Who’s the brains behind our poor season – Levy or Baldini?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Here we are again another season reaching its climax and once more we are witnessing our spurs side with nothing to play for other than possibly another Europa League position, if we’re lucky enough to go on a half decent run and perhaps finish above Man Utd in 6th place, which should give us an automatic spot because Man City won the Capital One cup. At the moment even that seems a million miles away considering our recent hopeless performances.

What I would like to make a point of here and which I know so many other spurs supporters are asking the same questions are the following, who is responsible for making such poor decisions that simply never made sense, how is it that we all knew that once BAE was shipped out on loan we needed a decent left back because Danny Rose is simply not premiership quality, no one was bought in and we have been struggling all season in that position, Vertonghen tried and failed, Naughton tried and failed, Fryers just not good enough.  So who were the brains behind that decision I ask?

In great hope and anticipation we all thought we were on to a special home grown CB in Caulker who can defend and even score a goal with his head (no one else can in this team), but no, someone inside thought he wasn’t good enough, and sold him for a reported 9 million pounds. Now if some reports doing their rounds are true, we want him back, and would have to pay in excess of 15million pound,  so who were the brains behind that I ask?

Now we all knew months before the January transfer window that Defoe was on his way to Toronto, we also knew that it’s just not happening for Soldado this season and we all know that we never know what to expect from Adebayor, yet no decision was ever made to bring someone else in during the January transfer window.

We want some answers and we want to know who is responsible for these terrible poor decisions, for what has cost us a season of false hopes, and if it’s not enough that we are in desperate need to fill those positions, it now look like we are going to need a new goalkeeper because Lloris has had his head turned by PSG and a new CB because Vertonghen is a glory hunter.

Now if it’s Mr Levy taking these decisions, then he has to back away with immediate effect, for all my respect for Daniel and I do have a lot of that for him, because he has taken the club forward with numerous investments, he should stick to what he knows best. As for Franco Baldini, he should have gone before AVB.

So that’s five new players and a new manager who can hopefully make the best decisions for the club, who do you think should be our manager next season?


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  1. I would think with the exception of Defoe ,the other decisions were avb's,he was the bloody useless so called manager at thetime.

    • Funny that sherwood has made so many poor decisions and made us a worse side but none of the avb out crew jump on sherwood's back. You lot got what you asked for this is the outcome.

  2. Roma were upset to see Lamela go (he will be a star for us in seasons to come) but they were over the moon to get rid of The clown Baldini. Look at how well they are doing now he has gone versus the shambles they were with him…. Kick the twat out now

  3. This year expectation was raised because we spent in excess of £100million on what was believed to be top quality players. We are over subscribed in midfield with players but no cover for defenders and attackers. When all said and done the manager should have the final say on who he wants. Let's face it he's the one that takes the grief and ultimately get the sack. But saying that as director of football surely he should be advising the manager of weaknesses the squad may have. It's easy to blame the chairman and don't get me wrong he hasn't got away with it, it's one thing bringing in a director of football who probably comes with glowing references but to ignore basic fundamentals that in a squad we need proper cover in all positions. Particularly we needed a left back as Rose is not a premier player in any sense of the word. I question the decision of allowing a rookie manager take over a multimillion pound football club I realise other managers were probably approached and we were informed that nothing can happen until the end of the season, but why sack the manager without a genuine replacement.

  4. Agree with above, Levy has a director of football because he is not able or has the time to judge the qualities of a player, he therefore relies on his manager, if the manager then asks for players that Spurs cannot afford the DoF has to offer options to Levy and the manager, AVB asked for the Hulk and Mutinho, Spurs cannot afford their wages and the request was ridiculous, alternatives would have been presented by Baldini but AVB would have had the last word as apparently Sherwood did last window.
    The problems lie with Levy not picking the right man for the job, the transfer policy of buying young players with promise who are not experienced enough to take the game by the scruff of the neck on the pitch, as for DoF, Comolli bought in three gems and as far as I can see Baldini has done little wrong as the final decisions, football-wise, are left with the manager and his trainers. It wasn't Levy or Baldini who said Suarez couldn't play on his own up front that was the manager at the time and his trainers, apparently.
    The wrong man was picked as manager when there were better choices available, you are right about Levy stepping back from macro management especially as far as football decisions go. We need a manager with such a high reputation that only on the rarest occasions will anybody question their football decisions.

    • >”Spurs cannot afford their wages and the request was ridiculous”. Totally agree, however, how in the hell was this not agreed between Levy and AVB before AVB was appointed ?? It sounds like one told a porky to the other. Surely Levy would have asked AVB who his preferred transfer targets were (Moutinho, Hulk, Villa), Levy would have said to him, “No, we can’t afford their wages, do you still want to manage Spurs with alternative transfer targets”. AVBs reply must have been ” OK, fair enough, I’ll see what I can do with other players”. So its looks like Levy was sold on AVB’s promise of achieving Top 4 with the”alternative” players which Baldini found for him and the rest, as we all know, is history.

