Who do we want next at our club?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Who do we want to grace our magnificent stadium next? Who should we buy? Could it be Ndombele, Ryan Sessegnon or Grealish or even Maddison or then again what about  Uncle Tom Cobley… why not, and while we are at, it let us throw in Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. 

The wonderful Spurs fans’ have their own shopping list, and if Daniel Levy doesn’t buy, then we’ll have the next round of abuse directed at him. “Put your hands in your pockets,” they will shout. “Splash the cash and let the cobwebs escape the purse dungeons”. Or even, “I will make love to your chihuahua Mrs Levy if your husband strengthens the team”. Oh, the humour… where do they get it from?  But whatever the fans want, shout or promise it will probably be – mostly – pie in the sky.

Daniel Levy and Pochettino will have a wish list of a certain amount of players they would like to grace our stadium. But that doesn’t mean we will get them. Will the player want to come? Will we be able to pay as much as one of the other top four clubs would pay (while we are paying of our debt)? If we do get somebody, they could be hijacked as the negotiants are going through, as we had done on numerous occasions. Nothing is inevitable in the world of football, apart from taxes, VD, billionaires and death (and not necessarily in that order!).

A lot of speculation is started by the press. They pick who they think would be ideal for us, from an odd whisper here, or there, which will give them column inches in their daily rag. Then the next day comes, and they’ve got another name to throw at the hungry mouths (all like baby chicks squabbling over that piece of morsel). All eager to gobble them up. It is a game all sides love partaking in, but the reality is, it is just a game. Last season we waited, gobbled up every piece of information and then waited as the seconds ticked by to the Transfer window deadline closing, only to find that we’ve bought that magical player Mr invisible-nobody. Then the mixed response is thrown left, right and centre. Luckily for us, or is that lucky for Pochettino and Levy, we had a reasonably good season (albeit no trophies), and a final place in one of the biggest competitions in the world. We were lucky. We were lucky we didn’t drop below 4th spot, and we were lucky to get to a Final. But luck will only do so much for you. The current batch have gone as far as they can, and it has now come for us to refresh, renew and build on the success so far (if you can call another season without trophies a success?).

I don’t like speculating as I know I will be disappointed. It is a bit like Daddy Christmas coming down the chimney, a chimney we haven’t got, to surprise us withing some crap or other. We might as well just wait and see and hope that what Daddy Levy-Christmas brings us is going to help us win all the trophies that are currently available to us. And if that happens, with his wise purchases, then no doubt we will replace God with God Levy and erect statues all over North London and have daily prayer meeting extolling the virtues of our new God (and remember, God backwards is dog… and what do you get from dogs? Yes, you’ve got it, fleas).

So, will that stop you speculating? Like hell, it will. Transfer windows, Daily papers, footballing apps and god knows what else are there to occupy the bored football fans minds (until the season starts). Will we get what we want? I doubt it… but I am sure we will get someone, a someone who will give us a bunk up that will help us up that greasy pole, I am up for anything.

Eventually, our dreams will come true. I am a child of the double season and beyond. Every year I dream that dream, and every year I get a few knockbacks… but that never dampens my enthusiasm as I am Spurs, it is in my blood, my DNA… we hope, we pray, and eventually, all those one dreams (added up) will come true. I know… I read it in the tea leaves.

By the way: I do fancy Ndombele, Ryan Sessegnon and one or two others… what is the odds of getting them? Worth a fiver?

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  1. Ndombele is necessary to replace Dembele. Lo Celso is a real penetrative goalscoring midfield in possession dynamo. The combinations of those 2 mixing it up with Sissoko and Winks would really be something next season. Lo Celso would also offer us something in midfield that has really been absent through the poch era so far (just through the players we’ve had) and that is real goal threat from central midfield.

    With Trippier looking like leaving, Auriers fitness being less than reliable and Wan Bissaka going to Man U, I think Max Aarons will be the most likely right back to come in.

    The question of Eriksen and Toby is huge. I am really hoping Toby extends when he sees the re enforcements arrive. Eriksen Im not so sure he wants to be with us anymore and have suspected his head was turned since February. In a dream world I would love to see Jadon Sancho replace Eriksen and form an almost all English attack (I also think Deles presence and Sancho wanting a London return would be a big plus for us). I would take Hakim Ziyech and Rodrigo De Paul to replace Eriksen.


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