Worry, worry, worry

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

I know we are only a few weeks away from the new season, and although every year for the last 50 years i have looked forward to a new season, for the first time ever I am looking at the new season with dread, a season that before a ball is even kicked looks like a season of no hope and a season of total pessimism.

With all the teams ‘around us’ making excellent signings, as of today, we have still not signed anyone, and even with a couple of names being linked, they do not give a sense of satisfaction.

I know it was only a friendly against Seattle the other night, but our defence is a total and utter shambles.

Kyle Naughton, and Kyle Walker at right back, neither good enough (especially Naughton), Michael Dawson unfortunately is just not the player her was (that is upsetting), Danny Rose is also unfortunately not up to standard, and so on and so on.

Then up front, we continue to play Harry Kane, a player who is so sub-standard (and when you look at what the other teams have in attack), it’s an embarrassment. Aaron Lennon is now also well passed his best. Soldado will come good, you don’t become a bad player overnight, but Kane doesn’t even come out as even an ‘ok’ player. He would be good in the lower divisions, but is never a Premier League player.

To be honest, neither is Vlad, Chadli and a few others to mention.

Of course the only way we will get Champions League football is to win the Europa League, and i think we should go ‘all out’ to achieve that. And the reason:- lets face it, the chances of us being in the Top 4 are NIL, the chances of us finishing in the Top 6 is SLIM, and that is not just for this coming season, but unfortunately for a number of years to come.

Everything we do, is always ‘too late’. We have messed up on Transfers in the last few seasons, when we had a chance to do some good things, we start on a new stadium some 5 years too late, and to be honest, Daniel Levy must take the brunt of all our concerns.

I went to my first match at WHL in 1962, and have had my season ticket since 1974. Never before have i not looked forward to a season like i do this time. Instead of looking forward to Success, all i look forward to is Worry.

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  1. I understand your pessimism however I think we all need to take stock. If we can get some of our summer signings performing i.e lamela and soldado we can be strong if a couple of additional players are bought in. I don't think they can just suddenly become bad players and I believe we have a decent "coach"now

    • I think Noose it would be a good idea if you put a noose around your head. You are the Pathetic one, at least Cheeky has the balls to say it as it is.

      The problem with idiots like you noose is you cannot come up with anything constructive yourself. Thats why cheeky writes for the web and you dont. One word for you noose, PATHETIC

  2. what a negative post this is if you keep this up it really be easier if you could talk to someone about your feelings but dont post your negative garbage on here people like you should support QPR

  3. yeagh it's not looking we need that forward and centre back bony and any class centre back please buy a couple of players please

  4. So you've been a supporter for that long, and yet you seem to not understand the purpose of a friendly fixture? How spursy of you…

    • Or what it means to be a Spurs fan…I'm really exited about our future and hope we just play some good football this season. Poch has grown on me already and he can man manage.If Lamela comes good then…we could have our next Gazza. Forget Bale (force and power)…this kid has pure talent. If he comes good or not is another question but oh!boy if he does.

    • What an idiot you are Mc. I dont think Cheeky was just talking about 1 friendly, i have read all his articles over the years, and he has been proved right on 99.9% of the times. What he is saying is our defence and some of the players are very poor – and of course he is right. As he has said before, this has been going on for many years, not just one match. I wish people like you would read what people are saying, but perhaps you dont have the intelligence.

  5. It doesn’t say much for your support if you’ve thrown the towel in before the Season kicks off, yes others have strengthened and no doubt we will bring in a few but our main target is to re-invigorate the magnificent seven and Poch is the man by all accounts.

  6. Let’s not lynch the guy for having his doubts. I totally get it. Last season was exciting we signed all these ‘big names’ and frankly it was a bitter disappointment.

    Keep the faith though. A lot of these players will be better for what happened last season… with the exception of Capoue – who I really think lacks the pace and dynamism that Sandro brings to the DM role.

    Anyways, onwards and upwards. Ben Davies to sign in the coming days – I’m certain we will sign a CB and potentially a striker. Bony, Lukaku or Benteke would be nice.

