The Winds of Change

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Is there any remaining doubt that the best two sides in the Premier League this season are the two occupying the top two places in the table? Leicester and Spurs have each only lost twice in games not involving each other—their four matches (including cup ties) have resulted in a win for each and two draws. Neither gives up two late goals to drop points versus a relegation-bound Sunderland; neither has a perplexing four game stretch where goals simply disappear; neither are looking around wondering what the new manager has in store for next season;

It may simply be that the Foxes will outrun the hounds and produce the most stunning result in any major professional sports league in the past generation. But there’s many a slip between the cup and the lip, and Spurs can go forward with the knowledge that if they keep doing what they are currently doing, nobody else—not City, not Arsenal, not United—will be the beneficiary of any Leicester decline but them.

Today it could have been five-nil—but the important thing is that it was one. Watford essentially announced that a scoreless draw was their ambition, and for two-thirds of the game, it appeared possible. First Davies then Trippier marauded at will down the wings, but the finish simply wasn’t to be. Chadli bottled a couple of headers, Gomes thwarted the Welsh left back, Kane wasn’t quite in sync with his attacking mates. Kudos to Wimmer and Lamela—the former was always assured and the latter, despite misfiring on some chances per usual, also was resolute in getting back to defend, preventing a Watford counter on several different occasions.

And then we went to not-so dizzying heights but further up the table at this late stage then we’ve ever been before in the Premiership—because a certain nineteen year old entered the game, Kane and Eriksen got the ball forward and there was a brilliant cross from Alli and Kieran couldn’t have tripped his way out of that goal. After that it was solid defending against Route One tactics by our two center-halfs, a few shouts at a second goal to end the suspense—but really? Did we ever think a Spursy collapse was in the cards? Not this year. Not this team.

And now we go to our recent House of Horrors against a City side where almost any reaction to today’s embarrassment may be in the offing. They may show the world—and Pep—that they are still very much in this title race. They may say “Bollocks to this.. We still have three other trophies to play for.” Or they may simply realize this is not your father’s Spurs and know they’re in for an extraordinary fight. One that our lads just might win in this season of change. The ball was blowing every which way at the Lane today—I don’t think calm is in the equation this year.

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  1. Great stuff. However I hear from three knowledgeable sources that Man Utd want to buy the whole team, players, manager, coaches and the training facility as well. Can't wait for the Summer fiction to start.

  2. I have been a Spurs Supporter since I was 14yrs old I am now 67, I am loving this team by the minute wonderful team work (never seen by recent Spurs team). We now haw have a Manager who understand the importance of what it means to be a SPUR!!!!
    I am now living in Florida, I had the pleasure of meeting Cliff Jones on one of then stadium tour on my 65 birthday, it was magic! he was one of my favourite spurs player, superb winger boy could he head a ball for a small man. Visiting the Lane from Clapham, going through the Boys entrance was magic!
    I want to visit the LANE when I return Home in 2017. I was there in2015, but I could not get a ticket; things have changed. I hope to be more successful in 2017 on my return home. I glad no one is tipping uds for the title, either way as long as we are above [email protected]!OL I am happy……………..Goon U SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wilto – my email is mark at devon pies dot com – I have supported Spurs for 50 years – contact me I have something to share !


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