Tottenham Hotspur…Championship Title contenders

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The day that Harry Winks became the next Luka Modric.

The day that Harry Kane re-became Harry Kane.

The day Ben Davies finally found his level. In the Championship.

On Davies’ opposite flank, Kieran Trippier showed, as he frequently does, what a deputy wing/full back should do, by offering a Kieran Trippier-ness (tirelessly picking up great positions up the right flank and delivering crosses with pinpoint accuracy) that makes one wonder if he may even be a better option than Walker.

It wasn’t quite vintage Spurs. More like Business-Time Spurs. Signs of the tempo and swagger that have eluded us recently returning.

What a man Jan Vertonghen is. Most under-rated member of our first eleven in terms of his importance to our style of play?

He and Toby, graceful colossi, with the less graceful juggernaut that is Wanyama relentlessly extinguishing fires like a Bush Fire Helicopter to a sparkler sitting just in front of them, just make you feel safe. Protected. Durex Extra Safe. But they can play a bit too our boys from Belgium. It’s like a Durex-Extra-Safe-Perfect Pleasure condom Hybrid.

Nothing is getting through. Perfectly, pleasurably so.

When Mr. Spurs, Harry Kane is firing like today, he makes it look so easy. A behemoth of goalscorer: Durex Comfort XL.

His 5th hat–trick in our colours. Jermain Defoe ‘only’ managed 6. Greaves 12.

You’re a wizard, Harry.

Christian ‘Invisible Extra Thin’ Eriksen was more like the ‘Tickle Me-Ribbed’ version of himself that we desperately need him to find a way to consistently be.

You can only beat what’s in front of you. Business-Time Spurs just in time for the Business end of the season. All of a sudden, the magic of the FA Cup seems very real.

Whatever happens in the League, the person who comes first is not necessarily the one who has spent the most time on top.

Avoid premature exits vs Gent and Millwall and we are nearing the climax of two winnable Cup Competitions. Have we got the stamina? Have we got the girth in the squad?

Strap on. Lube up. We’ve got a Durex ‘surprise me’ Condom Variety box to get through between now and the end of the season…

And if you tilt the number 7 to the left it kind of looks like a 1…

2017. Believe.


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