There is no fifth spot

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

We all know how important the qualification to the Champions’ League is, especially for a club whose ambition is to join that upper echelon of football teams: more money from the UEFA, an increasing appeal in the transfers market and the chance for the players to show their skills on one of the biggest stages in the world.

But let’s face the truth: Tottenham, both the team and us fans, are gonna watch it from our couches next year and, quite frankly, we don’t deserve to qualify. Watching the ‘Spurs’ performances so far this season has been sometimes boring, sometimes, painful, very seldom pleasing and not even the most dreamy of fans would say we’re in the same league with

Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea, all above us in terms of performance, overall quality, players interaction and tactical acumen.
And this is exactly why I hope we don’t finish fifth, but sixth.

This is a team that needs not only a top manager, but also the time it takes to train during the week to improve first and foremost in terms of pure playing quality, to give that top manager the time to transform a group of players into a real team, something we never seemed to be this season. Europa League adds twelve matches to the already packed fall schedule of the Premier League making it very difficul to focus on anything different from the next opponent, taking time away from the growth of the squad: it doesn’t take much to find examples of teams that, coupling a good manager with a season away from Continental Cups, has been able to transform a good team into a really competitive side, as demonstrated by Roma this year, Liverpool in 2012/13 and Juventus in 2011/12.

Think about that. Is playing the Europa League so important for us? Isn’t it more vital to sit back and rebuild, giving that top manager the time to really build something special?

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  1. Doesn't 6th place qualify for Europa League as well though after Man City won the League CUp? We would need to finish 7th not to qualify.

  2. Very good article, i could not agree more, we have been bad all season in performances, we need a top manager like van gaal, but i feel he would need a lot more investment to bring him in, and Levy will not want to spend that much next season. So i think we will be stuck with Tim , or someone like Tim with a bit more coaching and tactical nous who would do things on the cheap. We are not going to get anywhere until we sort out the new stadium, which would then bring us up to the level of investment such as Arsenal, Man u, Liverpool and Chelsea etc. , and that is where i think the problem lies


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