Another Loss, But This One Was A Bit Different

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

So, another loss against Arsenal this season and our top four dream looks all but over after a goal by Rosicky within two minutes that really can only be described with superlatives. 72 seconds into the game I was left with a feeling I’d had too many times this season; fearing that we’d be on the wrong end of a heavy scoreline. The next 10-15 minutes did little to ease those fears as Arsenal looked like they’d score each time they attacked (even if there weren’t many attacks). Chamberlain and Podolski were breaching the backline far too easily, the defence looked very disorganised, there were exploitable gaps in midfield and Sherwood’s burst of anger perfectly encapsulated how I felt and how I assume many others felt.

Something just looked wrong to me at the start of the game and I couldn’t really work out what it was. We had about 60% of the ball yet still looked so vulnerable and also lacked a real cohesive threat. Arms were up in the air and that chaotic start just summed up what this club has been like this season. We lacked direction and we had no identity within that team. This wasn’t like the Redknapp team where we were a team, or even last year under AVB where we could at least associate the team with Bale and a fairly solid defence. I didn’t know how to describe this team. There was no magic trio of VDV, Modric and Bale yet also nobody to carry us through. It was all just distinctively average to me at the start and I was really fearing the worst, but the more that game went on the more optimistic I felt and the more I could see a Tottenham team that was doing something that we’ve barely done all season: compete with a top side.

Arsenal’s attacks stopped being effective and remained few and far between. We were winning the ball back high up the pitch when we lost it; we were pressuring them and controlling the ball. Granted, the first half didn’t create many chances but at some point in that half I was worrying a lot less about when we’d next concede, and I was starting to expect us to equalise or at least create a clear opportunity to do so. We got that opportunity in the second half through Nacer Chadli and although we failed to capitalise, we can and should take heart from the fact that we were able to maintain the dominance from the first half whilst adding the caveat of a threat on Arsenal’s goal. They were on the back foot for the majority of the game and we didn’t let them control the match like they normally do and like they are used to. Their full backs hardly got forward, Cazorla wasn’t particularly influential and until the last couple of minutes, I retained the hope that we would score. That feeling was a far cry from the expectations I had two minutes into the game and hopefully the team can continue to play well enough so that I don’t lose that optimistic feeling.

After the final whistle, whilst obviously disappointed, I felt like we saw a Tottenham performance that we would want the players to replicate and there just haven’t been enough of those. We outplayed a title contender, and although we didn’t get a result, we got a performance (and weren’t smashed by 5 or 6 goals). Hopefully, with players such as Walker, Dembele and Lamela to return to fitness, we will be able to move forward and start to recreate an identity that fans will be happy to associate with our club. This season has been one where we have looked lost for the majority of it and whilst we by no means have our Tottenham back, hopefully we can take something from today and use it to move on and move forward.

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  1. I'm sick of seeing two bob posts like this…we had 90 odd minutes to grab a goal….it never looked like coming….for the past 3 years the seasons have been the same….no progression. Coat it however you wish my man…something is profoundly wrong at the Lane.

    • The players tried their best today. However it wasn't good enough because we didn't take our chances. Spurs will never get into the top 4 on a regular basis because they don't have the revenue to pay the wages the top players expect. Spurs are fairly placed based on their revenue.

    • I agree with you overall. I was trying to hint at that in the article that there is something wrong but the point I was making was that we should at least try to take something from today in the sense that there was something positive to work with in future games. Whether that happens or not is a completely different thing altogether though,

    • Spot On Leec, seen it against Wolves, Wigan and Norwich in recent seasons, let's all jump up and down signing "Jermiane Defoe hes a yiddo" yes he fucking well is and was, scored 8 goals in 6 matches and done fuck all for 8 months, we could have stayed out there all night and not scored.

  2. We need to sell naughton rose dawson possibly vertonghen as his heart isnt in it. Chadli we should sell also and possibly siggurdson. I think paulinho lamela soldado and eriksen will all be top top players next season. We need a real left winger and townsend as cover.