    After a few seasons of being “nailed on top 4”, “definitely going to finish above Ars*nal” and “challenging for the title” it may benefit us that we can fly under the radar.



  7. No need for you to keep writing on a Spurs site. Your pessimism will be of no use to those of us with hope. To dream is to do!!! Remember?
    COYS!!! I will continue to support and dream at all costs!

  8. It was the fist game for a rusty team against a team in mid season form. It was also played on Astro Turf which most of the players would not be remotely used to. The Kane bashing is embarrassing. He's a young lad who's represented England at multiple levels and scored a few goals in his limited opportunities. I'd like to see him given a real chance but we're in the modern era of if he's not foreign and with a huge price tag he's crap. so..

  9. The bloke who wrote this is off he's nut just support the team wats all the fuss about top four anyway get better players well hasn't worked for the gunners coz they hav one trophy in ten years for being in top four I would rather win a cup every couple of years than worry about top four just support the team and hopefully we will hav some gud nights to cheer at

  10. You will get a game soon , must be better than you rate our players! 1962 eh maybe suffering from something or other don't worry – I am sure it can be fixed!

  11. Have to agree with the comments. THIS is the season you are least looking forward to in all the years you've supported spurs!!!?? We're about to get Davies, we need a cb (vlaar?) and we need a guy who can pass and ideally and attacking midfielder. But even if we so not have all those things we still have a good enough team to easily get in the top 6. Lloris, walker, vert. Dawson, Davies. Paulinho dembele Capone, lamela, adebayor, eriiksen. That is a better team than Everton easy.

    • You are living in cuckoo land. How is a team with Paulinho, Dembele and Capoue better than Everton's.

      Paulinho and Capoue are donkeys and Dembele is completely ineffective in attack.

      Lamela is too showy with no substance. Cebellos and Pritchard are miles better talents.

    • Apart from our defence being a shambles and comments on Naughton and dawson…..The rest is chap. This chap is way way too negative. Needs to calm down.spurs will make their signings in due course and in poch we trust

  12. What was that tripe all about?
    So negative it is an embarrassment to hear it from a Spurs supporter, please take your limited, negative, boring blogging skills and go elsewhere

  13. What a bit of shit. I say bit because I got as far as Kyle Walker isn’t good enough, laughed out loud (lots) & decided to call you an idiot.

    Ta ra!

  14. We are not great at the moment ……. but believe in our team. The season has not started yet for god's sake. We will be among the top ten teams fighting for fourth spot no doubt at all, maybe third who knows? so lets be calm lets get behind Poch and the lads. Yid for life through thick and thin, over 40 years a spurs fan and will support them what ever happens.

  15. When so much of your negativity is based on Spurs first pre-season game being played against a mid-season Seattle team that is top of their division I do not think they played that badly. Numerous changes at halftime made the team appear even more dis-jointed. Also keep in mind that the 7 stars that played in the WC Internationals were excused from participation…Give em a break there is far better to come.
    Looking forward to Wednesday's game.

    • Have to disagree with you on the 2nd hal;f changes.We looked a lot better.The 1st half lot were bloody awlful,even allowing for it being the first game up,and played on astro turf.The likes of Rose/Naughton.Dawson ect,confirmed what most of us think,in that they are not up to it.Should all these guys ever play together as a job lot,for us during the coming season.One can understand the negativity issue.But the was a lot to be positivity about the 2nd half perferformance.COYS

  16. Mate I think you need to calm down a bit. We have a very good squad which has the potential for at least top 6. Lloris, Walker, Kaboul, Vert (Davies in bound) Chirches, Capoue, Rose, Holtby, Dembele, Eriksen, Lamela, Soldado. Townsend needs more games, Carroll, Falque, Cellabos, Kane, Fredericks, Mason, McEvoy have the talent. With another CB, LW and striker we will be just fine.

  17. Average team but then again Spurs are not a big club, certainly no where close to the size of Arsenal or Liverpool. Accept that and be happy with a top 10 finish and a cup run. It's the most you will ever achieve.

  18. I wish I never read this stupid article…. very depressing. According to this author, we might as well all pack up and go home and just forget about this season.

