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*Note: This is not a proper article rather just things I felt that could be linked for a review of the last two weeks and a preview of what to expect.

Finally, the most awaited game of the season (atleast for me) happened and well, we should’ve known what was coming. Leicester City have possibly been the most dominant team in the last ten to twelve months.  The ones who had written them off for the game surely overlooked on how consistent they’ve been throughout this season, and probably as good as us performance wise. On paper, they might not seem as difficult but the way they are set up, they win games, something we are finding it hard to do consistently.

While our position on the table is true to where we should be, given most of our performances during the first half of the season, it’s disappointing. Spurs, along with West Ham United, Manchester United, Stoke City and Crystal Palace have just nine wins. The funny thing about that is, we have been much better than them but are within a four points range of all of them. So what’s going wrong for us? Well the seasonal cycle of Spurs is just happening yet again.

Each season, we have two major downfalls – one during the end of the first half and the other mid-second half. The draws against Chelsea, West Brom and loss to Newcastle in quick successions was the former. The latter could very well be happening now, and I hope it does. The second downfall has always been the most significant one because by the time we pick ourselves up, the season is almost over. By having it at this point of the season, we (hopefully) have more than enough time to get into the top four. Let’s hope for the best.

Another thing that has happened (unfortunately) together is that we’ve dipped in form and consistency. This was bound to happen given the young squad and number of fixtures rising. But other than that, we’re running out of luck. The game against Watford for instance. I was 100% sure we were to lose that, and then, we got it. That goal was something special and we needed that something special against Everton and Leicester, two games were we played better for a half and dropped a total of five points.

Which leads us to the draws. Only Everton (11th in the league) have drawn more times than us this season. While it is indeed much better than losing, most of our draws have been disappointing ones in terms of what we should’ve actually gotten out from that game. The unbeaten streak would mean nothing if we do not manage to secure a top four spot.

We still have a chance to kick things off in this season. Hoping the result from Wednesday was the second dip and we have enough time till the end of the season to make use of the position we’re in right now. We’ve dropped a five points gap against the teams lower to now one. Any defeat from now will only mean falling back yet again. The true test of character starts on Saturday by showing how willing we are to fight for the spot.

For those who think we can win the league this year, it’s important to get your expectations a bit more realistic. We are a strong team but we are not ones with the mentality of champions yet. That’s the reason Manchester City and Manchester United have been able to tick in even with terrible performances. That’s the next step for us, how the team evolves and the first challenge would be that of getting us the top four spot. It may not happen this season but it should and we have to try. I am usually fairly positive with Spurs but an opportunity like this to finish in the top four may not come around anytime soon.

The three upcoming games could decide whether we will remain title contenders or top four contenders. That being said, we’ll draw on Sunday

— Eric Fuckin’ Dier (@SpursShout) January 1, 2016

I put out this tweet before the Everton game, and unfortunately we are drifting away from the both. What we need now is a couple of players like Kane and Lamela getting back to form and luck on our side…..and also a fit Dembele ofcourse, but I’ll come to that later.

Let’s hope for the best from Saturday!


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  1. Mark my words, the same old Spurs is coming back to haunt us again. As usual, we will fade away during the second half of the season and now it has just started again. Most of the players are fxxk up, especially Kyle Walker and he was the worst player on the field during the Leicester game. Our players got no fighting spirit and when you look at their face, you can tell that they don’t have confidence and a winning mentality on their mind. These players still have not wake up their fxxking ideas and they should have been dropped. They are not fit to be in the starting 11. They will soon slip down the table and they won’t get top 4 this season, let alone the title. We failed because our defending capabilities has let us down and the weakest link is both our fullbacks. Everyone was talking about we need another striker and yes indeed we need….BUT in my opinion, the main problem is still our wing defence and it has been with us for years. Even though we have solved our centre backs problem but we are still conceding goals. We are not going to win games if we still keep on doing that and we have dropped too many points by drawing games. I was lmfao when some other reports talked about our top 4, title chances and how good we were before the start of the new year. Look at the performance of our last couple of games, do you dare to say that we look liked champions? Not at all, so fxxk it. Tomorrow’s game will be the same too and Defoe will make us pay for it by scoring the winning goal. Do u dare to make me eat my words? To DARE is to DO, COYSpurs, go out there on the field to PROVE it until the end of the season (not just only the next game or 2) that I will eat my words.


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