteen seconds after Alli, but that shouldn’t take away Alli’s performance. The nineteen year-old did quite well, and seemed to give us a little life after entering the match. If he can continue to do that, I have no doubt he will get much more play time.

Simply put, we just haven’t been very good. This was the first match which I think we never really played well, or showed many bright spots. Our squad is definitely in need of some improving, and I can only hope and pray we get it. Next week against Everton will be a good test for us, and hopefully we will be able to snatch up a couple new signings before the end of the transfer window. COYS!

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  1. ‘The match against Leicester was, yet again, another disappointing performance against a club we are better than.’ Just one phrase that makes me wish Leicester had won that match. Humility needs to be entered good and fast into your bloodstream before it’s too late, Sonny Jim.

  2. The manager has been here nearly eighteen months and we have got worse in every respect concede lots of goals no passion no guile disoarganised rabble.How does Lamela,Mason Vertonghen Chandli play none of these players do enough,we are becoming a laughing stock.We need a manager who has won something not
    one that is tactically inept, I have never known the spurs supporters so disappointed with what we are watching.
    Mundane rubbish with no guts

    • 3 games in maybe, see how Foxes fair by Xmas! OK ,Spurs not playing well but are historically a better club and think that’s what the benchmark sits at , not a 3 match inflated league position .That’s a stupid assumption!

  3. “Against a club we are better than” comment is exactly how us foxes fans feel about Spurs. Disappointed we didn’t finish the job. Top of the league.

  4. Its simple, they are playing no better than last year so why bother buying any other players

    No one bothered to pass the ball to HK, do not understand why Prichard is not in the first team instead of Lamela

    We have all these players and do nothing, and Tim Sherwood who has half a team looks far better than ours, so think we be lucky to be in the top 7 this year

  5. I just don't get it. We just always bend over and concede, we need to grow some nads and play like a team that wants to win. I'm sick of Lamela, he's utter dross, and a complete waste of money. :>(

  6. Lamela truelly is a disappointment.The players clearly do not suit the style Poch wants to play.He should play to their strengths otherwise he will be in trouble.4-4-2 will work fine till then.


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