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It is official; David Moyes is Spurs new manager… OK, only kidding… or am I? Who knows what is going on in Mr Levy’s mind? All his pickings have never been given the chance to develop and just as quickly relieved of their position. So Moyes might fit in with Levy’s plans nicely.

One of the circumstances or is that criticisms of Moyes was that he didn’t appreciate the high standards that United had set over the years or even what the fans expected after years of continuous gold’s, gifts and trinkets. Well then he could be good for Spurs as Tottenham supporters have no such high expectations. In fact our threshold is quite low after years of abuse. United and Chelsea fans both protested at the sort of managers that was thrust upon them; knowing full well that they weren’t up to scratch. In the case of Chelsea we took their reject and gave him a job at Spurs and then sacked him within a year and a half of that job. And to add fuel to the fire we promoted an unexperienced kid to take over. Can you imagine one of the top 4 clubs appointing a novice as manager when the season isn’t half way over yet? Of course not, that would be silly. In the case of Giggs he was given the job until the end of the season as United can’t really go anywhere and they can’t sign a top manager beforehand because of the world cup. In our case we should have waited until the end of the season before making a judgement. A judgement that was worse than the one we already had.

I recently heard that because of Moyes’ sacking supporters rioted and demanded that he was reinstated. Among those that were arrested were Chelsea, Liverpool, City and Everton supporters. Midst the crush of angry fans was a man holding his cock and smiling. It was believed that the Cockerel holding supporter could have been Levy trying to get through to sign Moyes. But that just as well could have been an overenthusiastic man who was caught stroking his cockerel amongst the throng of wildly hysterical cavemen; you can never tell nowadays.

Anyway, back to United, Spurs and Moyes. It was touted that Netherlands coach Louis Van Gaal, Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp, Klinsmann etc were all plugged as the next manager to succeed Sherwood. Now they’ve been pushed into the direction of United (who have better prospects of actually winning something and getting a permanent top 4 spot), Spurs in the process has have been quickly forgotten. Whoever is left over will get the runners up prize of managing Spurs. Unless Chelsea, City or Arsenal sack their manager, thus pushing Spurs even further back into the dark reaches of the queue of talked about managers. We are always left with the shit and crumbs.

Levy has said that once we get a new stadium then we will be up there with the elite; i.e. more money to attracts better players and managers. If that is the case then how do we explain Roberto Martínez, who has taken Everton to a possible 4th spot with no money or at least not as much as Spurs reputedly have (and he came from relegated Wigan)? Under Moyes Everton only achieved 4th spot once and that was in 2004/5, after that they spend most of their time trying to avoid relegation. He has never won any silverware at any club, while Martinez, on the other hand, has made a dramatic impact on Everton in his first season. In Moyes’ first season as manager of the Red Devils he was removed because they were too far off the top 4 spot and probably won’t even get a Europa league position next season. A predictable start for a manager who has never won anything in his managerial career, and now has been put forward as the next failure to arrive at White Hart Lane to manage Spurs.

So yes it looks like a strong possibility we could get Moyes as our next manager, who would be going cheap and is available to manage Spurs underachievers. Moyes is in the George Graham mould, which should please the supporters no end. But saying that when appointing Sherwood the noise was overwhelmingly quiet so I am sure if we appointed Moyes then that would be regarded as notch up from Sherwood by the Spurs supporters. We’ve become placid as fans over the years, with Spurs poor performances and poor signings (including managers). Not forgetting that when we do get a first class player or players our priority is not to build a team around them, but to see what we can get for them. Over the years we’ve sold some find players to clubs such as United, Real Madrid, Arsenal etc. And those fine players have gone on to win trophies and ended up in higher league positions with their new clubs. While we continue to struggle mid-table (or just above or below). No doubt when we do sign the next manager, whoever he (Moyes) maybe, we’ll be just like rabbits caught in the headlights and applaud politely. Then when that manager fails we shall do it all over again. At least we Spurs fans know the routine by now. Yes, our time in the Premier League has been bloody predictable. Neither here nor there. Just missing out on top honours, but too good to be relegated.

But never mind, I keep saying. There is another season next with another lot of hopes and disappointments. If we do get Moyles he will at least feel comfortable at Spurs. He won’t be managing United or another top four team but can slip his feet under the desk and do what he did for Everton while he was in charge (buggar all). At least we’ll have the new stadium to look forward while Spurs keep marching on to the sound of the ghosts of Bill Nicholson, Greaves, White, Mackay, Brown, Blanchflower etc crying in our ears.

Now let us all sing together “There is only one David Moyes, there is only one David Moyes,” while the Arsenal, City, United, Chelsea and Everton  sing back in harmony “Thank feck for that”.

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    • James, thank you for your informative comments. I am sure other readers will enjoy them as much as myself, however, I must point out that my article was tongue in cheek. Unfortunately, not everybody is on the same wave length and a serious reading of a humorous piece can create a confused comments.
      My articles – all articles – are there to create responses. To get Spurs supporters to think deeper about their club. So I welcome all responses, no matter how negative some are.
      As for me being a “Spurs hater”. Criticism or humour does not equal hatred. We have two possibilities when supporting a club. Either suck up to those that are in charge and spend hours upon hours of sick platitudes or be constructive in our criticism in the hope that it trickles through to those that sit amongst the gods; letting them know we are not just stupid automations who support our beloved club blindly.
      Your truly,
      Glenn Renshaw

      PS Maybe you, yourself, should have a second or even a third look at my article (but with a smile on your face this time) please.

