The Transfer Window Debacle

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For pretty much the whole summer I have been wondering if Paul Mitchell has gone back to hairdressing. As for Baldini, the fact that he is still taking a wage is quite frankly beyond me. I’m at a loss to explain what these guys have actually been doing for the last 2 odd months as we amble in to yet another transfer day deadline disappointment.

It has become evident to me that there has been no transfer strategy yet again and that if Levy insists on doing both the incoming and outgoing transfers what’s the point of having the likes of Mitchell and Baldini? Quite clearly we can not multi task in this respect. Levy seems so fixated on extracting the last penny out of clubs for mediocre players when he should be thinking more about the bigger picture (who he should be bringing in to improve the squad).

In the last 2 plus months we’ve shifted some dead wood but still the likes of Adebayor are still taking a wage (I’ve grown tied of reading about the waste of space he may well have signed on for Villa but to the best of my knowledge he remains a Spurs player).

Why is it EVERY transaction at Spurs has to be drawn out with the press across every painstaking detail? Other teams seem to conduct their business with the minimum of fuss and get their players on board early so they can be properly integrated before the start of the season. There are so many clubs out there who do not want to do business with us now as somewhere along the line we have wronged them. This is in addition to the large numbers of ex players and staff who always seem to come back and haunt us. Look at the new stadium and all of the issues surrounding it, this should be well into the construction phase by now and the whole issue of ground sharing Wembley with Chelsea wouldn’t be a concern.

I’d like to put it out there that Levy’s ego is holding the club back.

Moving on to the team itself I spent $40 signing on to Bein Sports to watch the MLS game last week. The first thing I noticed is Dier playing in midfield, what’s that all about? It was quite clear last season that we didn’t have enough going forward with 2 defensive midfielders (especially at WHL) so why he is sticking with this rigid system is beyond me. Even with 2 defensive midfielders we leaked a stupid amount of goals. I’ve always said Spurs are a 4-4-2 team with natural wingers and 2 strikers. We don’t have the players to understand any other system (as tried and failed by AVB).

I’m also not a fan of the inverted winger either, it makes the actual areas we have to be creative way too cramped as the winger always goes in field where the traffic is instead of exploiting the wide areas and bye lines. I think the manager has a set and rigid way of playing which could lead to his downfall before Xmas especially if we don’t get off to a decent start.

I also think he’s much more of a ‘yes’ man that we first thought. Surely this transfer window was about putting his own mark on the team. I’ve not really seen any evidence of this at all so he can’t have any complaints if the fans start calling for his head after 3 or 4 months. Sometimes I think he is more concerned about being best mates with the opposing manager than taking the 3 points we need off them.

Utd could come flying out of the traps on Saturday and give us a right spanking which could dent our already fragile confidence. I’m scanning the news aggregators morning noon and night to see who we are going to bring in to at least give us some hope but with names like Moses and Lambert being bandied about you have to question the ambition of the club.

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  1. Mate…you need to chill out a bit.

    We have brought in some good defenders, which was the area in most need of addressing.

    Levy has already stated that we will be bringing more players in, but this may be towards the end of the transfer window. The reason for this is quite obviously because we have to ship players out first.

    I'm pretty sure that once Soldado or Adebayor goes, we will see a new striker sign quite quickly. A second striker / attacking midfielder could arrive shortly afterwards, and I wouldn't be surprised to see McCarthy at Spurs with Lennon making his Everton move permanent towards the end of the window.

    Of course none of this is likely to happen prior to the Man Utd match, but I think we will struggle to win that, whoever we sign, so may just have to write that game off.

  2. Totally agree….seems that Levy,Mitchell,Pochettino live in some weird fucking world where everything the club desperately needs may or may not possibly occur at some as yet undetermined point in the future. The questions that need addressing NOW are
    1) Are we playing good football that will entertain the supporters?
    2) Will we be successful next season?

    The answer to both questions is NO– NOT WHILE LEVY HAS A HOLE IN HIS ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. There is a MONTH left of the transfer window FFS.
    There is a very clear strategy which is apparent in the ins and outs so far.
    Maybe it is not all quite so easy as you seem to think it is!

  4. FFS Mark!…..what a moaning rant and we have not even kicked off yet, this is typical of most fan websites & forums – if we win on Saturday I can guarantee there will be articles about how we are going to win the league!!

  5. I have read a lot of bollocks from so called Spurs fans who seem to be happy obliviously following levy and his henchmen. Spurs were terribly boring and created very little last season yet fans like S-P and Simon are just happy for it to all continue again. Except it will be worse! We can't keep relying on Kane and Erkison. We need 4 quality forward thinking players but will end up with another Rasiak or Frazier Campbell. Very good article. At least some fans can see the bigger picture

  6. This article is just silly. I don't see this window as a debacle at all, especially when it's not even over yet. If we get to Sept. and nothing more is done, then I would call it limp. I love the Toby and Trip signings, and all the young guys coming up from the academy looks like contributors. Yes, it will be incomplete without at least one new striker and perhaps a winger and DM as well. I'm sure we will see some areas addressed. The real curiosity will be who they are able to get and what sort of quality will they bring.

  7. All these people saying to chill can do that if they wish. It's their prerogative. I have for many years just run with it but this year of all years you would have thought he would have backed the manager. They have pulled in plenty of money from sales which is not matched by the initial purchases. The club has plenty from the increase in TV rights so get on with midfielders at least. Strikers – If he doesn't sell Adebayor or Soldado then what ? We will have to pray every week that Kane doesn't get injured or burnt out as we would be in deeper trouble. Its all well and good saying there is a month left in the transfer window but clubs don't want to be selling at this time. Why are we starting the season with a first 11 and a benchful of subs which is made up of young players who have virtually no experience. Its not fair on them for one thing. I really do believe that Levy is a total control freak, and wont let anyone else do any deals as he is too busy p*ssing of any fools who try to deal with him. I am normally quite layed back but he is getting me down big time now.

  8. I am defiantly concerned that Dier is playing in midfield. But…..,,,,, I really think what poch is creating is the right way of moving forward. The players that have been sold did absolutely nothing for the team and we are led to assume that they all had attitude problems. Bringing through the academy players is the way forward and we will sign 3/4 more players as it is clear we need them. It's about time we stick by a manager ffs, the main problem is we keep living in a fantasy world were Spurs should be winning every completion they are in which is nonsense. New stadium, great academy player that will only get better, stability COYS

  9. Ridiculous reading nobody knows who Poch is targeting idiot fans just listen to paper talk or sky chat. We bid early for Ings who choose Liverpool wee bit for Monaco youngster said no so now it’s go get Austin who is to similar to Kean so that would be daft. Levy has said we will do business but expects that to be towards end of transfer window.

    Hopefully Ade,Soldado, Lennon move on as that will free up wages for quality replacements.

    Settle down have we again not learned that buying just for the sake of it gets us know where.

  10. Do need people in earlier , to integrate. Why should we have to write off first game or games. That means missing out by 5,6 points again. It starts this week , not when we are ready. Also if we won europa league we get CL & a trophy

  11. Its like in school when you are said to choose your team for dodgeball. You have to choose from a large number of kids that always remain at the end cause nobody wants them in their team!


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