Very worrying times at Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

In my first article for the start of this season, I said we would finish 6th.  I had many who read the article have a real go at me saying what an idiot I was and where I should go.   Well,  I have to be honest with everyone one of you who had a go at me and confess I probably was wrong.   So please accept my apology for looking to be wrong,  it now looks like we will actually finish 7th.

Of all the teams that will probably be above us, the one team I didn’t think would was Everton.  But they have done really well of late, maybe even might make the top 4.   It looks like Man Utd will finish strongly and will now probably finish 6th.

So it maybe that we will not get ‘Any’ kind of European football next season.  Lets just also hope that Tim Sherwood will have moved on and we finally get someone who knows what Management is all about.

The main problem we have – as I have said before – is that once more we will have to start all over again.  Unlike Liverpool who didn’t have Euro football this year, but have a good Manager and good team spirit which has built up over the last couple of years,  if we dont get into Europe, then most of our squad wont be with us.  With Defoe already gone, players such as  Lloris and Vertonghen have already said they may move on,  and thanks to AVB and lately Sherwood,  the likes of  Paulinho, Kaboul,  Lamela,  Soldado (who I feel most sorry for),  Ade,  Chadli,  and others will all be on their way.   Now one or two of them you might say would not be a miss,  but if they all go,  no-one will want to come to a mid-table club, and we will be in the wilderness for a few years to come,  with the top 6 going from strength to strength.

With Defoe going,  we should have brought in another Striker in January – everyone knew one or other of our other strikers would get injured (something that has happened in other years),  we have no-one capable of filling the Right Back spot (and that includes Walker),  in fact we needed to buy 2 or 3 players in January,  but once again, we fell short.

It also doesn’t help that Sherwood has gone backwards to the AVB way of playing.   We may get away with things against second rate teams like Southampton,  but when we come up against the top sides we are woefully short in the tactical game.

As I have said already this season, we will be the laughing stock of football once again.

I take no joy in being the prophet of doom,  and as much as I love my beloved THFC, I am a ‘Realist’.

So extremely worrying times ahead.

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  1. Some good points raised here. Your comments about players leaving is a valid one but if you look at Liverpool at the start of the season… No European football but nobody left them. THFC should play hardball with those under contract and this shouldn't be too difficult if we bring in an experienced manager. I had no problem with Tim Sherwood filling the role until we cold bring in a new manager but unfortunately his lack of experience against quality teams has been shown up. How many Spurs fans looked at our line up on Sunday and thought we would get stuffed. Bentalab and five midfield players who have spent all season playing wide. Verts got a knock and couldn't wait to get off the park. With the Liverpool attacking players running straight at him with no defensive midfielders to stop them who could blame him. Sandro Dembele and Paulinhio would have been a better bet. Chadli Ericksen and Siggi have all had their moments this season but not consistently. Bentalab is bright but needs to be played in selective games not every week.Lennon has been a waste of space this season. Flanagan whacked him in the first five minutes and after that he seemed to be scared of taking him on after that.

  2. A great article and spot on what twat goes to Anfield and allows them time and space,no wonder the players are not happy.
    Bentalab Siggy Eriksen Chandli Lennon not one of them can close space and tackle,Vertangon whats out Dawson is just not good enough unles it is head tennis.With sundays selection we were never going to have a chance Sherwood tries to be like Harry but sadly he is thirty years behind him in football knowledge.The good thing is he must now be removed from office not even we are silly enough to let this guy stay in charge,are we?Also who bought Saldado god he is a poor player looks like he wants to go home best place for him I think.
    A shambles Mr Levy well done

  3. What the **** is this use of the phrase 'Laughing Stock of Football', why? becuase we may finish 7th. Oh no what a disaster finishing outside the top 4. Yes I'm gutted it MAY not happen this season but people forget before Martin Jol that we avareaged 10th/11th and since theen we look for top 4 football and most of the time it is 5th. Fans of other teams will always laugh at us even if we finished 2nd. Just like we laugh at ARSEnal and other teams around us in their failings. Doesn't mean they become a joke.

  4. Basically the author of this piece is embarrased to be a Spurs fan because Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, ARSEnal, Everton and Man Utd may finish above us. Good job he isn't a Fulham or Sunderland fan then, will need to make sure the knot holding the rope around his neck is tied properly. We have tried to show ambition and yes we get it wrong sometimes and off course it was natural to spend the Bale money but who can guarentee that any player brought will be a success or the next manager will work. I'd rather be going through this than finishing 10th or fighting relegation. A lot of these Tottenham fans should go off to ARSEnal, Chelsea or Man City but they'll only start moaning that the tilte wasn't won that season. 'Laughing Stock of Football', well theres the door go and choose another team.

    • Why don’t you go and find another team. We’ve had enough of apologists and loser supporters who use excuse after excuse and thrive on mediocrity.

      There’s the door. Go support Fulham and revel in underachievement. Leave Spurs to supporters who share the same ambition of a club rated in the top 20 of Europe.

  5. We have tried to show ambition and yes we get it wrong sometimes and off course it was natural to spend the Bale money but who can guarentee that any player brought will be a success or the next manager will work. I'd rather be going through this than finishing 10th or fighting relegation. A lot of these Tottenham fans should go off to ARSEnal, Chelsea or Man City but they'll only start moaning that the tilte wasn't won that season. 'Laughing Stock of Football', well theres the door go and choose another team.