  19. Kane is 20 years old and fed a perfect ball to holtby he has decent pace and a knack for goal. You sir are blind and stupid congratulations

    • Prick coys. Kane is 20 years old, makes one good pass in how many ever games and you seem to think he is world class. Basically, Kane will never be a Premiership player as long as he has a hole in his arse, just as much as you will never be an auther on this site.

  20. u sir sound like a complete an utter twat… your just looking for all negetives and not really any positives!!!! i hope you get proved wrong and take back the words you said…as tryme said we need balance not no over paid ego who only cares about his bank balane!

  21. All this judgemental garbage based on a friendly, on a synthetic pitch, against a foreign country's best club team in mid season peak form?
    And us missing or not playing Lloris, Walker, Vertonghen, Chiriches, Sandro, Dembele, Sandro, Bentaleb, Ericksen?
    I suggest you abandon your 'support' of Spurs and move to the red and whites.
    They can't write and know nothing about football either.

  22. Instant gratification < Long term success

    Have some patience for Christ's sake. You'll be very surprised when our summer signings come good in the next couple of seasons. So long as we are moving forward, this team will be a force to be reckoned with in due time.

  23. Lots of false dawns, one season it won't be, could be this year, but probably not.
    OK, I agree Dawson, Rose, Kane are not good enough, Naughton is worthy fill in fullback IMO.
    Lennon is toilet has been for years can't cross rarely scores or assists. Walker is ok, sometimes v good usually going forward, his athleticism covers his defensive frailties.
    All the others may still come good.
    We obviously need to strengthen at the back and up front, as for midfielders, I feel we have been collecting Nos tens for a few seasons no idea why.

  24. i think its time that we addressed the key points….

    how long have we needed a leader

    how long have we needed a 15-20 goals a season striker

    do we have a captain

    left back and right back? walker may be fast but at times he has been pony….infact i will go as far to say rather pants

    a solid partnership at the back

    we have world class keeper crap defense we do lack something in the middle of the park we dont have a settled formation we still dont know what our best starting 11 is and for once and just once we need the chairman to have his transfers in place before the deadline which looking back on thing has always been last min.com…i love my club always will dont like the way its run dont like our transfer policy and i dont like the fact that a chairman who has brought in so many mangers is still allowed to make the choices he does….roll on the new season roll on the ups and downs and roll on sub par player performances lack of bite lack of team spirit and sub standard defending its just another roller coaster season for us life long spurs fans.

  25. We have a manager that wants to play attacking, exciting football. He proved, at Southampton, he can bring the best out of his squad. Fast-forward to today, he's the same guy, but our squad is so much stronger than the Saints (no disrespect, but its a fact).
    We have some really really talented youth, who have never been given a chance, added to quality new players added last season and this is the first season, for at least 2, where we can be excited and positive. No, NOT about finishing top 4 or a cup run, what will be will be, but we are at the beginning of a journey where this squad could become truly great!

    Would the writer be as pessimistic after watching a training session at Hotspur Way? Saturday's game was about as important and played on plastic!

    Utter dross and the writer should be truly ashamed


  26. Let me see if I can cheer you up a bit.
    Last season was let's face it doomed from the start, we lost one of the best players in the world and within the preceding 12 months we lost VDV, Modric. Add to that we bought in a mass of players and moved on one or two team players that might better of stayed ( huddlestone comes to mind) with all that happening just before kick off the last thing we needed was for our best striker to be put on the naughty step but sure enough we went without him for the first 16 games. Can you imagine the pressure on Soldaldo at that point. So, was that it? No, we also had the worst injury hit season we have ever had with good players like Capue getting stamped on and key players like Kaboul constantly struggling to find form. Is that the end of the bad things? Well, Lamala arriving injured and not ever getting going, ekotto absent forcing vertongen out of position and Dawsons legs giving up! I'd have to say that was a really difficult season.

    So what can we possibly look forward to?

