What next for Tottenham Hotspur?

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Dom Le Roy

The days are counting down to the final conclusion of our (that is Spurs) season. That will be against Aston Villa at White Hart Lane on Sunday. If we win or draw we will finish 6th. This is thanks to United’s bad season. Not through our own capabilities. If we should lose and United win their last game (Southampton away) then they will leap frog us. Simples!

Our season started off so bright. Spending £100,000,000; we sold Elvis to buy the Beatles (who turned out not to be the genuine thing, but donkey Beatles; the bootleg variety). In the process and a few months in from the start of the season we then sacked our manager and replaced him with a greenhorn. You couldn’t make it up without being accused of being an Arsenal supporter on speed. Aliens from another world would think that a conspiracy was afoot by the owners to destabilise our great club and its traditions. But heavens above, that would be silly! There are no aliens. Just disgruntled Spurs fans.

Struggling Villa will come to White Hart Lane and throw everything at us while we just do what we have done all season; confusion and hope for the best without any real direction.

Whatever the result this will be a sorry ending to a season that had so much potential and hope and ended in calamity. Were we fooling ourselves to expect anything else? Look at our history in the Premier league; in our first season we finished 8th. With United taking the top spot followed by Villa, Norwich and Blackburn. In the 21 years of its existence we managed to finish just 4th twice; 2009/10 & 2011/12. That was under the management of ‘Arry Redknapp. For his efforts we sacked him and replaced him with AVB. We gave him a season and a half and decided he must go and he was then replaced by a rookie. That rookie will probably take Spurs to 6th or 7th placing. You couldn’t make it up, could you?

So what for next season? Actually we, the fans, don’t know because we are told nothing (other than empty promises). Rookie Sherwood could still be here leading us to nothing again next season as well. Most, if not all, top clubs put well-known trusted/ experienced managers in charge. We put a rookie in charge. But to be fair we are not actually a top club (yet); that is in the same league as teams like United, City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. And should we include Everton in that as they are above is? With a manager that has only been in charge for one season.

After the rescue of our club by Sugar, from near oblivion, he then passed the baton on to ENIC/ Levy who promised or hinted on so much. A great team with money to spend and a stadium to go with those ambitions. So far we’ve got neither, even though we were promised both will be just around the corner.

So Spurs will enter next season with the same hopes as the previous 21 years. Until then we’ve got Sherwood and his Spurs facing Aston Villa. This will be followed by Spurs v Ledley King XI in a Testimonial. At least Spurs should beat aging Spurs old-boys; or will they? Nothing should be taken for granted when discussing our team. Anyway, once that testimonial is over our thoughts are to season 2014/5. It is then that we start dreaming of miracles, hopes, aspirations and the hand of God playing apart in our destiny. While teams of the calibre of United, City et al dream, if not winning the league, then at least being in the top 4 for a European Champions league position. Oh, the joys and tribulations of being a Spurs fans with ambitions for their club!


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