Wembley Woes At it again

Image: SpursWeb

Spurs v Barnsley – Wembley 19/09/2017 KO 20.00

 When you thought things could not get any worse, after the  Swansea  game, up pops Barnsley, from  nowhere and stifles the living daylights out of the Spurs,

I am in no way saying Barnsley were there to make up the numbers, far from it they were tenacious, dogged, up for it, they wanted it more than we did, they  rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in to Spurs and we did not like it at all.

I could not believe what I was watching multi-million pound team at the top table for the last 2 seasons and in my opinion took to the field with an arrogance, and a mindset that said to me we only have to take to the pitch here and we will beat this lot, Barnsley, well how wrong can you be how wrong were they, but  maybe just maybe it is the kick up the backside that Spurs need because we are going to struggle big time at Wembley if we do not start to buck up our ideas

The majority of people in life fight everyday to survive, as we all know nothing is handed to you on a plate, you/ we all have to work at what we do.

But really my beloved Spurs walking around in a daze yes 70% of the ball, doing what with it? Trying our hardest to Pass the grass off the surface, it is all well and good if you are 2 or 3 up by all means keep the ball, but not if you are struggling to get shots on target, not if passes are wayward how many times did we try to knock a high ball in to the new 6 foot plus striker we bought, really

Come on you Spurs get it sorted, lets get together and sort this out once and for all.


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