Tottenham Hotspur Half-term report

Image: SpursWeb

Are we good or we bad? If only Chadli had put his clear cut equaliser against Liverpool away or Soldado had scored the penalty at Man City who knows where we might be. I have watched most games this season and on the terrace (sorry standing-up-in-the-seats) the jungle drums may be beating slightly different.

I honestly think that there is the makings of a good side at Spurs.

Not sure about the hero worship on Harry Kane as he reminds me a bit of Crouch and his presence and I’d like to see him go ice skating! Very promising (he scores goals) so far…………

Danny Rose goes walk about (like at Villa) and then just as Kyle Naughton at right back gets stuffed 40 yards out with nobody behind him who’s there to save the day but left back Rose. Wasn’t Gareth Bale a left back going nowhere who turned into a midfield superstar? Makes you wonder about Rose (I know if he lost the ball there might be an issue but…)

Kaboul is a monster but with the graceful kicking of an elephant with his two legs tied together

Adebayor needs his own team and his own league comprising his own teams to play for, so frustrating

Vertonghen looks great just needs to play that way

Lamella looks good, Townsend has my vote, Eriksen is there or there abouts and Chadli is in my team

Ryan Mason gets rave reports, not sure whether that’s for his hairstyle or physique. Blasphemy but I haven’t noticed too much more yet

Then there’s Poorliniho who couldn’t make the Brazil semi final team so no chance at Spurs, Lennon (forgotten man?), Walker so fast he sometimes doesn’t realise that the play is at the other end, Dembele who is surely past his best and another disappearing man Chiriches who either has the skills of a ballerina performing dynamo magic or the head of an Ostrich.

Of the rest I have faith in Dier, red card specialist Fabio, Bent the ball leb and we haven’t seen enough of Stambouli

Don’t need to talk about the goalkeepers as they are all great!

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