    Well, number one, that's all in the past but we have to admit we suffered all that and dropped just 3 points of our previous (best ever premiership) season. The bunch of new players are all now in at the start of the pre season, Lamela looks like he's getting stuck in, the left back position is now as strong as anyone's, therefore our centre backs becomes stronger by default, we have an Adabeyor from day one, soldado will come good under poche's style of play and not having the entire goal scoring responsibility on his shoulders, all of the long term injuries have ended in good time for a good pre season and best of all we have the go ahead for our new stadium which is going to be the best stadium in Europe.


  27. We need a proven goal scorer who will net 20 plus goals and a quality left back. That’s it. With those we can and will beat everyone. Have faith,

  28. Oh go and worry on your own mate. We finished 6th last season and we were probably as bad as you could possibly be with the group of players we have in our squad. Spending a lot of money on players guarantees nothing. The first time we really splash out and look what happened!

    I'm glad that we are taking our time, assessing what we have and just buying what we need. I don't give a flying fuck about 4th. I would much rather spend my hard earned money watching decent football and having a good go at winning a cup and let the other 5 teams battle it out. Ultimately one of them is going to fail, maybe even two if Everton build on last season, so what's the point in building our season up to just be bitterly disappointed at the end.

    We have some exciting young players and some quality players who have yet to show what they can do. If the new manager can do half of what he did with the Southampton squad, we will have a great season by default.

    Having said all of this I would like to see a decent centre back and Bony at the club next season.

  29. No, I don't think that we will make top four this season. Yes, I do think that our competitors at the top are putting more distance between us with their signings this summer. But I am still excited. Not even to see the Spurs win, but to see the Spurs become a team with identity and style – glorious style – again. The pressure last season caused a collapse in so many areas when we brought in so many new players under poor management. This season will be much more low key and will allow our new manager the time he needs to really mold our squad into something that we can build off of for the future. Let's all just enjoy the ride this season and see where it takes us!

  30. Let's give Poch a chance!! Past players have all said how much Poch improved them as a player. Look what Martinez did at Everton! Was their sqaud better than Spurs? When you look at how much Spurs have spent over the years, the team has under achieved.. We have some quality players in their 2nd season who can come good this season. The more forward & quicker style of passing will suit Soldado. I hope we buy in the places we are weak (CB especially) and then work on getting a system the players believe in and fight to win. Buying 1 or 2 players who already know Poch's methods can help the transition on the field. Should note that Liverpool and Everton will have to deal with the extra burden of European games, therefore, won't have the same recovery time as last year. Spurs played the most game last season and had more injuries. Also Liverpool have lost their best player and will have at least 6 new players to integrate. We know how challenging that can be. Therefore, the top 6 places are going to be very competitive. If the players embrace Poch's methods quickly we might have a nice surprise.

  31. Love this Spurs fan. Finally a decent supporter who doesn’t think his team is bigger than they are.

    Top 10 yea but never top 4 with the bug boys

    Well done, you don’t buy some quality players soon your season will not be a good one.

    It’s just how sad it is in footy now, spend and win or don’t and go backwards. Footy is shameful now with no soul but that’s just how it is

  32. I'm sorry you get such a hammering from so many commenters. I think, largely, you're right. I can go back earlier than 62 and it seems weird to say that I'm as down as you are (thinking back, say, to the George Graham season or, hell on Earth, Terry Neill as Bill Nick's replacement, WTF was that about?, I still don't get it almost 40 years later) but the gloom for this one up and coming is not so much who hasn't been signed, it's the idea that there is a team waiting for a manager, there isn't. I have a sneaking feeling that Lamela will live up to his promise and maybe, just maybe, Soldado will, but who gets the ball to him? Lennon, Rose, Townsend are just dreadful. Walker, Chiriches too. I hope Verts goes to B'lona because he gave up last year, Ben Davies is a very good buy, but who are the other three defenders, If it's going to be 4-2-3-1, who are the two? Sandro is the new Steffen Freund, not that good but will have a go. Eriksen I like but he's not exactly a fighter. As the world cup showed, Paulinho is rubbish, Chadli is average, Dembele is not on the same planet as te rest of us. It would be brilliant to think that Bentaleb, Eriksen and Lamela could play just behind Soldado with Sandro and Carroll behind them, but it's big ask to convert Carroll and Bentaleb into full-season players 'over night'. Capoue might do a job, but aside from all the 'ifs' that surround all of these players (and I'd ship out Ade as well), I don't see where a team is coming from to live with a revived Man U, a solid Everton, a revived Liverpool, plus the Arse, the Blue scum and Citeh, And all these name-callers on here are guys (I'm assuming they are guys) who want their religion to be better than somebody else's religion, just because they want it to be (because it makes them feel goooood).

