Where Did It Go Wrong For Tottenham?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

A season with so much promise, and no bite. After a summer of when will he leave we finally sold Gareth Bale for a record fee we left a transfer kitty in the hands of a well respected Director of football. We all thought we had finally signed a star striker in Soldado, who at the time was poised to sign for Liverpool. In Paulinho we bought a Brazilian that scored goals from midfield something we had lacked. Chadli on video evidence was a squad player that could score from set piece’s and Lamella was an unknown quantity that cost a record fee. The last piece of the jigsaw was Eriksen, again a player scouted by Liverpool and looked on course to sign for them until we stepped in.

A staggered start which included a 1-0 loss to Arsenal and a draw against Chelsea had Spurs looking good in the league. However fans were not convinced that AVB was getting it right tactically. The players were not clicking how he had hoped and then came the first in the Trilogy of derby games against West Ham. AVB got this wrong the team looked tired disorganized and I think this was the day that AVB started to lose even the most faithful fans. What followed in the next two months were two of the worst defeats I think many of us have seen in a long time. A six goal defeat at the hands of eventual champions and a five goal defeat to the runner ups. On the 16th December AVB was given the chop Villas-Boas left the club with the highest percentage of league wins of any manager in the club’s Premier League era.

Up stepped Tim Sherwood, a champion as a player and a well respected man at the club. Was he answer? In my opinion no, but he was a temporary solution. He installed a bit of fight back in the side, resurrected players AVB had sidelined and changed the formation. Constantly dogged by different names apparently taking his job at the end of the season it must have affected Sherwood, yet today at the end of the season Sherwood manged to deliver a sixth place finish and the Europa League.

So what next…………

For me we need to sensible how we move forward, we need to be realistic we are not going to get a manager from a top club. The only candidates we are going to be able to look at are unemployed and managers at clubs lesser than our own. I do think we need to look at De Boer, because its not just the manager its the whole philosophy of football. He was brought up on a style of football, a style that as Spurs fans we want at the lane. However this philosophy will be employed at the lowest levels at Spurs. This means we need to enter a new project, it might not have immediate results, but we as fans would need to have patience. I look at Liverpool and I was one of the people that thought Rodgers was a bad manager that had got lucky. I was wrong. It wont be easy next season but lets hope Levy looks at the bigger picture, not just the manager but the experience that comes with De Boer.

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  1. It goes wrong for Tottenham because we don't allow the manager to employ his own players, we don't pay high enough salaries to attract the best players and in general we are now seen as a club floundering along claiming it wants to be in the elite and is not doing enough to get there, we are now in a very worrying situation because players will be very wary of joining us as they are beginning to see us as serial failures, and anything we do sign will be unfancied by the top 4, ok clubs do make errors and a few do escape the net but the world of Football has never been smaller and we are very much a club firmly on the second tier of English Football and I suggest we stop all this nonsense of top 4 , and start looking at the great big void beneath us because we are now in the perilous situation of being a feeder club and hanging on to top talent is a massive task, ENIC dig deep or clear off your philosophy really has taken us as far as it can. the line in the sand is Lloris, if he goes and we aim for a Krul then we are sending out all the wrong signals once again.. we all know this deep down, but only a few are prepared to admit it !!!!!

    Sherwood love him or hate him has said plenty, and most of it correct, "top 4 ? some people are indeed kidding themselves "

    • Timbo also said “If I had started the season, we would have been in the Champions League.”

      A man for all occasions………. poor old Brighton……


  3. A decent reflection of the season. However, i am getting very annoyed about De Boer being touted as the next manager of our great club! My reasoning is relatively simple: he did not implement the youth set up at the club, he inherited it! The style of football engraved into his clubs history has not changed under his guidance, he has just maintained a standard. The standard of football in the Dutch league and the level of competition is nowhere near that of the premiership. Finally, the man clearly lacks any sort of class given his recent very public comments about the prospect of our managers position!!!
    I believe that if there is no real prospect of genuinely seasoned and proven managerial appointment in the near future (and i struggle to think of anyone who fits the bill) then why not let Sherwood continue (with ledley brought in as assistant coach/youth development)

    • I agree with Bigsy29 and Druster.

      We had probably the 7th best squad of the top 7 (Man City, Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton) – fullbacks, available CBs, available wingers, have been below the quality of the other teams – compare Naughton+Rose to the other teams, they haven’t had the same defensive solidity nor attacking threat as those other sides, and we’ve also lacked available wingers to supply into the box. 6th is an over-achievement. I think Sherwood has done an awesome job with the resources he’s had.

