Tottenham’s Commercial XI

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Following Tottenham’s exploits into the final frontier of Professional football, The United States of America, the team have decided to make themselves more commercially viable to suit their obsession for commercialisation. In order to do this they have selflessly changed their names. Here is our newly named Tottenham Hotspurs. This team will be hoping to get this season off to a racing start with their manager Mauricio Porsche-tino


Tottenham Commercial X! – Hugo Boss Lloris; Kyle Walkers, Toby Audi-weireld, Jan Louis Vuitton-ghen, Danny Roses; Ryan Ma-Sony, Nabil Bentley; Andrex Townsend, Christian Sony-ericcson, Nacer Cha-DHL-I; Harry Candy Kane; subs; Michellin Vorm, Ben & Jerry’s Davies, Eric Diet Coke, Dele Allianz, Tom Car-Rolls Royce, Erik Estrela, Roberto Sol-dado.

Although they have not made the squad, Kieran Trip-Cartier, Ferrero Fazio, Kevin Wimmer-cedes Benz and Chocolate Mousa Dembele have also graciously taken part in the new Americanisation of Tottenham Hotspur.

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