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So they finally gave Sherwood the push? Not really surprising as I’ve been predicting this since he found he couldn’t find the tactics to beat any of the top 4 teams. The final league winners thrashed us twice. Liverpool, runners up, thrashed us twice. Chelsea we did get a draw at White Hart Lane, but we lost on their ground. As for Arsenal who finished 4th place; they beat us three times (including knocking us out of the FA Cup). When he took over from AVB we were in all competitions, then we weren’t. When AVB was sacked we were 5 points behind fourth spot. When the season closed Sherwood managed to put another 5 points distance between ourselves and Arsenal (in 4th spot), including having Everton between us and Arsenal.

Most, if not all, our matches under his tutelage were dire. We either start poorly and only managed to pull it together in the second half or we managed to play OKish in the first half and then play terrible in the second half (scoring 3 goals against struggling AV before giving up in the second half).

When you sack a manager you sack him because you feel that that manager can offer no more and a new pair of hands can add something new. In the case of TS replacing AVB it achieved nothing. We were lucky that we managed to finish 6th and that was because of the crap season United had. If it wasn’t for them we would not only be 7th but we also wouldn’t be in the Europa league.

To be fair I do have some sympathy for Sherwood; he was thrown in the deep end. That is hard enough for an experienced manager, but an impossible task for a greenhorn. Looking back we should never have sacked AVB. We should have given him until the end of the season, see how he had performed and then made a judgement. All we ended up doing is sacking two managers in a season; which I think is a first for Spurs. At least in the modern game.

Talking to fans I found most wanted him gone. When I went to the Ledley King Testimonial and Sherwood name came up – to play – there was a few poos. Of course that could have been light hearted. Nevertheless talking to people around me and in the Spurs hospitality lounge they were all discussing who the next manager should be; not an overwhelming vote of confidence for Sherwood.

On the positive side; Levy was right to act quickly and decisively. Now we must look for a manager to lead us to the next stage. There have been many names thrown in the ring. Whatever manager or coach one picks we will have to wait and see how the team performs. But the new manager won’t have an easy task ahead of him. First he’s got to get those million star flops into a working machine. Plus he has to make sure that any new signings has his approval. Even then there is not certainty. Just hope and a few fingers crossed.

If Sherwood had been manager for next season then I think most Spurs fans heads would be down all season (unless he could have miraculously pulled a rabbit out of the hat; which nobody believed he could, certainly not Levy). But now we can go into the new season with our heads held high and hope (as we always do when a new season is upon us) for a top 4 placing and maybe a trophy or two as well…

OK, maybe I am being overly optimistic to expect first season miracles as it might take a season or two (however, nobody told Martinez this). Of course time to develop in the real world might be realistic and encouraged, but in the world of Millionaire and Billionaire owners of football play things, instant success is a prerequisite or expect to be shafted. As Moyes found out to his cost.


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  1. 'Talking to fans I found most wanted him gone. When I went to the Ledley King Testimonial and Sherwood name came up – to play – there was a few poos.'

    Yes. Yes, let's not shy away from that. There were.

  2. Levy was never gonna trust Sherwood to ship out all these players(asset) on his judgement of not fancying the players. I believe we have GOOD players who need a GOOD coach to work with- Sherwood was out of his depth.

    • i believe we have average players, unless of course you think any of these clowns are better than Modric, Bale or VDV ? who are good players, I think people need to wake up, would Eriksen really have shifted any of the above out of the side ? NO so we are going backwards ..

  3. More like couldn't find the players, nor a fair ref, to beat the top 4 teams. Defensive players had mares against Man City + Liverpool, and the referee sent of Rose against City, and Kaboul against Chelsea, which were both later rescinded, and both at 1-0 down killed off the game. Tactically not bad, stifled Chelsea and Arsenal but didn't score enough. Blame the squad and referee for those defeats not Sherwood.

  4. The writer clearly all wrong

    The problem started with Harry and

    Bringing in AVB in retrospect was a massive mess and Sherwood was the ideal scapegoat for Levy’s gamble & mistake of bringing in AVB , which I thought at that time was a intelligent decision, the idea of giving AVB a chance for him to prove he was 1/2 as good as mourhino

    Unfortunately he wasn’t, as its now obvious he needed a player like hulk for his strategy to work and in the absence of such players he is a flop, spurs was an experimental learning ground and if he had done in like manner in his new club he’ll also loose his job,

    Sherwood deserves a full season and a chance to have atleast £60M to add to the squad, AVB brought in good players but totally dismantled the performing team , this was his greatest mistake , he killed the goose laying silver eggs for a wish of having one yielding gold eggs, and Sherwood gets all the blame from the writer, if realmadrid sold Ronaldo and modric as soon as they brought in bale , the team would underachieve that’s what AVB did to cause the crack,

    i believe Sherwood would keep improving as a coach & become an exceptional Coach and mr levy along with many spurs fans would regret loosing him.

    • Oh Wiseone,

      You are totally right that Sherwood will improve and probably become a good coach, however, he isn’t one now and has a long way to go. The question then becomes should Tottenham allow Sherwood to practice his trade on our club; no. Any club that claims to be a top club doesn’t allow a rookie to take charge. In the case of Giggs and United; they were at the end of the season and couldn’t get their manager until the World Cup was over so Giggs stepped in. I have no doubt that Sherwood will go on to great things; but his apprenticeship will be achieved at those clubs that can’t make a top 4 spot. Levy has made a lot of mistakes, but he is ambitious for Spurs and he knew that Sherwood didn’t have the skills (at the moment) to take Spurs to the next level. So your hypothesis was flawed.
      As for AVB; his first season was a reasonable good one. He should have been allowed to continue until the end of the season and if he couldn’t make top 4 then dismissed.

  5. The fickle fans allow Levy to do his crazy hirings and firings. On this very website's forums are countless debates about how rubbish the manager is, when will he be sacked, and who should replace him – and this is from weeks and months ago too.

    The same will have happened when Redknapp was manager. The idiots who don't know a good thing when they've got it moan about the slightest thing having not a clue about management and stability and about the fact that these are real people and real people's lives we are twittering about.

    Harry gets 4th 5th 4th and the idiots are saying, he should have done this and that. The fact that he wasn't given any money to spend in that 3rd season when we were very close to the top of the table (remember the turn around v Man City – Defoe miss and then a last minute penalty to City) and could quite easily have got 3rd if we had a back up striker. Levy gave him an injured Saha on loan from Everton – talk about lack of backing.

    AVB wasn't my choice but once brought in you've got to back him. OK we got stuffed a couple of times but the points difference (from the same point at the previous season) was not actually that much different when he went. Too many players brought in – and not in positions where we needed them. It was obvious to anyone with half a brain that it wasn't going to be smooth. AVB should have been given to the end of the season to see it through – appointing Sherwood seems to have been a knee-jerk reaction and I suppose we all knew he wasn't the 'permanent' guy. I expect even if he'd won the league and FA Cup 'fans' would have found something to moan about.

    His record was actually quite good – remember it was his first job at a difficult to manage club – in fact it was an excellent job in the circumstances.

    I think he proved himself and unless we get a Top Manager – I mean TOP MANAGER, not Potchettino it will have been all in vain, again, and again, and again.


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