  5. Embarrassing! lack of goals is woeful mr levy paid £26.m on soldado 20+ goals top four goals glory! need fresh fire power replace kane defoe adebayor soldado bid for romelu lakaku domenico berardi christian benteke & m'baye niang goals galore! top 4. lift players spirits confidence club happy days.

    • Why do you want to slim down the squad? With our injury record and the cups. Champion teams have large squads.

      Can’t understand this obsession with a slimmed down squad.

  6. I want the answer to these questions and more. Why do we not have an alternative to Walker? Danny Rose is a weakness and teams exploit us down the left hand side, opening goal in three Arsenal games and Liverpool games are just three I could mention. The neglect of our defense has been criminal.

  7. Interesting post , it is obvious who is to blame for the shambles at Spurs at present ..the one and only Daniel Levy .He is responsible for employing Franco Baldini and also appointing AVB and Dim Tim . AVB was a clueless clown who relied on point point presentations and stupid team selections then after he is sacked Levy decides to appoint Tim Sherwood with no managerial experience and look at the mess we are in. Just glad we are not playing anymore teams above us as i cannot stand another thrashing. The football has been dire this season and the team looks clueless and are an embarasement to the club. No longer do we play the fast attacking entertaining football we used to have under Harry Rednap. There is also the questions of why did we not sign some players in the January transfer window look at Rose ..no way is he a premiership player . Daws is to slow and gets ripped apart by quality strikers, Naughton another player not at this grade , Lennon has been bloody awaful this season and looks like he does not care along with Verts . Really want this season to finish and for SPURS to appoint a quality manager who knows what he is doing otherwise we can suffer more years with Levy in charge. Baldini to go also

  8. Mr Levy is not a football minded man. He is a finance man and a property developer and the son-in-law of the clubs owner So he is not answerable to us simple Morons!!What do we know about anything????? Just take our money week in week out and let us vent our anger at the players and whoever Mr Levy takes in of the street to put him standing in the technical area on the pitch and give him the title "manager"That is the Mr D Levy that is working in the best interest of OUR club!!!! Please God somebody out there HELP!!!
    If you or I messed up once at our job we would be on a warning. If we messed up twice? Yes you have it! We are SACKED, SACKED bloodySACKED so when you cock up seven times in nine years as regards managers and bring in a man that almost destroyed Roma and put him in charge of selecting players for our club what does that tell you about the man at the helm of our ship??????? Roma have gone from strength to strength since they got rid of him. I just fail to see how football minded people are holding the players responsible for what's going on at the Lane. This whole sorrowful saga reminds me of the movie Kindergarten cop, absolute mayhem.

    • Whenever I think about Spurs this season and the players we signed I keep asking myself what was the game plan for the club. Who wrote it and what did it say about the style of football we would or need to play. The starting point for getting the Strategy right and therefore assemble a squad to achieve it is “What style of football must we play to win in the EPL”. It is clear to me that Brendon Rodgers of Liverpool had a question like that and hung onto those that fitted EG Suarez and got rid of the ones that did not EG Carroll. For our part we have Mr levy who will get us a new stadium but not a good team to play in it, Baldini who clearly did not understand the question in the first place and AVB who just went into a tail spin and agreed to signing anyone once Bale was on the move just to avoid anger from the fans. As a result we have a team that has no direction or understanding of what is required and players who are playing well below there abilities . This lack of direction is not so noticeable when playing teams that also lack coordination or are fighting tactical trench warfare to stay in the league, However when we come up against teams that do have a plan we get thrashed. As for Tim it does not matter if he stays in the stand or on the bench it is not going to make any difference. His team selection just emphasis that he is in the trenches like the rest of the strugglers. lets get back to basics get a plan that we can make work, make the tough calls and assemble a team of highly motivated players who “get It”

  9. The team played so poorly under AVB. He played the wrong formations when we play better with 2 upfront, especially at home. Soldado was always too far away from the ball as we never got enough players forward when we had the ball meaning we never created enough goal scoring chances. The unrest at the club has affected the players. You could see it in Vertongens body language in the Liverpool tunnel. But in saying that the players should still be prepared to give their heart and soul for the shirt. AVB is more to blame than anyone else. The club will continue to be around the bottom of the top half of the table when the manager is not allowed time in the chair and this will create inconsistency. What's the answer? I think the players we bought last summer will come right next season under the right manager. Who that will be I don't know. Whoever it is I think the chairman needs to look at how he currently sends his teams out and see if it fits the Tottenham way where there is plenty of attack with a solid defensive line. I think with the current players we have we can have that. There are a couple who have had their time so need to go so maybe a couple of decent signings to fill the gaps. I agree about Dawson, when he played along side King he was great. Lennon no longer has anything to offer. I'm not convinced that Levy loves the club, he never seems to be smiling when at games. Maybe we need a "fan" in this position. Like most fans I am tired of seasons of mediocrity and not regularly challenging for honours. Its our turn to be up there challenging for the title and cups and to do that we need that consistency, especially in that managers chair. When was the last time we had a manager appointed for more than 2 seasons? With consistency comes trust and confidence. The fans deserve more.