  1. Why on earth would we want moyes as our manager ??? Big mistake if that happens the man is a mid table manager and im sure we want more than that !!!! He wont guide us to champions league or a top 4 finish no way !!! TTID

    • Noone will guide us to a top 4 finish if we don't start matching top 4 wages , Everton are only going close because they have borrowed 2 top 4 players this season, , surely you must have seen Modric and Bale last night ? that is the standard we had and need to replace, I think you know deep down that Eriksen whilst good is nowhere near that and he is our best player, stop the top 4 talk and accept we are a club going nowhere under this ownership, would you sign for Spurs if you were Luke Shaw and Lallana when they have a choice of much much more, come on be serious and this also applies to the worlds best young talent, the best we can hope for is a Demba Ba and that keeps us behind Chelsea when they sign a Diego Costa, the world is a small place these days and scouting is nigh on impossible, very few scrape through to a club like us on our budget, and when they do they are taken immediately… Liverpool sat Suarez down and told him he was going nowhere and paid him what he was worth, we put Bale on a long term contract and put him up for sale knowing his contract assured top dollar… now the positive ENIC buffoons would have you believe Spurs need bigger stadia etc.. now go to google type in "forbes revenue Spurs " and do the same with liverpool.. very similar indeed yet we don't spend money ?????? ENIC invest 700k a season, FACT … some billionaire we have , all he has done is buy property and land, (training ground) does that benefit his business and pocket or our team ?

      ENIC OUT !!!!!

  2. you are seriously deluded if you think we would make the same mistake again. AVB sacked at Chelsea, same with us. If we were getting LVG would be a done deal. Best opportunity for him but whoever we get must be the right one this time.

  3. This has a Daniel Levy deal written all over it and I for one will be throwing in the towel in terms of my support for Levy.

    A manager who has been sacked, no compensation, looking to rebuild his career… Levy sees it and in his head he imagines the articles "How Moyes and Levy rebuilt their reputations", and he thinks to himself "If this comes off I'm going to be a genius" and they NEVER work. In the same way signing AVB, promoting Sherwood, signing Frazier Campbell on loan as part of the Berbatov deal, the "partnership" with Real Madrid, the Nelsen and Saha deals… Taking a punt. Now I'm no business man but from a business view, it makes sense. Zero expenditure, zero risk.

    The problem is, we don't a "punt" because Levy wants to look like a genius… This needs to be a carefully thought out decision to make sure we get exactly the right manager for our club. If we end up with Moyes, it just shows that Levy never actually had a plan for our club, he never actually knew who he wanted to appoint, I still don't think he does by the way. It has Daniel Levy written all over it.

    I have nothing against Moyes by the way, he is a good manager and seems like a decent guy and all that, but if he was what Levy wanted for our club all along, then he would have been appointed years ago! Levy needs to really be careful with this, because it will cause an absolute outrage… There is, I believe, still enough belief and loyalty in ENIC and Levy, but that Loyalty has been seriously tested in the last few years, there have been some appalling appointments in the club, some terrible lies, "we want to keep Carrick/Keane/Berbatov/Modric/Bale/Lloris/Vertonghen and qualify for the champions league" and a rotten transfer policy which has left our squad very unbalanced, 4 defensive midfielders and only 1 left back (who isn't even a left back). If this turns out to be wrong then how is he going to explain it…

    "David is a manager who we have always wanted at Tottenham" – Well then why didn't we get him sooner?
    "As soon as he became available we wanted him" – So hang on, why was there no plan to appoint a manager when he wasn't available? You can't tell me that you knew he was always going to become available, surely you would have thought he was going to be at Man Utd long term?
    "David was always our first choice to lead our club" – So even when he was under contract for 6 years at Man Utd you thought he was the man you were going to appoint this summer?


    I am almost certain he will become our manager now, because there will be no need to pay compensation, he will certainly jump at the chance to get such a great job so soon after getting the boot at another club and because it gives Levy the opportunity to show the world what a shrewd business man he is, like he did when he got AVB, sold Bale, Modric, Berbatov, Keane and Carrick, signed Ryabn Nelsen and Louis Saha, signed 7 players at once, bought in Baldini, bought in Commolli and set up a "special arrangement" with Real Madrid which has given us nothing, apart from harassment for our best players.

    It just shows that there never has been any plan at Tottenham, it has just been "take a punt and hope for the best". Levy has to be serious, this season has set us back another year… the right appointment can help rectify that damage, the wrong one will set us back even further, Levy must know this. He has to resist the temptation to make himself appear a genius, because the tack record (as shown above) of Levy genius moves has been poor. He has rectified that by managing the business side of the club very well. However this appointment MUST be the right one for the club and it NEEDS to be the right one. Otherwise there will be a lot more anger and resentment.

  4. OMG! That was my first thought when D M was sacked but I was terrified to say it out loud because knowing Mr Levy that's the sort of mad crazy decision he makes. Please let's get Glen Hoddle down at the lane and forget all this nonsense about foreign managers. Mr Hoddle is Spurs through and through and has a football brain


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