    • Yup – THFC is the one true religion for most of the morons on here, and it’s all about faith, not facts. Poch doesn’t have a track record of success either in Spain or England, but he’s apparently nailed on to turn the misfiring group of strangers of last season into a coherent, free-flowing team this – who says? Southampton impressed last year, but with a core of players now deemed good enough for the likes of United, Liverpool and Arsenal to be fighting over, how much credit should Poch get for EIGHTH place? Was it really that much of an achievement? He might get Lamela, Soldado, Chadli and the rest of our deadbeats to suddenly start performing, or he might not, but aren’t we allowed justifiable doubts? NO – according to the fundamentalists, every year we’re going to smash Arsenal and storm the Top Four (or win the odd cup at worst – we’re a great cup side after all, so picking up the EL as a consolation prize won’t pose any problem), and if you don’t agree, you’re not a ‘true supporter’, and should obviously be following QPR. We all HOPE for things to improve, but the truth is that we had our chance when a CL place was there for the taking between 2010 and 2013, and only qualified once instead of three or four times – Poch will be a miracle worker if he can get us even close again.

  33. What a load of bollocks. I agree dawson and Naughton need to go but the rest is negative tripe. Spurs will make their signings in due course but I don’t expect a lot of movement after last summer.

  34. Totally spot on mate, as for you lot of “go and support someone else ” saddo’s Take your head out of your arse holes and smell the coffee instead of the shit you morons. If you compare the squad from 3 years ago to the one we have now its gloomy at best.

  35. What a load of crap. Yes it is disappointing to see all the opposition strengthening but after last season, this season is sure to be a comparative success (unless god forbid we take an injury to Eriksen).

    If we sign Davies and keep Rose then we have should be able to keep Super Jan where he’s at his best.

    If we sell and replace Dawson with someone who isn’t afraid of being tackled then that will be a major plus.

    Im in two minds about Schniederlin, who looks to be coming. I think he and Dembele would be a mega pairing, but I just think with the players we have it might not be priority signing.

    The gaping problem lies within the number 10 slot. When we set up our best 11 we are to defensive because so far we have lacked creative options for the defensive mid/box to box to pass to. Eriksen is better when he can drift but can still be marked out of games (hard to know if this will continue with a fully fit Lamela if he returns to form as he is a handful to deal with, or if indeed Eriksen develops his game to overcome this). Sigurdsson and Holtby have been tried there (in front of the holder and box to box) and as much as I love both of them, neither are suited to the number 10 role. I would love to see us try for Isco or Sniejder or Quintero this summer. It was good to see Pochettino try Carroll and Lamela in a number 10 role against Seattle, showing that its an area he’s looking at.

    I completely disagree that Chadli, Chiriches and Kane are not prem quality. Kane can score goal, Chadli hasn’t hit his best for us yet and Chiriches although prone to the odd mistake, is still young and has an awesome skillset for a central defender. Think Chiriches suffered a lot last season by never playing next to Vertonghen (when one was fit the other was out) and by Sherwood playing non defensive set ups that left the centre backs too exposed.

    Deep down I’ll be heart broken if we start the season without sorting out the number 10 issue, but then I felt the same when the Moutinho deal fell through and the season that followed was one of my favorites in recent memory.

    I feel that a 4231 starting line up of Lloris, Walker, Chiriches, Vertonghen, Davies, Capoue, Dembele, Eriksen, Isco, Lamela and Soldado could go toe to toe with the best in the league.