  10. sherwood will go on to be a good english manager unfortunatly it wont be at spurs because levy gets bored to easily.spurs have got the makings of a good midfeid that a gonna click soon and we dont need 2 strikers when ades up front he that good,

    • lol short memory we'll see if we don't need 2 strikers up top when he slips back into his can't be bothered routine like last season.

  11. i honestly believe we need to not qualify to Europa, this team needs time off from competition away from England and focus solely on BPL. We need a manager who not only has experience winning, but knows what the hell he is doing. i like TS but he needs some seasoning, he needs to either work his way up and take a stab at another PL team that is looking to start from ground zero. If we are "planning" on this new stadium to be the new face of THFC and become a top team in Europe, then guess what, we need a damn good manager that will take us there, Sherwood is not the answer, Van Gaal- better option- also a manager that attracts top players. I am not going to deny being excited about the players we brought in last summer but I was also concerned about spending all that money at one and expecting immediate results, especially when none of the players ever played PL football. i EAT my words now since of course it has been a kick in the ass because it didn't work and it won't work until either: 1- we get a manager that can inspire these lads to step up, 2-ship them out to other teams and consider other alternatives or 3- provide some playing time to all and see what they are made of, i use this in reference to Lamela. I truly think the guy has something to offer but AVB did no justice to him and it is hard to prove yourself if no chance is given. in all reality we need Baldini gone, he is worthless and yes ROMA was ecstatic when he left, look how that turned out for them…. he needs to be shipped out, along with TS and company, restructure the whole team, we know Jan and Lloris are gone, yes it sucks big time but you can't blame them. Dawson is done being a starter and honestly not sure he really can handle playing more than 20 minutes, Chiriches can step up if challenged to gain some muscle and become more aggressive and less scared, Walker should be the one we build around, yes he has issues but it is hard to find a RB that is quick, aggressive and challenges up-front. out on LB we need a Luke Shaw, yes Southhampton won't let him go for cheap but why not try, the Kid is amazing and he can be the LB we have been looking for, and if you rather want someone experienced, let's look at Real, Fabio C. is not playing often and he still got it and he would welcome a move to PL for a starting job. in CB we got some internal options that would work if they are challenged to improve and have better coaching to motivate them. I REALLY dislike the fact that Capoue is not playing (i know injury) but he really helps a lot in the middle and if given the playing time, he can become the answered prayer we need to stop attackers in the middle. Mousa and Gilfy are both strong and attack minded, both need some direction but could become great duo if coached properly. Christian and Erik both could be tremendous wingers, I have seen enough from #23 that i truly believe his ability to find room can be used in the wings, Lamela has proven (in ROMA) what he can do, so no question there…again if given the playing time. Up front we need to get rid of Soldado and Adebayor…. and it hurts me to say it bc I am an ADE fan. inconsistency is not what we need up there, we need attackers that fight for the ball and not watch it go by or just wait until midfield does something to recover the ball…. shit pisses me off…..I have supported the idea of getting Carroll from WHU, i think his aggressiveness is what we need up front and he can become a top scorer if he is with a winning club. Harry Kane would be a great one to keep tabs on, he is very talented and if we keep giving him playing time like today, this lad can be a surprising star. more option up front are available i know just sharing some thoughts…. last but not least, GK- Lloris is gone, believe me he won't miss out on the opportunity to go back home, especially to PSG-I also heard-read that Monaco is very interested in giving PSG a run for their money for his services so count him out. No worries there, I honestly we need to be looking at someone that is performing consistently, Kasper Schmeichel. this GK is just outstanding and if he does indeed have some of his dad's genes and skills in him, believe me, this is one talented lad we won't want to miss out on. He is tough on himself but only because he wants to succeed, he is tough on attackers and i seriously see him as a leader- our next captain perhaps. if this is indeed Lloris' last season at WHL, then I sure hope Levy and Co. take a serious look at Kasper.
    we can all dream but let's be honest, this season is done for and I truly hope we don't make Europa, we need time off to regroup, analyze 2014/2015 season and the goals (hopefully with new manager in hand) and plan for better performance next season.


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