The Messi show with added humour

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

What else can we call that auspicious Wednesday evening? We had high hopes of seeing a performance by a highly trained violin master – ok, a bit of exaggeration – who was supposed to perform Beethoven. But what we got was Donald Duck plucking the strings of the violin to give a bad rendition of the Birdie song.

OK, a bit unfair (yes, ok, bloody unfair), we did show, however, at times smatterings of great potential, but once those flashes had gone the hearts slowed, but, it was still the Messi show.
There isn’t really that much more to add (unless you are a Spurs sadomasochist). After losing to Inter Milan, we knew that we had a struggle on our hands. Barcelona just made that struggle turn into an almost – I say ‘almost’ – impossible resurrection.

We had high hopes that this season would bring us magic; a new beginning at a new stadium (now delayed), fighting for the Premier league number one spot (now wishful thinking), a top-four place (now a struggle) and maybe some silverware (not in the League Cup if Pochettino has anything to do with it).
But I am a romantic, and I do believe that Pigs can fly (I’ve seen Arsenal take to the skies on a Europa League trip), so we could reverse all and suddenly show that bit of spark. Miracles do happen (my birth, they said it couldn’t happen… I am here, just. And then there is Jesus! Not that I’ve seen him, just read the book).

Yes, we’ve got injuries, but next up is easy-peasy Cardiff City, then we’ve got two weeks off before we face the Hammers at their ground. All that before anybody of any quality – PSV Heinonen & City. So hopefully injuries will be gone and we should be back to last season’s full fighting cockerels (minus January signings).

If that isn’t romantic optimism, then I don’t know what is. On top of that, the sounds of a new stadium should be ringing in our ears (eventually). All before you’ve received any Christmas present from the political correct Ms Santa Clause. Then the new year is upon us, which will bring us new hopes and dreams. A few steps from that will see the January Transfer Window opening and Daniel Levy, still wearing his Santa Clause outfit – including suspenders and bra – for you all to make your wishful Tottenham transfer requests. It can’t get any better than that. Of course, if you are a pessimist, then it is mid-table football, no stadium until next season and crashed out off all cup competitions. Trust me, when supporting this club, sanguinity is a must. I wear the Spurs Hope crest proudly on my chest (no suspender belts and bra here, I’ll only follow Daniel Levy so-far).

Beam me up Scotty!

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