  6. I don't believe all these players will leave. It all depends on money… and good players will come to the club if the money is right for them. Players are more concerned with that – because they are human beings – and club location, than they are whether we are already in the Champs League, although some will not come because of that. I say this because I'm a realist. You claim powers of prediction but I don't think you have any really. None of us have. Injuries are the biggest factor at football clubs in deciding where you end up. Liverpool and Chelsea haven't had many bad ones at all. Spurs have had a few, but have a big squad. Utd have had injury problems to RVP which has left them off the pace. Arsenal have had a few injuries and it has something to do with their relative decline too. Injuries decide everything. Obviously with Spurs, sacking managers halfway through the season is not great… not that AVB was doing well…. but it left us in a hiatus position. Sherwood lacks the experience at this level, obviously, and hasn't been able to get guys like Paulinho playing consistently well (injuries again play a role here though). Spurs haven't had the best of luck with managerial appointments. Redknapp might have been retained but he dug a big hole for himself unfortunately by publicly courting another job, getting into trouble with the law etc etc. So once again we'll have to wait for the glory days to return… but they will, they will

  7. AVB had a plan moving forward, Sherwood doesn't. By this stage of the season if AVB had still been in place we would be seeing the fruits of that plan in action, we would be serious contenders for 4th or even 3rd place. AVB is a class act and will go on to prove that. We had a chance to develop along side him, that is obviously now blown. The appointment of Sherwood and the sacking of AVB has set us back 10 years minimum. I hope all those that were led by the nose by the tabloids and talksport are happy with that because I'm not!!

  8. So what's new? Since this mob(ENIC) have been in charge of THFC, we have become an even bigger laughing stock than the Alan Sugar years. Joe Lewis and his step son Daniel Levy have made sure of that. I've forgotten how many managers Spurs have had since Levy became Chairman and how many really good players sold therefore foregoing any kind of consistency to build solid understandings and foundations on the pitch. Every successful team retains their best players and the rest strive to be as good or at least raise their standards. But the players know that as soon as one of them becomes a star, Levy will drop his pants. The sad thing about it is that us fans also know this as well. Failure at the stroke of a pen creating constant new dawns each season and us mugs fall for it every time. Some will point to the fact that ENIC pulled our irons out of the fire by bringing financial stability to the club but in my opinion and my opinion only, it was a great big white elephant. The master plan was to buy the club cheaply, pump a few million in, get some good youngsters in, bring them up to a good standard and sell on for a profit, put money some back into the club and pocket the majority. Spurs have officially become known as a selling club or feeder for the so called larger beasts through out Europe and who ever joins the club knows that Spurs are only a stepping stone to a bigger club. In the meantime, Levy has changed his name to captain Hardman for his apparent tough tactics when negotiating. We the fans, get the same annual bullshit from him about building a bigger ground in order for us to compete on a level playing field financially with the likes of the teams above us but that still hasn't materialised and hasn't done for the past 5 or so years. Personally I cant see it happening until someone else puts the money in to build it, hence naming rights because Joe and captain Hardman wont put their hands in their considerably deep pockets. The smoke screen is the new state of the art training facilities recently completed and the CPO's around the ground, makes it look as though ENIC mean business this time. like f**k. I've read comments on various blogs from some Spurs fans who don't want us to be taken over by a Billionaire Russian (Chelsea) or a Trillionaire Arab (Man City) who in their opinion would use Spurs as a plaything but you ask anyone of Chelsea or City fans whether they would prefer to swap places and revert back to where they were a few years ago. You can guess their replies. What's the betting that we will have a similar conversation at the end of next season? After all this is Spurs we're talking about.

  9. True,It is a bit worrying but then again, all it takes is a good managerial appointment to turn things completely around. Im hoping Levy's had a word with our main players. Plus the world cup could be a good distraction.I reckon Paulinho is off. Once he smells that Brazilian air he'll be telling Sandro "I'm staying"(In Brazilian),as long as Sandro comes back fine.
    Lamela is going to be a hit .I like how he's being taken out the firing line .I hate how the press call him a flop and only seen him play a couple times. Modric didnt dominate a game straight away they said he was lightweight. Look at Jordan Hendersen rise, their around the same build and age, Thats why we need a top experienced manager and a couple Epl experience signings to level out the team . Like when Harry took over from Ramos in 08 .

  10. I think the saddest thing is that we’re going to lose a lot of talented footballers and remain encumbered with the rotten English core of our team. The likes of Dawson, Rose and Nought-On who just aren’t up to standard through no fault of their own, but worse, the overhyped chancers like Dross Townsend, Lennon and Walker will no doubt remain.

    When you add Livermore and Kane (average players but not one for a team looking to progress) and Carroll (hardly shining in the Championship), you see how bad things are going to be. We won’t be able to ship out any of them and will need the quota of 8 homegrown players, the prospect of any of these being a regular next season fills me with dread!

  11. We are stil 6th !Perhaps you hav'nt noticed.All whining and whinging aint gonna help just SUPPORT,not want to lynch everyone. A few seasons ago everybody would have been saying "well we're not playing well but we ar'nt doing to bad".Now its a frigging disaster every game,no we havnt beaten the top four ,so what not many others have either and their not 6th.Chelsea got beaten by Crystal Palace for christsake,have a laugh things are not that bad

    • Youre a bit of a knob Gatso. The author said he now 'thinks' we will finish 7th, everyone knows we are still 6th at the moment, but even 6th, things ARE that bad. Unless you have something sensible to say, i suggest you keep your comments to yourself.

      I agree 100% with what Cheeky said, great article.

  12. play soldado on the left hes got a brilliant cross on him eriksen on the riight and kane and ade upfront and let them interchange,not not made my mind up about central midfeild pairing yet dembele and other,drop verts now and play fryers instead maybe with sandro,

  13. Fantastic blog as always Cheeky, keep up the great work.

    As much as it does hurt to say (with my Spurs hat on), i agree with you totally.


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