    Our squad didn’t let us down last season as (even with the inept Sherwood in charge) we won most of the games we were expected to win. It was largely the big games that let us down horribly because we have a squad that is designed to play a system that we are missing the key player of. In a 4231 the centre of the 3 is the key player in stopping you from being too defensive / not creative enough going forward. You only have to look at City or Liverpool playing the same system with Suarez or Silva playing the number 10 role to see how this system is supposed to be played.

    Alternatively you only have to look at Belgium in the world cup playing the same system with no advanced central creator, or us last season playing without one, to see that we are missing something.

    • There is a lot of sense in this post, but a lot of wishing as well, Kane really isn't that good – he's the latest Mark Falco, 'honest' but not inventive. Why do so few people see that Demble is a liabitliy? Yes. he looked good for Fulham, and also for the Totts for a few games, but as the Belgium games showed (and most of last season for 'us' did), he gets the ball, rags with it like a terrier and accomplishes nothing. Chiriches wanted/wants to go to Chelscum, isn't good enough, fuck him. Walker/Dawson hve ahad years to prove that they are Alan Kennedy and Alan Hansen and are not. 'We' are not 'a few players short', we are MANY players short. Vert looking like he was going to spew up at Anfield said it all not just about Sherwood but about the shower of shit that was bought from the Bale money. Before Bale went, Verts was the centre-back 'answer' and Parker was just about doing the midfield general 'thing'. Bring back Modric and Van der Vaart, buy a centre-forward and two centre-backs, lets have Sandro deliver, get rid of Lennon and Walker and let's stop pretending its going to work. Ship out hopeless Dembele, Paulinho and Chadli. I really am dreading next season and this guy is right, and all the other insults are just stupid fucking loyalism – like the mob 'we' had back in the 80s, juts because you'll 'die' for THFC don't mean the team is any good!

  36. man a ball hasn't been kicked yet and you've condemned our season already with this utter dross, as for kane, chadli and co, ill let poch be a judge of it and not you mate so if you don't mind we'll go on and look forward to very good season while you sit and mope. coys

  37. I can not believe that Pochettino has got this job. A man that left Espanyol bottom of the Spanish league with 9 points from 13 games. Lucky to get the Southampton job and inherit a good squad left by Adkins. He has got a few good results at Southampton but why walk into the Tottenham job ? Win ratio as a manager 34.39 %. Tim Sherwood 50 %. Enough said !!!!!!

    • Graham, he left Espanyol by mutual consent as it was obvious the club were selling all the best players. Wasn't lucky to get Southampton job as he was actively scouted by Cortese, even though there was no real reason to replace Adkins at the time. This proved to be a good choice as was proved. TS was poor – bad man management, couldn't act professionally by keeping his mouth shut etc. What you dont ever hear is that TS had the highest loss ratio of any Spurs manager in the last 10 years or so when all games taken into account (prem league and cup games).

  38. You should ignore the game against Seattle. They were fitter (it’s midway through their season) and it was played on a PLASTIC pitch which Seattle are used to, but Spurs were not.

    Lets given Pochettino a chance to get his methods across to the players. It was his first game in charge after all. There are new players coming in. However the author of this article was probably overjoyed last year at all the new arrivals. However if so he was sorely wrong!!

  39. You write this article based on our first pre-season run out against a fully fit mid season outfit played on a plastic pitch and publish it 40 days before the Transfer Window closes knowing fine well that Spurs regularly conclude their business in the final hours, nothing to see here, move along there now, mind the gap.

  40. Time to give up your season ticket mate. You dont enjoy it any more. You are of that dementor generation at spurs i unfortunately have too sit next too every week

    and despair of it because even if we had ronaldo, maradonna, hod the god, messi, suarez, pele, greaves, ramirez etc . . in the team you would still criticise everything they do, the decision of the club to buy them, etc . . Negative, negative!!!

  41. One must remember it was a friendly and the starting 11 was basically a reserve team. Dawson is not 1st choice and neither will Naughton be when we finally ship in Davies at left back. Walker is still learning but one thing that is clear and that is the teams that have attacking full backs seem to do better. Walker and Davies tearing up the wings will do me fine (Fredericks looks frighteningly quick too by the way). Kane is young so don't be too eager to write him off. Lennon is a useful reserve. Buying players did not work for us last year so don't despair. It would be naive to be so critical already….so relax and wait and see.

