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Dom Le Roy

In my previous article (Spurs: a review of the season so far and thoughts of the future) I said “Now we move on to Southampton, which won’t be an easy game. A defeat by them will push us further back. In fact we can’t contemplate a defeat or we will really be in the dog house. Yes, we beat them on their ground, but that doesn’t really count for much in the Premier league. So let us think positive and cheer our team on to, not only a victory on Sunday, but a desperately needed 3 points.” Well we won and got our three points. But not before we witnessed a few breath-taking moments; like going two nil down. We were rubbish in the first half of that match. Nevertheless Eriksen scored after 31 minutes.  But then Sherwood must have thrown the book at them as the second half was a different game. Eriksen scored after a minute of the second half. Then we threw everything at Southampton, but still couldn’t score. Ninety minutes up and it looked like we were heading for a draw and just one point. Then in the 4 minutes added on Gylfi Sigurdsson went and scored a brilliant goal. We were delighted and just hoped that our fortunes were on the up (fat chance!). Next Liverpool.

Before that Southampton game we had dropped to 6th, with Everton overtaking us. With our victory we swapped places. But that didn’t last long as a few days later they swapped back again with Everton’s victory over Newcastle, and they still have a game in hand.

But the big Sunday (30 March) for Spurs was in two games (one game they had control over, one they didn’t). Fulham v Everton and our game against Liverpool at Anfield. Everton beat Fulham 3-1 (bad) and then we met Liverpool who went on and thrashed and humiliated hapless Spurs (4-0).

This victory sent Liverpool to the top of the league. Spurs woes started with a second-minute Younes Kaboul own goal and then a steady decline from there onwards. Liverpool took hold of the game with clinical skill. A well-deserved victory. The pundits’ verdict of the match was total praise for Liverpool and scathing all around for Spurs. Glenn Hoddle, as a pundit for Sky, said they looked totally scared before the game. One hundred million and bugger all to show for it. They were a disgrace to the badge and Spurs past traditions. If they were just youngsters who just came out of their mothers’ wombs then it might be understandable, but they were paid a fortune and were supposed to be professionals. Their manager had started the same time as ours. We spent more money than Liverpool and finished the previous season a lot higher than them as well (in fact the last few seasons). And it is them that are talked of as possible Premier League champions. While we are mocked, derided and seen as a joke.

On top of that we have the worst goal difference out of the top 8 PL clubs. I’ve seen some bad Spurs teams in my time but our lack of goals outshines some of those bad teams. Even when we were crap we still managed to score goals or had a notable league scorer. Our top League scorer this season comes 24th down the league amongst all Premier league scorers for this season; Emmanuel Adebayor with 8 goals. In the top 30 there is no other Spurs player.

What does this mean for the Cockerel chorus clowns? Well their misery might not be over yet. Man United are two points behind us and it is not impossible (unlikely though) for Southampton and Newcastle to rise above Spurs. If that should happen then we would be looking at 9th place. I do however, see United taking over from us (the way we are performing), which could mean we can kiss goodbye to 6th spot (never mind 5th). Everton have a game in hand and 4 points above Spurs. With a game in hand Everton could easily replace Arsenal for 4th.

Where did it go wrong? I put it down to four factors. Trying to embed 8 players (an impossible task) and failing. Selling Bale and sacking AVB (and replacing him with an inexperienced coach). I think Levy now has to go for experience. We sacked ‘Arry when he finished 4th. We sacked AVB when he finished 5th (plus breaking club records), so it would be inconceivable to keep Sherwood for another season, who could possibly finish 9th (but more likely 7th ).

The way this season has gone reminds me of the song “Send in the clowns” by Judy Collins. But in my head I can hear Daniel Levy singing it.

“Don’t you love farce?

 My fault I fear.

 I thought that you’d want what I want.

 Sorry, my dear.

 But where are the clowns?

 Quick, send in the clowns.

 Don’t bother, they’re here.”

We started off with high hopes; expecting anything from 1st to 3rd. Then Levy sacked AVB and we watched our season disintegrate before our and the worlds eyes. I can just imagine what Bale is thinking; “I would have been mad if I had stayed for another season, what shite.”

Now we look forward to… what? Teams like Sunderland, Fulham, West Ham (again), Stoke, WBA and Villa beating us? And the way we are going not a completely out of your head comment.

Watch this space.

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  1. The footballer who writes as 'the Secret Footballer' got it about right IMO: "I’m not sure if you saw the players in the tunnel before the Liverpool game on Sunday but, if you didn’t, it’s worth a look. There is a group of players that know they are going to get beaten because their manager isn’t up to the job and, worse, they are going to take the flak during the fall-out." The whole article is on http://www.thesecretfootballer.com/articles/the-s… and his previous one about why Sherwood is going and how his 'tough guy' act doesn't work is also worth a look: http://www.teamtalk.com/news/2483/9221255/The-Sec

  2. the manager gets the sack,the players get away with playing poorly.and levy walks around with his head held high somethings wrong at that club,


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