    • I'm sorry but we need to start getting rid of bentaleb out of our midfield causing too many problems and paulinho and dembele running the midfield we also need to play more of Townsend he's probably one of our best wingers that we got don't make sense to not play out best and play shit players like Bentaleb, Naughton, Dawson, Chadli and even siggurdson

  3. No idea what game you were watching sire – but if that performance gives you any kind of hope, then you are in serious need of rose-tinter specs removal.
    Yes, we had a lot of the ball – but did absolutely nothing with it. i cant recall an Arsenal side giving the ball away so much, but perhaps a midfield shorn of it its 4 best players has something to do with that with Ozil, Wilshere, Ramsey & Walcott missing. But despite all our possession and Arsenal's lack of cohesion, the created the best chances by far – Oxlade had a one-on-one, spooned another shot wide with goal gaping, blatant penalty by Verts on Kocelny, and Lloris produced a stunning stop from Mertesacker.
    What saves did their keeper make? The only real chance we had was when he flapped at the ball and Chadli shot at the defenders instead of keeping a cool head and slotting home.
    The stats are simple to see – 7 games against the Top 4 teams this season and we've lost six and drawn one.
    We've played the Arse 3 times, and havent scored.
    There is no glory or hope from this game. We are in a false position thanks to stealing undeserved victories against the likes of Hull, Palace, Fulham and Everton

  4. What is the guy on who wrote this piece. Is he on the Spurs payroll. We lost, simple as, all it’s about is winning. I couldn’t care less how well we played, we have still only scored 2 goals against 23 against the top. Are you so short sighted that can you can not see they did a job on us after they scored. Wenger was caught between two stalls about trying to hang on or go for the kill, he clearly decided on the latter, and it worked. Thats why we flattered to deceive, they invited us on to them, knowing we didn’t have the quality to break them down. Our best chance came from their keeper making a mistake, (ah yes mistakes,something we have had a monopoly on this season) and what did Chadli do, take to many touches. A quality player would have struck it first time, the time and space was there.

    We lack quality, class and the ability to scare teams, you can paint it any way you like, another disaster result.

  5. You’re wrong Leec. For the past 3 years the seasons have NOT been the same.

    We were BETTER back then, better organised, more attractive and creative, and with two great players who brought out the best in others around them. Then it became one great player! Then none!

    We haven’t progressed (obviously I agree with that), but it’s worse.

    We’ve simply and slowly REGRESSED!

    I suppose we should be grateful for small mercies today making some sort of a fist of it against our main rival.

    But something else happened today, something massive! ..forget the game, the performance and who we were playing (although it’s always been damn Arsenal between us and our recent dreams) ..and it’s this. For the first time in four or five years we no longer have short term hope and great expectations. In a way, we’ve been put out of our misery.

    No more heartbreaking near misses come the final match in May and no more feeling that we are a Champions League team in every way, except actuality.

    This at least frees us to look to the long term again, as much as I feel like sobbing at the waste of it all over recent years (the cruel luck, the selling of great players who should have stayed to take us to that promised land, the lost inexcusable focus of Harry at a critical time, the terrible/weak management and owner decisions and so on) but in a way, that long term focus will take the immediate pressure off our club, players and fans alike. Next time we get near the promised land, with all that killing hope and expectation, we won’t let Arsenal or anyone else wrest it from our grasp!

    Positives ..Naughton is growing (finally) as a right back, yes he is! So let him stay and give Walker real competition. Townsend got better as the game went on (use him with Lennon on the other flank more often, and give ourselves proper balance and threatening pace). Ade showed real leadership qualities today (all we want now is one consistent season, or even two, out of him). Chadli can take credit for a much better performance than usual, but there are still huge question marks over him ..especially his pace. The one I’d let go is Sig. Play Dembele alongside Eriksen whenever possible, and Sandro behind them. Soldado, Lamela, Paulinho, Capoue, Chadli, Bentaleb (please stop playing him ALL the time, Tim), Chiriches et al will hopefully get better next year ..but they will NOT if we don’t add another playmaker to compliment this squad, another ‘pacy’ left winger to keep T and L on their toes, and a top left back to compete fully with Rose.

    Along with all that, whoever is in charge, PLEASE CONSTRUCT AND THEN PLAY YOUR BEST TEAM CONSISTENTLY keeping just CORE TACTICS, which only need occasional tweaking to cover injuries, suspensions, rest periods and the occasional way the opposition may set their stall out.

    That way we won’t ever look like a bunch of strangers trying to imitate a team again! we have for most of this season!