  42. I don’t understand, to some people this is a decent article to others it is not. Why do people get so stressed when they don’t like it?

    Basically the writer is negative some people aren’t. No one’s right or wrong here though

  43. You write this article based on our first pre-season run out against a fully fit mid season outfit played on a plastic pitch and publish it 40 days before the Transfer Window closes knowing fine well that Spurs regularly conclude their business in the final hours

  44. The truth hurts sometimes, get over it boys!! I say this article is very near the truth, and I too worry for my club, with other’s strengthening. We have too many under preforming players and although some supporter’s would want to have levy’s children, underperforming management too. You can’t run everything on a money basis, that’s why we have two mickey mouse cups to show for the last thirty years. For Tottenham that’s piss poor, yet supporters jump up in the air and claim Levy as the second coming, yawn. Ambition is a dirty word to Joe Lewis sipping cocktails in his tax haven in Bermuda, so much so that good players know they have to leave to win anything and treble their wages. This damaging cycle will never end while we are run for tick over profits, to win anything in the premier it takes real investment, and commitment to keep your best players what ever the cost. One would have to deduce after all this ENIC time that this year will be the same as last year and next year will be the same as last year etc,etc. New owners are what’s really needed to kick us on people who are “sufficiently committed” to win the big prizes!! FINGERS CROSSED!!

  45. Yet I am more optimistic for the start of the season than I was this time last year, there will be a few signings and a few sales, I just have a feeling that our Chairman has made a good choice for Manager this time and he will get us playing well as long as Levy leaves him to do his job.

  46. I simply don’t understand people some times.

    The main shopping was done last Summer, AVB was too stubborn and TS too stupid to use them properly. Fix the rest of the gaps, a left back (almost done), a sub keeper (apparently almost done), and add in Destro, possibly Bony, possibly Schneiderlin or Griezeman and you couldn’t help but salivate.

    Assuming fit, in PL, you might have



    EL Sandro Schneiderlin Eriksen



    That’s wall to wall quality under Pochettino.

  47. To be fair to the *author*, Watching Dawson come out clapping like a special needs birthday boy, only to end up chasing his first touch and then to hold his hands on his head whilst having just been stripped for pace, again…is always upsetting. Not just because he is a pro who should have somewhere in the region of similar speed, but because he also talks a load of garbage to boot.
    how at this level do Spurs defenders manage to resemble a B&Q five-aside team but only only an eleven-a-side pitch? We have to remain focused and believe in turning it around. Why, because we have a decent enough nucleus to compete with the top 6, maybe 4 given a bit of luck and some impressive form.


  48. I do not post on these blogs – but this has wound me up a treat!!! Is this guy serious!!! You may have some experience of visiting the Lane, but you have zero knowledge of football – an absolutely embarrassing post. We will be just fine – a couple of key signings to come, but we already have the makings of a decent squad. We just need the manager to actually coach the team – bring in a system and style that all the players work towards. As for the top 4, maybe not – looks like Chelsea, Manure and Citeh, could be hard to dis-lodge, but we are on par with the rest (Arsenal Poor, Liverpool won't have the same success as last year). Game On – and as for the blogger, I suggest you try and re-watch some of these players you're writing off (Walker not good enough!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Seriously!!!)

  49. I have been watching spurs since 1964 and while I think you are a bit doom and gloom ,I must admit that the football on show post Redknapp is the worst I have seen. I think we must accept that until we are taken over by a big bucks owner we cannot compete with Chelsea,Manchester City etc in the quality of player we can attract. Where we can compete however ,is in effort organisation and commitment. I can remember Brian Clough bringing Nottingham Forest into the First Division and frightening the hell out of everyone. They went from strength to strength, winning two european cups but the basic recipe was effort and teamwork and organisation. I hope and believe that Pochettino can bring that to us but for it to work ALL the players must believe. He achieved it at Southampton even to the point that some of his former players want to follow him to spurs……could you imagine that with any of our past three managers? Other than a commanding central defender ,he has the players,the question being can he convince them how good they can be?

