Townsend A Talent Of Lesser Ambitions

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For the past two going on three years we all have been waiting for the speedy winger Andros Townsend to showcase his talent. At times he did show the Hotspur faithful he could handle the task at the wing. Unfortunately for Andros, I have little faith that he can make it to the next level. Clearly I may offend others at the lane; I do this in only to get the discussion out in the open. With that said I will give a few reasons why I see Andros as a player belonging too a lower sitting club.

Townsend is a player you can easily read with the ball. Mostly he tries to outrun his defender only to give a pitiful cross toward goal or lose out to the defender. The international comes off as a single minded player, on the pitch you sense he has issues with his awarenes & football iq. Too make matters worse is when the international Gets to the final third he has no build up play.  Andros will cut in no closer to the goal than 25 yards from goal an swing with his left foot.  “ball is heading toward the fans.”

Andros Townsed just is not a player that can wait an build a set play with patience. What kills me the most is his lack of defending; complete game over for me. The Internationals stats for 2014-2015 are 2 goals and 2 assists from 754 of playing time. He clearly isn’t getting the playing time needed too feel loved at white hart lane, so why not just leave.

With levy who in all honesty isn’t that great of a business man, regardless of what every article says about his ability to do deals. Over the years his resume for purchasing players & hiring managers and technical directors that do not fit the same vision are counter productive. In my opinion we should be chanting for him to get the boot. Levy may have bought some time with new NFL deal. Besides that almost anyone can haggle a deal for Andros to leave the club, suitors such as Aston, stoke or even Watford could pay  8-12 million pounds for the lad.  It just depends on the club you are dealing with. Remember Roy Hodgson added some value with that call up for our lad. It’s time we reek the benefits.

With all that said; Andros Townsend is a decent individual player at times but at this moment with Tottenham he does not make any case for himself to be on the pitch in our shirt on opening day.

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  1. Sell him I say. If we can get £10m-£12m that would be a good deal and use the money to bring in another striker or attacking midfield player who will score 10-15 goals a season.

  2. I thought I was about to read a thoughtful story about Andros T only to find its yet another piece of dross having a go at Levy. Boring.

  3. Been saying this since I first saw Townsend play 3 or 4 years ago. Can't fault the lad for effort but just has not got enough technical ability or a footballing brain good enough to compete at the very top .

  4. Yet another boring critical rant about Townsend, by someone who appears to think that he's stating something new.
    The arrogance of the comment:"Unfortunately for Andros, I have little faith that he can make it to the next level." beggars belief. As if Andros Townsend is in any way concerned about Elliot Shams' faith or lack of it; whoever Elliot Shams may be.

  5. Unfortunately I am also running out of patience with the lad, one thing I will say, is Spurs endured the considerable lack of end product from a, in my opinion lesser player, for a decade, there are still many bleating that he may be leaving this close season too, and that player is Aaron Lennon.

  6. TBH, I don't think as many people will disagree with you as you seem to think will.

    The rumour was that Poch was losing patience with him as he appears to be taking everything in on the training pitch but then once he's loosed in match-time he reverts to the same things that just haven't worked already.

    He seemed reasonably intelligent when he appeared as a pundit at the World Cup, so I don't quite know what to make of him. Maybe he does just too excited with a single-minded desire to win the game once he gets out on the pitch. Sadly, if that is the case and he isn't going to 'listen' or improve I can't see him having a long-term future at the Lane.

  7. Still better than lamela also I would put Lennon in front of lamela too . The pair of them make walker look like a good defender as they will cover for him with tripper coming in who is a better defender you may get more out of andros and Lennon also the fact Lennon has been sent to train with the kids is a insult to our longest serving player , I know he has not lived up to his early promise but you do get flashes of it and with confidence andros could shine as he dose for England also I don't like to see the English players sold off you must keep a core of English players in our English club.


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