The New Year’s resolution all Spurs fans need to make

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

It is once again that time when people around the world come up with goals they intend to achieve over the course of the New Year. While I wish you luck when it comes to following through with whatever your personal resolution for 2019 is, I believe it is important that all of us as Spurs fans resolve to do this one thing this year – enjoy our current team as much as we can.

Most Spurs fans born after the sixties will admit that this is the best Tottenham team we have seen in our lifetime. This team plays entertaining football, scores goals, defends solidly and has a winning mentality (despite what ‘pundits’ say about us being Spursy)

Further, this is also an extremely likeable team as none of our players seem to be big-headed or moody, and all of them seem to really care about the club as evidenced by their drive to get revenge on Arsenal in the recent League Cup game. We are also led by one of the best managers in the world and will soon be moving into one of the best football stadiums in the world.

If you look at the big picture, life is pretty rosy at the moment for Spurs fans. So don’t get caught up with what opposition fans say about us not winning a trophy, and just enjoy the ride.

Given that we are still in all four competitions this season, this team might well win something this year. Even if they don’t, we still have some great Champions League nights to enjoy starting with the tie against Dortmund.

Remember that this is not going to last forever. The cyclical nature of football means that there will soon come a time when we will go through terrible spells, just like Manchester United and Arsenal have for the past few years. So it is vitally important that we all enjoy this period while it lasts. Let’s face it, if you aren’t enjoying football right now as a Spurs fan, you pretty much never will.

So even when we lose, avoid taking to social media to slag players off. The amount of animosity targetted towards Lloris and Trippier after the loss against Wolves last week was quite unbelievable.

While of course, they deserve to be criticised, there were some fans insisting that the pair aren’t good enough for the club anymore. You would think these ‘fans’ would have learned a thing or two from Sissoko’s recent rise but unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

So I encourage all Spurs fans reading this to take this pledge for 2019 – Enjoy this team, celebrate our football, and get behind them. Don’t get bogged down by defeat and remember how good we are having it at the moment.

Happy New Year and Come on you Spurs!

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  1. Well said – I can’t believe how quickly some fans turn. I remember the dross of the ‘90s and even if this team doesn’t win a trophy, I will have enjoyed the fact that we are being talked of in relation to title challenges. This did not happen with the likes of Gudni Bergsson and Ronnie Rosenthal in the starting XI (I enjoyed the cult status of players like that and now I enjoy the real class we have). Long may the current side continue to entertain, but Tottenham will carry on whatever happens ?


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