Three points and that’s what counts

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Well that was hardly convincing but yet it didn’t have to be. The game was done with 18 minutes on the clock but that was hardly the riddle of this story. Some may say it was an uninspiring way to start the season, to that I would agree. Others may feel we rode our luck, to that I would agree also. That combination is a typical Tottenham start to the season; neither dreadful nor brilliant. Jan and Dele scored to reduce the arrears around St James’ Park with two headers- who needs VAR when Hawkeye is in town? The Geordies of course, who were frantically miming the magic square box signal, but to no avail.

There was however, one dubious decision which provoked the inner embers of my mind during the match- not by the official Atkinson but by Pochettino himself. The benching of Alderweireld is a different matter for another day- but the suited and booted gaffer was something of a revelation. Mind you, the hideous training wear we have this season is enough to throw anyone off wearing it, let alone the main man himself. I’m just glad he’s stuck around. Not too sure about Alderweireld, it seemed as if Levy had glued his rear end to the bench to avoid digging deep for a costly replacement. Toby was hardly surprised to be left on the bench, but here’s to him finding a regular starting place soon enough.

His inclusion could be handy as late on in the second half, Rondon smacked the bar after some painfully bad defending with Aurier caught out of position. Yes, ladies and gentleman- Aurier is back, so be prepared. Be very prepared. And of course, who could forget Sissoko? It’s fair to say Sissoko had an average performance today for his standards, he did however play a surreal pass to Kenedy which wooed the St James’ audience and probably warranted Man of the Match. He was by far Newcastle’s best player. Which speaks volumes, as he was donning for the third season a Spurs shirt. I’ll forgive him, it takes Moussa 5 years to adjust to *new* surroundings.

On a serious note, there is a worry that our squad is paper thin – and I feel Pochettino needed to be given the backing that was heavily anticipated way back in May. Pochettino is magic, but his wizardry can only go so far. I say this off the back of Kane playing today and looking a shadow of himself- this would’ve been a perfect opportunity for Batman’s Robin to step up if you like.

Unlike many other things football is a weird, weird thing. A lot can change over a year. This time last year Spurs played Newcastle and snuck away with three points. A defender and Alli scored. The same happened today. We finished third last season. Who knows what fate has up its sleeve this year. A trophy? Top four? Ladies and gentlemen, the road has begun and I’m cautiously ready. To Wembley *sigh* we go next week, so make sure to have £50 on your Oyster and a bloody good e-book on your phone because like our season, it’s going to be a long old journey. One other thing, there seems to be a rise in cocky Liverpool fans about – so just in case you encounter one at the twitter zoo, try not to provoke them. They bite!
Up the Spurs!

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