Vincent has the world against him, but is he really that bad?

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Dom Le Roy

Vincent Janssen can’t score if his life depended on it. His swivel shot was saved, his weird goalline tap in hit the bar, and he got subbed with half an hour left for our main man HARRY!!! As happy as the moment makes us it also brought out a lot of questions over Vincent Jannsen’s future at Spurs. While no spurs fan can say he doesn’t have potential, he is lacking that little bit of magic to get the ball over the line. Almost like dear old Bobby’s second coming. Great lad, great work ethic, No goals.

But here in lies my question, with Son slowly becoming a top goal scorer, do we really need Janssen to score as much. Now let me explain that statement before you get all angry. Son is effectively now the second choice behind Kane, and he has proved to be quite effective at it. As such this makes dear old Vince our third choice. And to have a third choice striker who can hold the ball up and get an assist or put in a penalty is really quite decent. Now he in no way justifies the amount we spent on him but as a 22-year-old, third choice I have to say he would not be the worst player to have.

Selling Janssen for say Andre Gray may seem good, but taking any young player into a new system involves giving them time to settle in. Also one has no idea how they may impact the dressing room and how hard they might be willing to work, especially knowing that they will not start most of the games. Vincent works hard, gets along with everyone and he always seems to be a moment away from exploding with goals. I don’t think we could ask for any more from the lad. So, as long as he isn’t spoiling the dressing room atmosphere I say let the lad keep trying, we have other options to get goals now.

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  1. Janssen, must be given more chances to play. He works hard and against Swansea he showed that he can open up defences with his passing.
    Don’t forget he is still young will only improve.
    If as we heard from Mr Pochetino that he doesn’t work hard enough at training then have him back on the practice field until he is up to speed.
    I really do thainak he will come good so please give him longer at Spurs

  2. Very well said. We’ve had players just a couple of seasons ago that a lot of us were slating and wanted to get rid, ie. Walker, Rose, Dembele, Son to name a few. Now look at them. Vinny shows more potential than any of these ever did at an early stage, and the other players seem to like him. Just look at when he scored his first goal from open play, everyone was there to congratulate him. I’ve always liked him and I know he will come good just like all the others did. I’m just hoping he gets his chance, like others before him to shine. COYS

  3. I would like to keep him for one more year give him another pre season. I believe he will come good , just as Lamela, i stand behind the team. I would love to ser him play alongside Kane øke day ser how they link up.

  4. I have been saying for weeks that his confidence has been shattered by all the negative comments. With confidence he could be a real handful and we need to stick with him for at least another season. Other Spurs players have found themselves in a similar position and are now fantastic players.


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