United rumours and Arsenal

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

First of all, let us deal with Pochettino and United. I know that if Pochettino doesn’t want to leave Spurs, he will immediately rule out moving to United, if he, on the other hand, is thinking of moving he will prevaricate and fudge the issue.

He will want to weigh up the Spurs job and the United one and then go where he feels he can create the right legacy. Of course, if he evades the question, this will leave confusion, doubt and unsettlement. If he does go, he will take the players he wants with him (irrespective of their contract length). Players that haven’t signed long term yet will want to put such talks to one side until they know the certainty of Pochettino’s future. These are the signs we should be looking out for. Personally, if he hasn’t immediately squashed the rumours, he will go.

I can say that before the Arsenal match there was confidence and an atmosphere of revenge in the air. The trip up to the Emirates was a feeling of positiveness and a job not completed. There is also the feel within the club that this year could be our year, a year where we will bring some trophies to our new ground. We have had a shaky start (of the season), but I feel that lessons have been learnt from past mistakes and this time a determination of steel is there. A confidence that we can achieve anything, and I believe we can, but we must stay entirely focused, however, if Pochettino doesn’t declare his intentions soon (over the United job), then the feel-good factor could fly out of the window.

Arsenal, on the other hand, seemed rattled, whether it was because of the Southampton game or just didn’t have the energy in them is anybody’s guess, but their hearts weren’t in it. And the more the game went on, the more down they looked. But is that really surprising? Under Pochettino he has created a team who others fear. We fear no one!

We didn’t have to wait long for the first goal to go in. Son after 20 minutes scored a magnificent goal, followed by loud applause and singing of his name. We didn’t rest and continued attacking their goal mouth, but we had to wait for the second half and the 59th minute for Alli to make it two. Excellent goalkeeping by Paulo Gazzaniga kept Arsenal out.

A full bottle of water was directed at Alli’s head, and it hit home, before bouncing off and onto the ground. What damage this had done was hard to tell, but I have no doubt that he felt the full force of that bottle. Now a search is on for the Arsenal shit who threw it. When identified he will be hauled over the coals and severely punished.

The bottle incident also caused an outburst of fighting between both sets of fans. Police and stewards took appropriate action to quell the disturbance. The Police were also using handheld recorders to capture the riots.

Finally, the whistle went, and our players went towards our supporters, and they both applauded each other. Then back to the showers to celebrate.

Before the visit of Santa Claus, we have one more match to go, and that will be a trip to Liverpool to face Everton. Not an easy match, but no games are easy nowadays. Fighting for honours means fighting everybody, and everybody wanting a slice of you.

To all those children out there waiting for a strange white-bearded old man in a red suit to come down your chimney, if you are not good or a supporter of another team then I will be I coming down that chimney instead of the bearded weirdo… so be good, and change your allegiance to success (if not already a Spurs supporters). Remember; success is spelt S.P.U.R.S… what does it sell? Spurs!!

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  1. We do not need alleged Spurs supporters stirring the pot.

    We need everyone to just shut up about Man Utd and concentrate on Spurs winning their games, and thereby winning trophies.


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