Defenders Or Strikers: Which Should Be Our Priority This Summer?

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Dom Le Roy

Although our midfield lacks quality at times, the two areas of the football pitch that really does need some attention this summer is the the defence and the attack. Little time has been spent on these two areas of the pitch in recent years. £26m last year spent on one striker, and £8.5m spent on one defender. Compare that to the £73.5m that was spent on five midfielders last summer, you will start to see where I am coming from.

Starting with the defence, we conceded 51 goals last season and made way to many errors at the back. We could have conceded many more if it weren’t for the fantastic saves from Hugo Lloris in the Tottenham goal. Some of our defence is ( I will put it this way) experienced. Younes Kaboul and Michael Dawson are both experienced players and have spent a long time in the top flight playing in defence. Is it time for them to step down and move on for Spurs? My answer to that is yes. For a side that is aiming for top four next season, we need to have more quality In the defence than Kaboul and Dawson! Kaboul’s contract runs out this summer, and Dawson has been linked with a few clubs already, we would have no trouble getting rid of them two.

In my view, Jan Vertonghen needs to get his brain in gear! He has not been at the races recently, especially towards the end of last season. Whether that was something to do with the knowledge that Tim Sherwood was very likely to get sacked at the end of the season, only the man himself will ever know. Hopefully Pochettino can change his attitude and he can become a fan favourite again.

For me the right back position is fine but maybe needs somebody to come through from the youth team to provide extra support to Walker as I do not think that Naughton is the right man for the job. As for the left back position, I do not think that Danny Rose is good enough. He makes way too many mistakes at the back. We need a new left back.

Now onto the attack. Roberto Soldado has been less than disappointing in his first season at White Hart Lane, only managing a meagre 6 goals in the Premier League last season. To make matters a lot worse, 4 if his six goals came from the spot, with only 2 from open play. Adebayor has been good since being bought back into the first team, bagging 11 goals. Whether he is the right man to take us forward for the next few years. Remember that he is 30 now.

Spurs have had problems finding a striker that scores a majority of their goals over the last few seasons. And last season was no exception. We scored 55 goals in the Premier League last season. 19 of those 55 goals came from the strikers. That meant that 36 goals last season came from the midfield of the defence. That subsequently means that Spurs need a new striker.

In conclusion to all of that, I think that the defence should be our priority in this transfer window. That is because the outcome of a match is mostly decided of the defence. What I mean by that is for example, if our team keeps a clean sheet, we will only need to score one goal to win the match. Another example of that is if we concede three goals, we will need to score four goals to win the match, and so on and so forth. Along with that and the mistakes in the defence and the 51 goals conceded last season, I think that the defence should be Tottenham’s priority over the coming summer transfer window.

But what do you think: Which Should Be Our Priority a This Summer, Defence Or Attack?

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  1. Defenders, if you don't concede goals you don't lose games, let's start there and build outwards, I am 43 and would like to see Spurs win a title, you will never do it if you concede for fun.. as fans we need to stop all this nonsense about the Spurs way, the Spurs way is shit and hasn't worked in 53 years.
    Time to all recognise we must start building a team with good honest professionals, and stop these clowns like Lennon raping our club for years on end, delivering very little in return for a handsome wage !

  2. Ps. Walker is awful absolutely awful, the bloke ball watches, is always out of position and can't pass, if people rate him it must be because like Lennon he runs fast..

  3. Why do we need to prioritise one over the other? Defence and attack both need improving. Centre back, left back and forward are the 3 positions that need strengthening with more than one in 2 of those. Remy, Davies, Lovren and Bony would be ideal.

  4. Let's not waste a pile of money on a load of rubbish just to compensate for losing our better players. Dawson bye bye brilliant fella met him at the races spent 30 mins talking but punching above his weight. Kaboul waste of space. Sigurdson £8mill Lennon someone will be willing to take him of our hands for a few quid and so on. Sell the players that don't earn there money and really look at replacing many with a few bits of quality. I went to 27 league games last season and continued to be disappointed with several individuals. Hopefully our chairman and director of football will allow Mr Potch to pick the talent we deserve

  5. The thing that disappointed me most of all last season was the overall quality of our football. Outside of Holtby it had no vitality,pace or purpose. We could have improved on results in a lot of games if we had started trying to win rather than keeping a clean sheet to the interval. Southampton came to the Lane and despite having inferior players took a two goal lead. This was because they had the right attitude and hopefully Pochettino can instill this into the team. I think this summer is mostly about getting shot of players like Adebayor,Lennon,Kaboul,Rose and Sandro. After they have been sold ,then is the time to look at additions,hopefully, young, enthusiastic players like Holtby who will bring a spark of energy to the club.

  6. If you give the ball to Lennon early he is very effective. Our problem with AVB was he wanted the game played at a snails pace, by the time Sherwood cam along everyone was confused and lacking in confidence. Watch Lennon spring into life under The Potch.
    Better still get rid of Townsend while people are still foolish to believe he's a good player!!
    Rose- out..terrible full back
    Dawson – out ..sorry but too old and too slow
    Siggy..out…decent player but we have plenty of them
    Kaboul..out…sorry but injuries like he has take too long to heal…he is always missing!
    Naughton…out..good to call on but we need better to call on.
    Adebayor…out…too old and too expensive. Sell him while we can. Before he starts sulking.
    If..this is a BIG if we can get some very good money for Sandro and Dembele let them go. That's a tough one to call but there are others who are less injury prone, may cost less and will offer more on a consistent basis.

    Keep the rest….the defence really is a shambles, and without great defenders you will lose a lot of games that were winnable.
    Solid defence is #1

    • If you gave the ball to Lennon early he still wouldn't beat his man he would run inside, and on the rare occasion he did get in a nice wide position he would scuff a cross along the floor or put it in the first row, the bloke does back track but so he should at that level.

  7. We need an advanced central creator (No 10) above all else, we aren’t clinical around the box and cant find strikers. You cant play the system we’re designed to be playing without an advanced central creator connecting everyone. The only creative player weve had this season has been Eriksen, who isn’t suited to the centre, and the better teams have been able to shut us down by just marking out Eriksen. And that is only in the games where Eriksen’s been fit, when hes injured we are drying paint to watch.

    Affordable left back, affordable right handed centre back (to replace Dawson), and blow the rest on the best number 10 solution that is available to show intent and get us back to playing attractive football.

    A striker would be nice but after the last two seasons playing this system , we desperately need the number 10 above all else. Our squad depth has been good this season but its our best starting 11 that is poor, not our squad. IMO our best 11 features Dembele Sandro (which is a defensive pairing that allows the fullbacks forward to press heavily) with a creator in front, Eriksen and Lamela either side and Ade or Soldado up front.

    • Agree, we just do not have anyone creating and in truth Ade spends most of his time out wide looking for involvement because of it.

  8. I have supported spurs since i was 13 and im now in my mid 40's and its been very frustrating many at times in relation to the teams mediocrity. we always seem to get it wrong. sub standard defenders eg chiriches, kaboul, Dawson or Danny rose to name but a few. Without quality defenders you can't win anything we need to spend on defenders,once that is done everything is possible. With the high defensive line that we play, pace,strength and composure when going into one vs one situations should be the most important attributes of our future defenders. I believe non of our current crop of defenders possess anything close to these key defensive requirements. We run a defensive circus not fit for top flight football.


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