Spurs, their own worst enemy?


There were so many poor performances by the whole team last night, where do I start?

I hope all those Spurs fans who were calling for both Ben Davies and Kieran Trippier to be dropped for Rose and Aurier, are happy now.

From Rose’s almost a dozen pathetic crosses, only one found a Spurs player, most of his crosses never got past the first defender, or were played behind Spurs players, or were misplaced, absolute garbage. Aurier didn’t fair much better with his hand full of useless crosses and misunderstanding with players.

Sissoko had his usual crap game, missing an absolute sitter in the first half, he can’t cope with one-on-ones at all, he bottles it every time.

Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen, both missed good chances, and went missing again, for most of the game. At least Erik Lamela contributed an assist with Harry Kane’s goal, and he was only on for the last 15 minutes or so.

Eric Dier lived up to his name again, and the rest of the team were average at best.
Fernando Llorente, had the best chance to score in the whole game, from INSIDE the six-yard box, but somehow managed to miss his volley!

Danny Rose had a penalty appeal turned down, but Spurs themselves are to blame for this loss, just not accurate enough with their final pass, and not clinical enough in front of goal.
Harry Kane did score a great goal, after finally receiving a decent through-ball from Erik Lamela, but apart from that, he had to either drop deep or wide, to pick up the ball, Spurs are not playing quick enough and to his strengths.

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  1. A whole range of things from last night. Some bad luck (another day things go our way and we win this 4-2). Poor performances. You are correct about Rose and Aurier. a lack of a Plan B. Missing players like Wanyama and Toby. Puzzling decisions to still start the like of Sissoko (really not sure what he provides). if we want to play Sissoko play in the middle, and give him the freedom to run at defences. My old Spurs is back :-(

  2. The problem so far this season seems to be with the attitude of some of the players, there's an arrogance about them that is not doing them any good and hasn't been earned. Dele Alli is the biggest culprit but not the only one, Eric Dier and Danny Rose are others. There seems to be a bit of a rot setting in which is not good and hopefully Poch can sort it.
    No need to panic yet as this team has shown resolve in the past and they are more than capable of going on a long winning streak as we did last season but we need to get our heads in gear quick.

    I would consider bringing in Llorente and Son in for the next game (and Lamela if fit enough) and start Kane in the number 10 position as he has shown at the end of the last 2 games that he can make a difference in that position and affect the game more and I think he will still score the same amount of goals. Alli loses the ball far too much and Eriksen hasn't recovered from the post Ireland match celebrations, Kane can drive the team offensively from that position while Alli and Eriksen find their form (which they will).

    Lets see what happens at Watford, we need a win badly!!

    • Totally agree with your comments, especially the ‘arrogance ‘ being displayed by certain players, I believe that’s a by-product of the team’s CL success. As you say, on another day it would have been 4-2 to Spurs. Hopefully at Watford, they will start to gel, & take their chances

    • Your absolutely right about the arrogance their. Think many of the players belive their own hype and think they are all that.. Spot on with your comments…

    • Hey jonny. You need to write here more often you speak sense. No pussy footing about..
      The arrogance comment was BRILLIANT. and your right. They haven't earned it!!

  3. We are playing such a one- dimensional predictable game. The opposition has our number as we play from side to side and backwards and then try to thread a ball through with three or four defenders waiting to intercept. What’s happened to running at the opposition to create gaps and panic ?


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