    Demand that Verts and Lloris stay ..but let them see we mean business properly in terms of ambition! We CAN turn this around next season let’s start now and begin our renaissance!

  6. How can you make a victory out of a disaster, what ever game the writer was watching, it must have been a different game to the one I saw, if he thinks avoiding a 4 or 5 goal defeat is what Spurs are about he hasn't been a fan for long enough, I knew that the longer the game went on the less chance of us scoring, it's been like that most weeks, Sherwood starts off with some weird tactical plan that only he knows about, and then when it doesn't work, he has no idea how to counteract it, Chadli is not a striker, and Ade has had his best games when playing along side Soldado, who incidently score in his last start at Cardiff, but has been left out since!! he continues to play his love child Bentaleb, and the position of left back, which should have been sorted out in the January window came back to haunt us once again, and we are now being shown as the poor team we are in Europe now we have to play teams dropped down from the champions league, teams like Stoke, Swansea and Wigan were able to complete with the sides from Russia, Romania etc. so we've nothing to be proud of in that respect, Why doesn't Levy get out and take Tim and Les with him, until we get someone who is able to run the club, and someone decent to manage it we will always be a second tier team.

  7. The thing I don't get is when Sherwood took over we reverted back to 2 up front and it was working. Yes we rode our luck a bit at times but we were winning. Now he has gone back to a lone striker and just like with AVB it's not working. Soldado get's a winning goal against Cardiff and some of his confidence back so what does he do, leave him on the bench yet again. It's no good sticking him on for the final 10 minutes hoping that will change things, he needs to play from the start so he can get some sort of partnership going with Ade. Everyone seems to know that, so why can't he?
    Our season is over, we all know that, I just hope that in the close season we get rid of the dead wood in our squad that for some reason they seem to get games week in week out and actually have players on the pitch who knows what they are doing, and a manager who does too.

  8. The thing I don't get is when Sherwood took over we reverted back to 2 up front and it was working. Yes we rode our luck a bit at times but we were winning. Now he has gone back to a lone striker and just like with AVB it's not working. Soldado get's a winning goal against Cardiff and some of his confidence back so what does he do, leave him on the bench yet again. It's no good sticking him on for the final 10 minutes hoping that will change things, he needs to play from the start so he can get some sort of partnership going with Ade. Everyone seems to know that, so why can't he?

  9. Interesting points , i want to know why Soldado was not introduced sooner in the 2nd half. Chadi is not a striker . Tim it is alright saying the best team lost, FFS we dominated the game for about 88 minutues but same old story could not score WHICH WINS GAMES .All to often the ball was hoofed up the Goons box and was cleared by there centre halves,.I am a bit worried about Tims selections and subs , Siggi is bloody useless and could not understand why he was brought on , Erickson was terrible yesterday . Lost count of the time we broke down the wings and when the ball was put over there was no one there . Really bit disgusted with our season and i want to blame Levy for the bloody mess that we have at Spurs at the present. Hiring a novice Manager ( Nice bloke Tim but sorry no Premiership Manager) . Baldini should resign tommorow and take Levy with him .. coys

  10. We lost the game before it begun. What an awful team selection yet again! Our management has been plunder all season. Disgraceful even. Lamela was lacking confidence.. Scores.. Dropped.. ? Why? Cunt! Soldado scores after all that time.. Dropped.. Don't get me wrong, when Ade wants to perform he can be unplayable but how are you supposed to let new players settle when they've done the bizz & then drop em.. As for the board.. Chadli, Paulinho, capoue, lamela, soldado & vlad have in my opinion just cluttered the squad.. They just haven't settled. You can't bring in 7 new players & expect the team to gel in a season.. You can but you've got to have a decent manager to do that! At least with Harry we had identity.. I don't even know what we're good at anymore.. Other than just being sloppy & switching off all the time! We've got the worst full backs in the league! Grrrr fuck off Sherwood u gooner cunt

  11. Leaving Soldado out is just gobsmacking. The guy gives his all when playing, finally gets a goal and as you've all pointed out, is relegated to the bench. Sherwood must be a very tiring manager to work under too, with his ups and downs and tantrums. Am I the only Spurs fan beginning to think we should have stuck with AVB…..?


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