A well-earned victory at London Stadium

Image: SpursWeb

West Ham v Tottenham Sat 23/09/2017 KO 12.30

I had a little bit of banter on Friday afternoon with a work colleague who is a West Ham supporter about who would have the bragging rights on Monday morning.

He was very confident they would not actually lose the game in fact he said that they would win the game 2-1.  I was very confident Spurs would win (just had this feeling) and I said Spurs owed West Ham one for last year, because lets be fair West Ham only turn up twice a year when they play the Spurs.

I am not sure what game people were watching, but until the sending off Spurs never looked in trouble.  Spurs were in my opinion, in complete control and were cruising when 0-3 up, and it could have been a few more.

Then the sending off with around 20 mins to go, Aurier’s performance I thought was a little erratic up to sending off, whether or not it was nerves, first premier league game, wanting to impress, he was definitely pumped up, but he showed strength throughout was on the front foot all the time, (awesome signing in my opinion).

However when they scored, I started to think here we go again. If there is one team capable of giving up a 0-3 lead it is defiantly Spurs.

OMG, I was pacing the floor, heart was popping out of my shirt, what a last 20 mins.  Thankfully we held on and in my opinion a well-deserved victory.

That is three away wins so far in the league, Newcastle Everton and West Ham, we need to keep this going because I do feel that Wembley will be massive problem for us this season.

Huddersfield up next away in the league following tomorrow’s Champions League match, COYS COYS COYS COYS COYS.

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