  50. I agree with 90% of what you have said but the critism of Kane is incredibly harsh, if anything he has shown more potential than Soldado, Kane showed in his brief cameos that he can score and create goals and knows how to hold a ball up which for me is all we could have asked him to do considering the situation last year.

    I see us being linked with some great attacking players again in the press Griezman/Depay but still no talk of a new CB(or 2), worrying times indeed.

  51. what a bunch of dumb cunts posting here on the comment section. fuck your weird fake enforced positivity idiocy, for both things in general and football, you people are a detriment. negativity has it's place, you people are trying to condemn negativity, with negativity, and not realizing the irony, you're fucking stupid. but anyway, i completely agree with the writer of the article. we looked like fucking dog shit in that first friendly, the players were so unconvincingly bad it was demoralizing to watch. naughton is shit, we should have sold him by now and signed richards, rose i would consider keeping as a squad rotation player. fryers is trash i don't know what you people are on about. dawson is shit, definitely not good enough. chadli also shit, a slow delusional detriment to the team, wanted to play as a second striker when left wing is the position we actually need someone in, get rid asap. kane not good enough, should not ever play ahead of soldado or adebayor. lennon's shit. kaboul looking like shit. we should have resigned caulker, signed richards, ashley cole and gone in heavily for hummels. then we would have a formidable defense. but we're not doing enough, we don't have any reason to not be active this window, we didn't spend more than we made back from sales last year, we should spend heavily. griezman would be a good signing. should go seriously also go for lukaku. we've already missed out on enough great players this summer. this has been an awful summer for us. the kits came out and are fucking disgusting. we had great kits last year and should have kept them as they were. then to top it off our keepers kit is fucking little girl pink/purple. it's fucking awful it makes our whole team look like a joke. i completely agree with the article writer this is the least i've been looking forward to a season in my entire history of supporting the club we are looking like fucking dog shit the only player who looked decent in the first game is holtby when we already have eriksen in his position, this is a fucking hopeless summer for the club so far

  52. Whilst I disagree wholeheartedly with the OP I am happy for the positive noise coming from everyone else :)

    As my company is fond of saying "We are where we are; get on with it" :)

  53. It's the managers first season, it's the 7 from last summers second… new ideas new system and probably a very different looking side to last season… we have a big squad and some excellent youth about to make the step up… don't think we need more signings, let poch take his time to assess, none of us really know how good the 7 signings last season could be so stay patient, relax, don't go demanding top 4 …i'm just looking forward to some quality stylish football like we played under harry… the disaster that AVB was and the horrific boring football he played drained the life out of the players and the fans last season… let's get the entertaining football back and take it from there. COYS

  54. sorry to say but agree with most of the post, naughton,rose,dawson have to go, i dread a back 4 of naughton,dawnson,kaboul and rose again, thankfully with davies coming in, will help,we need another cb defiently, i like walker with fredricks as back up, also for me chadli, paulinho and dembele r average at best but we have to b realistic we cnt just repeat last season and buy 7 players again and sell 7 or 8, wont work, lennon is back up at best (hard to say as was my fav player few yrs bck), BUT we do have class in lloris,eriksen,ady(when head right),lamela,vert…. for me lb,cb,striker and wide man r a must…

  55. I have an issue with all the twits on here who are giving negative reviews to this article. Stop moaning at the author if you have nothing better to say yourselves. I have to say I don’t like what is written, not because I disagree, but to the contrary, I agree totally, and good for him that he says it as it is.

    Indeed CheekyCockney is looking at the negatives as there are so many, and not at the positives as they are so few. I agree totally with him that we wont get in the Top 4, i would hope we would get Top 6, but he is certainly 100% correct when he says we are trailing a long way behind our competitors, and it will take years – if ever – to be back at the 'Top'. We last one the league in 1961 (53 years ago) and i agree with Cockney that it might be another 53 years before we win it again.

    No top class player wants to come to Spurs as we are just a mediocre team. And not getting back in the Champions League for how ever long will only make things worse. Well done CheekyCockney, keep up the great work, and continue stating facts as they are.


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