Spurs summer transfer targets – Part 2

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

In our first look at potential transfer targets I looked at signings who might add some solidity to our defence and midfield this summer. We’ve looked at how we can improve the foundations of the house… Now it’s time to put on the roof.


Kevin Mirallas

Starting with a high up contender on the probability scale, Kevin Mirallas is a good place to start for Part 2. There are a number of factors which swing a transfer to Spurs in Mirallas favour. He has years of Premier League experience, he already plays internationally with Chadli, Dembele and Vertonghen and he knows exactly where the goals are. At 27 years old we’d be getting a player in his peak, rather than banking on potential – all things which suggest a move would be a smooth transition. Added to this, with Lennon to Everton a distinct possibility this summer, arranging a reasonable fee for Mirallas shouldn’t be a problem. However I’m not fully convinced. There’s been suggestions that his ego has been a problem with Spurs, which is not something that would add to our team spirit at the moment. Also, I just don’t know if he’s better than, or different enough from Chadli or Lamela, If we’re buying wingers I’d like us to buy something different. Someone like…

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  1. A fleeting thought. What about Chicharito to complement HK? He's clearly got a bone to pick and something to prove when he takes the field, as evidenced by the Athleti/Real Champions league quarters. Rarely have I seen a player work harder. Chip on his shoulder for Spurs agains the top 4 who've spurned his talents… could be a surprise good fit. Or not, thoughts?

  2. The problem with Chicharito is the same problem Soldado has. It's easy to do it in Spain. He has also proven to be not good enough for the more physical Premier League.
    If you watched Soldado at Valencia you'd have been mad not to buy him. Just hasn't worked out. Just because Hernandez did terribly here, then well there, doesn't mean he'd do great coming back. Why take the risk?
    I want us to look to the Bundesliga for strikers. Very similar fast and physical games. Bas Dost?


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