West Ham and revenge in the Cup!

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First of all, before I go into our match against West Ham in the Carabao Cup, and West Ham themselves, I want to comment on a reply to my article on SpursWeb by anonymous Dave. He commented on my “silly mistake”, “There is no way it is going to be ready [the ground] by January. According to authoritive [sic] reports by the chief sportswriter of the Daily Mail they have already invoked plans to stay at Wembley until the end of the season. They would have known this several years go [sic].”

Well, the chief sports writer at the Daily Mail is just speculating, I on the other hand work within Tottenham Hotspur FC company and I can tell you that the plan is to open at the beginning of 2019. If there are changes to that, then the club will notify the media. It has always been the intent of the club to open at the beginning of the 2018/19 season. If they had known “this several years [ago]” then Daniel Levy certainly wouldn’t have told the world that he/ they planned to open when they said they would, if it wasn’t true. Press are jobbing writers, and if they can’t get beyond the wall of silence then they speculate to get a story out (that is their job, to sell papers, not correctly inform the public).

So, we got through League Cup competition and beat, or took revenge, on West Ham for knocking us out of the same competition last season. A competition no decent manager wanted (unless he got to the final).
We did it on their ground… revenge is sweet when it is one of the London clubs. This was our second victory over the Spammers within a couple of days. OK, not as impressive as if we had beaten one of the top four (two of them have beaten us so far), but if we can grind out results against teams below the top four, and the top four knock each other around a bit, we might get somewhere. Liverpool and City have done us a lot of damage, and we’ve still got Arsenal and Chelsea to go. We must try to get a result from both those two games (four, if you count home and away, of course, we still have face City and Liverpool on their grounds; maybe a reversal in results?).

I don’t know what to make of our team at the moment. When watching them we can witness moments of total control and brilliance, then the cockiness sets in, and we allow the opposing team to slither through us.
This cup match was a surprise as I thought we might throw it away. I actually predicted a draw and then a penalty shootout. Only one player from the City game ended up playing in this game, and that was Sanchez. Nevertheless, we ended up getting the result we wanted and going through. Maybe Pochettino can learn lessons from this match and what he had put out in the City game. He needs to put his other Worzel Gummidge thinking head on and get a grip with the squad. It is no good Real Madrid lurking at the background as Levy won’t let Pochettio go… If he did, he would want his pound of flesh and much more (in other words, roast their chestnuts, then chopped and put in dumpling stew… the speciality of aborigines I believe).

We’ve been at our ground – WHL – since the late 1800s. Now the time has come to move on and into a purposely built stadium for the 21st century.

As for West Ham’s stadium: the boys from West Ham are from that part of London (East Ham), that is what they wear on their chest (as we wear Tottenham’s proud heritage – North London – on our chest). It can’t be any other way. It is in one’s blood. Stratford isn’t West Ham, it is over a mile by car, a lot longer by Shanks’s Pony. It isn’t right. Now they are saying it is their home, a bit like calling shite flowers, with the same sent wafting towards one’s nose. Now they are starting to be called the “nowhere boys”. If they were a horse a good vet would have put them down by now (a humane thing to do).

I hear rumours that Sullivan, Gold and Brady have sent out search teams so that they can get people in to fill their (or not theirs) stadium. If they resist then they are stripped, brainwashed, their boots cemented into the stadium floor and then are made to stay there until the game has finished. Worse than waterboarding they say. If not true, then they must be sadomasochists (have you watched West Ham lately?).

Good god, isn’t that spooky? Anyway, we’ve passed the West Ham hurdle in the land of Hansel and Gretel and now move on to Arsenal in more adventures of Micky Mouse’s competition of unwanted challengers in the pursuit of forced trophy hunting (all done in the best possible taste☺)

So, that is me finished for now (thank god!). Humour added, fun taken and now we move on to something completely different (as Monty Python would say).

A song for the West Ham boys

#They’ve become real nowhere men, Sitting in their nowhere stadium, Making all their nowhere plans for nobody, They don’t have a point of view, Knows not where they’re going to, eventually won’t know where they’ve come from. Isn’t that a West Ham fan, a nowhere man.#

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