The Five Spurs players who should be dropped after that sorry display

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Tottenham Hotspur are just three games into the new season but they have already recorded their first loss. Surprisingly, this did not come away to Man City last week, but at home to Newcastle today.

Let’s take a look at the five Tottenham stars who let the team down against the Magpies.

Davinson Sanchez 

Let his man go just before Newcastle’s goal and was lucky to get away with it as his fellow defenders covered. However, when he made the same mistake minutes later, Danny Rose was unable to get across and block the shot. There are still so many defensive errors in Sanchez’s game and he is a million miles away from being an Alderweireld replacement.

Kyle Walker-Peters 

Just does not look at home as a Premier League starter. Gave the ball away and ended up in a heap on multiple occasions. He also looks panicked when he does make it into the final third and I can’t remember him delivering a good cross all day. A second choice squad player for me.

Harry Winks 

I don’t know where the zip and drive from Winks’ game has gone but I did not see it today. Telegraphed passes and gave the ball away time and time again. Has all the talent in the word, but he needs to improve from his early-season form.

Erik Lamela 

Looked lost out there. Picked up a silly yellow. Was give a chance as chief playmaker, but failed miserably. Not a started for Spurs in my opinion, and gulf between Lamela and Eriksen is clear.

Heung Min Son 

First match back and Son did not look match sharp. Never really got into the game and didn’t do much with the ball at his feet. Looked like a man who had not played footall in a good while.

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  1. How about sacking the manager. His tactics were useless and he rated only one out of ten.
    Sits down crossed legged what a disgrace I for one don’t mind if he leaves now.
    Only two shots on goal. Now that’s a joke Poch.

  2. Yes John you’re right and all he can come up with is that the players are unsettled because of the transfer window. But what I find amazing is the WORST player on the pitch isn’t on the list! We all know who it is but nobody wants to criticise him least of all Poch. Yes it’s our very own Harry Kane. Made no attempt to make space, barely touched the ball, didn’t show for the ball. Please don’t come on here and say he didn’t get any service because Lucas and Son didn’t either but at least they made an effort. And Sissoko was back to his worst. How do we expect to break teams down with Winks and Sissoko passing from side to side all game?

  3. I think you certainly have to question now exactly why Sanchez is being picked over a far more reliable and experienced Vertonghen. For me Kyle Walker Peters is just not up to the role of first choice right back, and it seems crazy that we should sell Trippier wthout seeking to replace him particularly, when Aurier could also still leave before the european transfer window closes? Winks was appalling today constantly slowed the movement of our attacks down to a stand still, lacking any creative vision whatsoever seeing us constantly shift backwards. I find it a little difficult to criticise Lamela who has played well throughout pre-season and during the first two games this season, but today nothing worked out for him and he lost the ball constantly, the same went for Son – though it was his first game back so you can understand him being a little off pace, Moura had the best of very few chances but squandered both of them, and whilst Kane could and probably should have had a penalty (no thanks to either Mike dean or VAR to call it properly) he was still pretty dreadful if truth be told. I’m a little baffled as to why Tottenham seem so confused about how to set about scoring and winning they had almost 80% possession against Newcastle but failed to use it effectively.The problem however isn’t exactly a new one as stats would indicate from the last third of the previous season where we hardly one a game, and clearly there are some far deeper issues going on in the club that are affecting Spurs’s fortunes on the pitch? Is it down to Pochettino and is he actually the source of the problems now? There have certainly been mixed messages stemming from Poch’ in recent months and I’m beginning to wonder whether this essence of discontent may have had a knock down affect on the squad overall? Personally I think there is a genuine need to re-evaluate how we are playing now, as a team we are not creating enough goal scoring chances and seem to regularly concede first despite dominating and controlling the play in most games. To often the attacking movement breaks down and becomes to narrow are flanks become ineffectual and our passing, movement and crossing is frequently snuffed out by opposition defences who readily read the predictable nature of slow overworked attacks, Spurs have to re-assess simplify and become more direct with pace and precision because what we are doing now is just not working!

  4. I agree with most of your article. But,how can you not point out Kane?
    What did he do?Nor score when he had chance?
    Please, watch the full game!!!

  5. What the hell this article Did you really watch game or you are Harry Kane’s family? Among the Forward Sonny was the best! He is the only maid target shot even he was winger did you see Harry while watching game? Ohh!! You might missed name Sonny instead of Harry right? Don’t want see this kind article in new again plzzzzz….


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