We were up for it, despite criticism

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Some have argued that because of the team selection we weren’t up for it. On the contrary, we were focused and wanted to win both competitions. In the first failed attempt (against Chelsea) we ended with a draw over two legs and it was only the penalty lotto that did it for us. But we were that close to getting to the final. The idiots who say otherwise haven’t got a clue.

As for the match against Palace, we had 72% of the possession, and if it weren’t for a well-structured Palace team, we would have won at Selhurst Park. Don’t forget that Palace beat City and battled vigorously with Liverpool and only narrowly lost. We are not talking about a crap team here, but a team that have been unfortunate in some areas, and dynamic in others.

The arguments about Christian Eriksen not playing are neither here nor there. Whatever the reasons why a player didn’t play/ was absent is irrelevant. We have the capability within the team to manage any situation.

As for why Gazzaniga played instead of Lloris, well, because he is a future prospect and a capable one at that. We mustn’t also forget our injured and Son being on other duties (who will return shortly).
No, that team out there was skilled enough to take over those that were dropped or injured. At the end of the day, it was the luck of the draw that they won it and we lost.

Trippier missing the penalty could have happened to anybody, and of course, if he had scored, it might have changed things. But a lot of “ifs”.

I know what you are thinking: We have lost three of our past four games in all competitions – as many as in our previous 22 games combined. And yes, excluding shootouts, Kieran Trippier became the first Spurs player to miss an FA Cup penalty since Tom Huddlestone in February 2010 against Bolton. We have only failed to score in two of our past 21 FA Cup matches – both against Crystal Palace. But that is by-the-by; we fought hard to win and were unlucky. As I said, we had 72% of the possession, doesn’t that tell you something? On another day, with the same players we could have beaten Palace and Trippier would have scored the penalty.

So now we move on. There is no good crying over spilt juice, we brush ourselves off and concentrate on the League and this week we’ve got two home games in quick succession: Watford and Newcastle. Over Tuesday and Wednesday City travel to Newcastle, Chelsea play Bournemouth, Man United are at home to Burnley, while Liverpool face Leicester City. Then at the weekend, Chelsea take on doomed Huddersfield, Leicester face United, while City take on Arsenal (also knocked out of the FA Cup). Then on Monday the Hammers (those that were knocked out of the FA Cup by Wimbledon FC) face Liverpool. We could see some surprise results, while we steadily ascend, looking downwards to those that are falling away, while also steadily chipping away at those above us. Then you will all be asking; what FA Cup or what Micky Mouse tournament? How easy we’ll forget once we face new challenges.

Once one obstacle is in our path, we sidestep it and trample the one after.

The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in our power, and that is where we must focus. There is an old saying “if you clutch your testicles with an iron grip and make a wish then that wish might come true… if that doesn’t work then the tears in your eyes will make you forget past calamities”.

After the match our heads dropped, but as Pochettino said: “our team are doing well”. We are still flying high in two of the most important competitions. Look forward, not back.

Remember that famous quote from one of Tottenham’s prominent supporters, yes, you’ve guessed it, Mother Theresa: “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
So, I hope I’ve cheered you all up, now we look forward and to the Watford game at our second most famous home.

Before I started writing, I was down – like all Spurs supporters – but once I started writing and read back what I wrote, even I was lifted.

Now let us get the drums out and beat it to the tune of our up and coming victories, and maybe a surprise or two to end our season with. And don’t forget our new stadium… oh, what it is to be a Spurs supporter!
Remember what Bill Nicholson famously said: “It’s been my life, Tottenham Hotspur and I love the club.”

Only true fans can echo these words, as it runs through our veins.

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