Who was that world class team that played in white?


The whole team were excellent, and it would be unfair to single out any individual for preferential praise.

What I will do however, is say that finally, Eric Dier proved his worth in a Tottenham shirt. Along with many Spurs fans, I have been very critical of most of his performances this season, but last night, after starting in the midfield, then being moved to replace the injured Toby Anderwiereld, he was great!

Kieran Tripper stamped his name on the RB position, completing his defensive duties very well, but going forward he was superb.In particular 2 brilliant crosses in the first half, the first one whistled across the Madrid six-yard box, but the second one, was turned in by Dele Alli, for our first goal.

The whole team played with heart and passion, they showed both determination and aggression, but also wonderful creative skills, which together, were the undoing of the current European Champions.

As it has already been mentioned Spurs could have scored more, but that is purely academic, and I think it has been pointed out, to highlight the ‘ease’ in which Spurs defeated Real Madrid last night at Wembley.

Finally, I do feel that Daniel Levy should remove the policy of the ‘wage-cap’, to really deter some of our great players, from moving on to other teams for financial reasons.

So a performance and a result which will go down in the history of this great club, but more importantly it should act as a spring-board, to winning trophies in the very near future!

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