Tottenham would have crushed QPR, if the mindsets of three players were different

Image: SpursWeb

Townsend, Chadli and Lamela all seem to have similar flaws in their belief and manner of their running. If they could fix it, we would have an devastating team, especially against a slow defence like QPR.

Let’s be realistic, none of them ate Gareth Bale, nor should they be. These guys have all got some speed, they can run and shoot, but we rarely see any decent end product. Kane does it, Eriksen tries it, so why don’t they?

When you run at a defence, the opposition stands off, makes mistakes, you create chances and create slices of luck. That doesn’t happen if when passing the halfway line, on a break, it looks a bit too hard so you pass it sideways

If Andros never did a step over again, I would be a happy man. On Saturday, breaking down the middle, with two Spurs players to the left, he step, step, stepped over the ball – and passed it out if play. Why? From a distance it appears his brains are in his feet, he cannot do his stepping and pick a pass in the same thought. If he would use that pace and run in a direction with purpose, imagine what he could do?

Nacer? He just disappears. If you picture him with the ball, I bet he is on the wing, facing a defender, static. Head down the wing, use your size and speed, cut inside to goal, whatever, just keep running!

Erik needs to grow some balls. Take a fricken chance! He broke once against QPR, past halfway, but instead of running for goal, he did his usual move of pulling up, looking for support, sideways. We bought him as an attacking winger with an eye for goal. I don’t get what he is scared of? He has ballsy haircut, be a ballsy player.

Townsend, Chadli and Lamela all strike me as being quicker than Kane. But if Kane gets the ball on the halfway line, you know exactly where he is going. Imagine if these three had the mindset to do the same thing?

In finishing off the season, our fate in the table and these players’ fates for next season all hang in the balance.

I hope they get more aggressive in their mindsets.

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  1. Did u go to the game the officials were poor,and two nailed on pens……plse think before posting things with ur tinted rose specs….!!!!

  2. I don't like wingers that don't play down the wings.i cant see the point in putting a left winger on the right and vice versa, all that does is narrow the play making it easier to defend against , all the attacks are strait at the centre halves .you get very few crosses and those you do get are usualy inswingers that are easier to defend than atack

  3. I’m not too sure about crushing QPR, but you are spot on with regards to the inverted wingers. They need to take on their men, get to byline, cut in or cross, much like how Rose has been doing this season though the final ball not always good. Walker is another that is frustrated to watch. He was so good and threatening on the right flank prior to his injury. Now he’s only threatening when near our goal. That back header. Gosh, wonder what was he thinking.

  4. Anyway… Emmanuel Adebayor he doesn’t know if he will still be at Spurs next season after a year to forget so far.
    A move to West Ham or QPR in January was worked on but Spurs pulled the plug, particularly with the Hammers’ deal, as Daniel Levy didn’t want a first team player to help a rival club…


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