Man Utd 0 Spurs 3: It happened, it is magic, you know it!

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

In my last article I gave a prediction that we would win 3-1, and do you know what those United fakers did, yes, they cheated me out of my goal so that I wouldn’t get my prediction spot on. No… no, I am not really complaining, I can’t be too harsh on a team that wasn’t even up to scoring at least one goal (yes, you can!), but it was a double whammy, we won by a fantastic scoreline and they got what they deserved: José Mourinho. Even before the match the United supporters were very down. Those I talked to either didn’t want to talk about their predictions beforehand or thought it could be a draw. My motto has always been to talk your team up, not down. Either you wear your badge on your sleeve or go and watch old Micky Mouse reruns. One should be a supporter through thick and thin and be positive, especially to the opposition, even if the evidence contradicts it. What we do know is that the unknown still can surprise. There is no death until death appears before you in the shape of the Grim-Reaper.

The first half of the match was more of a seesaw game, both denying each other. But when the second half began it seems that the United players left their souls in the changing room, while we came out to do battle. Once the first goal went in – by Kane – their heads dropped even further, the second one entirely rattled United – by Moura – then 32 minutes later they were drowning in their own tears and their fans had enough and started leaving in droves. All it left was for our fans to sing “you will be sacked tomorrow José Mourinho”. Of course, he won’t be sacked tomorrow, he has a long way to take United down… down, leader and down.

I did say in my previous article that I thought that Chelsea would be below fourth position, but now I see a possibility that they could make the top four, but at the expense of United. We – that is, Spurs supporters – love you José Mourinho, you’ve still got a job to do with United, like showing them how to walk down a ladder backwards and into quick-sand. They were yesterday’s news, but now other teams are battling for a more prominent role, such as United rivals City, Liverpool, but more importantly Spurs. Three teams challenging for the top spot. How far that dream can be visualised will be glimpsed in the coming weeks. Next week we’ve got fellow one hundred percenters, Watford, that match will be followed by Liverpool, who also have 100% record, that is unless Leicester City spoils their party this Saturday.

What exciting times and Spurs will be at the heart of it. With a new stadium soon to be unveiled the excitement can be felt in the atmosphere.

After Monday’s trauma, I am going to get a rub down with an oily rag and a good dose of Scotch whisky, a drink where other drinks can’t do the decent damage. Too much excitement can severely dent your health, but then again, and as I often say, without such hair-raising moments life would become a bore and what is left? Skittles, walking the dog backwards, milking bulls and waiting for Godet. Give me that pulsating, heart thumbing excitement any day, all wrapped up in the Spurs Cockerel. It is life Jim, but not as United fans know it, after all, they’ve got José Mourinho, the closest one can get to death without actually dying… unless you are an Arsenal supporter, then you’ve reached the other side and seen the black hole of your-anus (one of many planets circling the solar system. a lonely place if you are a Gunner, or even a Hammer, for that matter!).

God bless you Spurs!

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  1. See-saw first half?! Spurs were lucky to still be in the game by half time, thanks to donkey Lukaku not being able to put the ball into an open net.

  2. The best story written about the game I have seen on the net so far, and it so feeds into my idea of fans actually backing the team to the hilt. Well written.


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