What now for Spurs?

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The Premier League table reading before the City game showed that we were in fifth place, at the end of the City game we are still in 5th place. Then we were two points behind City, now we are five points behind them. The pack (City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal) are breaking away from us. At the same time, those beneath us are catching up fast, including United.

So, there you have it. I was on a high before the match and now I, along with all Spurs supporters, feeling thoroughly p*ssed off. First, the stadium, then Champions League football, then back to the stadium (or not, at least until next year). What next for us?

Pochettino didn’t look happy as I observed him at the dugout.

HE didn’t look happy! For Christ sake, just imagine how the rest of us felt. I am talking six minutes after the ball was kicked, and then it gradually got more frustrating as the game went along.

Injury wise we weren’t in a bad position. After the last couple of seasons, constantly straddling many hopes, we seem to come down with a bump. Not a pregnant bump, but more of a rubber bouncing one.

One of the explanations could be that Pochettino is weighing up other options? The manager of Real Madrid has been sacked, so there is an opening. Or was he feeling a lack of activity – putting it mildly – in the summer transfer window, like a bulldozer smashing his head a million times over and over (oh, that must hurt!!)? Or has he reached his limits and is totally confused as to what to do next? Have expectations been too much for him? So many questions, coupled with such poor going on’s on throughout the club.

As for us Spurs fans, we are being very patient. Saying that, last nights attendance was abysmal for a Wembley/ City highlight game. Just 56 odd thousand turned up.

This week we’ve got West Ham in the cup and Wolves in the league, neither at Wembley. Next week we take on PSV Eindhoven (home, if you can call Wembley home), and then a trip to South London to play Palace. A two-week break, for International football (so that our players can injured in a pointless exercise), then another big one in the shape of our old friends at Chelsea. And of course Chelsea seem to be on a role at the moment, and undefeated. Shall I go on (yes, why not)? This is followed by Inter, and that completes October and November. There is no point going into December, as you get my drift.
As for our performance, well, you saw it, they won and… yes. Pissed is the word.

It makes you wonder if we are just trying to limp on until the January window sales are here. But what could that achieve, if that were the case? Whoever we buy we would have to coach/ embed into the squad, if we do buy, that is.

As things stand at the moment – and I hope I am wrong – we ain’t going to get into the top four, we are going to be knocked out of the Champions League, Europa League football isn’t a cert, and the Cups could be just a pipe dream.

Pochettino is going to need all his skills to turn it around, at the same time the players need to pull their fingers out and get with it. Alli and others have signed a new contract, but that won’t mean anything if things go pear-shaped. It could be rats leaving a sinking ship.

But, as I said, I hope I am wrong. The above is the worse case scenario, the good case scenario would be we start going back to our winning ways and then up that greasy pole.

I had a long day yesterday, and it has become an even longer day today (just bloody writing it up, it just seems a repeat of the nightmare), where are the pills and alcohol to wash it all down with?

Next up, West Ham… that will test our humour and patience.

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  1. Please try to read through your work and eliminate your many mistakes before you post. Then your excellent points may have more impact. I visited the ground today. There is no way it is going to be ready by January. According to authoritive reports by the chief sportswriter of the Daily Mail they have already invoked plans to stay at Wembley until the end of the season. They would have known this several years go.


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