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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The weekend started off on Friday night with United beating Leicester City. I suppose that result was predictable, then we move into Saturday morning where we, that is Spurs, met Newcastle United for the second year in a row for our first game of the season. And away to boot. We won, as we won last season against them. A good start to the season, more so when all the press speculation was about us not buying, which overshadowed Spurs not selling either (so far).

The Newcastle game was a tricky one for us as we only just had some of our players back from their World Cup stint. Rustiness showed, but we won with goals from Vertonghen and Alli. The second half was more in the style of the Chuckle Brothers, “to me, to you,” sort of game. But relief from the fans, players and managers that we managed to get three points. At least we went home happy. Newcastle could have gone ahead if they had only taken their missed chances, but then again the same could apply to us.

Out of the other day’s results, Palace beating Fulham was a big surprise. I expected the Cottagers to win comfortably. But to be fair on Palace they did have a good run last season. We’ve got Fulham this Saturday afternoon at Wembley. Should be interesting. Wembley seems to lift the smaller clubs,  it might be the only time they will get there, therefore, they will put on an out off skins performance.

Chelsea predictably beat Huddersfield away from home 3-0, and with another new manager (how long will he last? They seem to go through managers quicker than flies go through rotting carcasses).

Newly promoted Wolves did well to hold old stalwarts Everton to a 2-2 draw. Everton, another team with a new manager and something to prove.

Moving on to Sunday, we saw Liverpool thrash another team with a new manager, Manuel Pellegrini, former City manager, now with West Ham United, 4-0. I thought West Ham might do better, but Liverpool hit the road running. They are now at the top of the league after one game.

Spurs fans favourite Arsenal lost to a rampant title holders Manchester City (2-0). And Arsenal was at home and with a new manager, as well, how the lowly have fallen down the pothole. City are favourites to win the league and Arsenal are favourites to stay where they are or lower (let us hope lower).

After one game it is hard to predict how the top four will look and I would like to see Spurs in a few more games to give a more accurate prediction, however, from this point in time my guess, and I may change this as time goes on, are like this:-


  • City


  • Liverpool
  • Spurs
  • United



Followed by:-


  • Chelsea


  • Everton
  • West Ham
  • Arsenal



What concerns me about Spurs is their cover, are they good enough to replace the injured players. I believe the first eleven could easily challenge for the title, but we all know that isn’t how it works. Injuries and luck play an essential part in the procedure, as it did for Leicester City.

As for relegation, that is more straightforward.

I put Cardiff, Bournemouth, Huddersfield and Brighton, with Newcastle as outsiders, to fight relegation. I believe those that went up, Wolves and Fulham will survive.

That is my view after one game. The next couple of games might change all that. Watch this space.

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