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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

With Tim Sherwood at the helm we seem to have gone from hope to despair. It is like riding on a nightmarish merry-go-around. Ups and downs, but going nowhere. The game against WBA, a team that is struggling for survival, is a good example of our crap season. We start off poor (a trait under Wannabee Sherwood) and then the second half comes and we improve. Those games of two halves allowed us to beat teams like Sunderland and Southampton (both scored first), but caused us to stutter against the WBA. What does Sherwood say to his team before kick off? Or doesn’t he say anything and rather plays Russian roulette and prays for divine intervention, and if that doesn’t help then goes into the second half team talk with words of encouragement, wisdom, confusion… or… what?

Of course we don’t know, but I am also sure that Tim Dimbutnice, is just as confused as us (it seems). A young boy/ man out of his comfort zone. We might have just as well left AVB where he was until the end of the season before making rash decisions. The difference is we are paying supporters, where he is a paid coach to deal with all the problems put to him and turning those problems into successes (if not then what was the point of putting him in charge?). The only positiveness coming out of White Hart Lane, I can see at the moment, with his tactics, or what passes as tactics, is his eventual kick-up the arse and then disappearing so that a new manager can take over his reins. If that was Levy’s long term plans, with Sherwood in a blind agreement (or just blind), then it is working.

What next? Well, next is Fulham at White Hart Lane. A team that is fighting like possessed monkeys for their survival while Spurs look like they are trapped in a round barrel and told to piss in the corner by Tim.  Not knowing where the corner is and confused, they therefore end up just pissing in their pants; like scared school children being paid astronomical amounts of lolly, but not knowing what to do for it. Conundrums are for the brightest children, not the dunces in the room and that is what Spurs seem to be at the moment.

We expected so much at the beginning of the season and one disaster after another shrivelled our hopes into a nervous titter while the rest of the footballing elite moved on and did and do what was expected of them. Was this some mad cosmic joke by the Spurs directors, or like us, they were just as confused? However, a confusion of their own making. Of course we shall never know the mind set of millionaires and their pets… but what of us, who put our hard earned earnings into a pot of the directors play things? What do we get in return? Or is our loyalty only supposed to be just blind automaton docility?

We are a club with a rich history. Directors came and went with great ideas and game plans, but nothing to show for it other than debt and failed promises. Times moved on while Spurs stood still. We are now in the 21st Century. Fifty-three years ago we won the title. Fifty-three years later we still dream of that title. But where clubs like Liverpool (possibility this season), United, City, Arsenal, Chelsea and, yes, even Blackburn Rovers, had and continue capturing that prestige’s title (with the exception of the Rovers who have fallen by the roadside), Spurs fans continue, year after year, to bang their heads against the wall of shame and mediocrity. That wouldn’t be too bad if we were a team of no history to speak of, or poor resources, but we are not. We are currently stable and with money (and a rich heritage); with directors and managers promising Glory, Glory days just around the corner ringing in our ears. They put managers in, sacking them (before really giving them a chance to get the team into shipshape) and continuing that merry go round while the supporters get dizzy with confusion and mediocre performances. We could become laughing stock fodder for other team supporters. They say shit happens, and that would be ok if there was light at the end of the tunnel. In our tunnel there is only more darkness and the hauntings of those past Glory, Glory days reverberating off the walls and going around and around until dizziness sets in and sickness is all that is left.

Never mind though; I am sure next season will be another season of hope… and of course a new Stadium to boot. I suppose we shouldn’t grumble really. We are not Crystal Place or West Ham or Sunderland… but then again we are neither Chelsea, United, City, Arsenal, Liverpool or anybody else that can get into the top 4. No; we are just the poor sods who pay their money and allow the gatekeepers of Tottenham Hotspur heritage to make the decisions that determine our beloved Spurs future. But next season, ah?

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