  4. Just looking through some of my comments on the forum, bloody hell how they laughed when I said Moyes would be sacked, Luke Shaw wouldn't go to United, Van Gaal they said would be at Spurs for sure and never United,

    Happy Days, good old banter and arguments aplenty, been at Spurs seen it and done it, this club will never change, too many muppet fans who think we will suddenly be the club of 61 again, w*nk outfit we are and always will be

  5. Hell of a lot stayed with AVB home -away he never got blamed for EVERTHING LIKE YOU twats that write it all the time Tactics some of our football was excellant away at home teams came to defend 10men behind the ball they were scared of us or didnt you see this ,when we played Cpalace at their ground they got 10 behind the ball hit us on the break at ours THEY OUTPLAYED us not scared attack us ,Under AVB we controlled games did you go to Everton completely outplayed them first half sec even WE COULDNT SCORE THAT WAS OUR BLOODY PROBLEM in a lot of games
    Just like to know how much you may know about spurs This thing with AVB, on it seems the editors follow the party line of talkshite ,sky and the papers anti AVB from day 1 How many goals did we lose by at whl to man city, how many to the chavs at wembley THAT WAS BLOODY EMBARRASSING was you up at man city 2 bad mistakes from lloris in first fifteen hit the post was in the game then player sent off cock -up follows cockup against lLiverpool lots of injuries Copue at c/h player sent off and daws addmitted to gung ho all forgotten ,so now what about Chavs 4-0,Liverpool 4-0 man city 5-1he picked these teams was u at THESE GAMES that was BLOODY EMBARRASSING AGAIN OH I FORGOT arse twice both crap/embarrassing /completely outplayed in the cup what ever you like
    Resurrected players one ADY the biggest pain in the arse who took a month to come back from the ANCup then we had to go and get him !!! Bentalab at the moment very young and inexperienced who else Erickson who started of well faded played some more faded it was getting use to the premiership so who bloody else NO ONE ,AND THE FORMATION hasn't really affected the way we play
    Harry Kane at this moment is a championship player at best Sherwood pref: not mine

  6. For once, Spurs need to have patience and stick with Sherwood. He came in, steadied the ship with a team of new faces and got us into Europe. Not bad for 4 months in the job. Levy needs to give Sherwood a proper contract which doesn't undermine him, like the present one does. Back him with transfer budget and early dealings which allow him a proper, full pre-season. Sherwood is doing a good job and is showing potential. Pochettino is a step backwards.

  7. Spurs need rebuilding. The mediocre players should go and better ones brought in. Sherwood did his best with the players available. It is not him but rather the players who let us down for their lack of commitment and wrong mental approach to each and every game who are to blame.. I think there is no harm done in giving Sherwood another season as Manager. Changing Managers too frequently is not psychologically good for the team unless one is absolutely useless, of course.

    • John you are of course correct, but the issue with your comment is 'Bringing better players in' , I entirely agree with you but how do you bring better players in without the following statements applying ?

      1. Better players demand better salaries and ENIC won't pay better wages.
      2. Promising talent moves on for better Football and better salaries.
      3. Buying from anyone above us keeps us further behind the top 4.
      4. A disjointed recruitment policy at Spurs means we have no formula or method or indeed sole purchaser of players.
      5. We have 3 or 4 men over seeing team affairs in senior roles at the club, confusion indeed.

  8. Disagree with just about everyone. Step one is to let Sherwood go. Step two is to hold on to Lloris. Three is to find a left side full back. After that it’s nowhere near as bad as you all seem to think. Benitez, De Boer or Ponchinetto are all fine, and a substantial step up from the tactical man-child we currently have in place, that is step four. But step five is the most important one of all: whoever we get, we need to keep. We don’t progress because we start from scratch every single season. We need the stability of a manager with an attachment to the players, and them to him, and both to the club, and if you keep on firing or selling the best you have that is never going to happen.

    This year was a mess because the management of the club is a mess.

  9. All is said, but the bottom line is Levy does not invest in January, which cost us the last 3 years. ENIC is in over their head, we have a Billionaire owner who doesn’t invest in the team.

  10. Having watched a lot of games over the past few seasons I can honestly say that many of our issues stem from the emergence of Gareth Bale. Prior to his sale we became a team that relied on him to score. As a result of his sale we were left with a group of players that had simply forgot how to play with/for one another. We then added another 7 to the mix and we became a team of strangers (26 strangers). To be honest this season was always destined to be a write off. 6th place is a bit of a result!

    Do we need massive change this summer? No!! We need to sell four or five central midfielders and bring in one or two left sided players.

    Above all we need to establish a best 11!!! Something that has not been obvious for some time!!!

  11. If Timbo stays – player exodus

    If Levy drags his feet – player exodus

    With LVG going to united the only chance we have of keeping our best players is FDB – but why would he come to Spurs?

    Levy and ENIC – the window of opportunity has gone, the boat has sailed – you missed your chance. You don’t have any money left. My fear is you will have to sell, sell and sell to get the stadium built and then they you will cash in. It’s business first and football second aint it…

    • entirely agree and that would be so Daniel Levy and to hell with the fans, absolutely think this is our biggest fear now as fans, let's be honest Joe Lewis is reportedly worth 4.2 billion, and his net investment each season is an average of 700k , now correct me if I am wrong but that is 1/6000 th of his personal fortune. that is the equivalent of you and I chucking in £10 a month, I am sorry but we need more than that invested on the pitch, you cannot include all of the stadia and training ground upgrades as that is not dead money and will go in his back pocket when we are sold by ENIC, so what is this so called Billionaire Spurs fan actually giving us as a fan ?


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