It could be worse!

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I have refrained from writing a piece simply because of frustrations and I didn’t want to just write something and get my anger out..we all know that never works out and you look like a fool doing that. Instead, I’ve taken time to review some matches as well as really think about what I wanted to say. Results have not been great but they also have not been bad, we could be like Villa, looking at relegation with just three months left in this season (crazy to think that), thankfully we are far from it, are we top four quality this season… maybe… but is Spurs middle of the table quality…not really. If I was to give an honest-realistic verdict I’d say we are worthy of 5-7 place; yes I know it isn’t what some of you dreamers want or expect of this club but work with me on this one.

We had a very uneventful transfer window, nothing wrong with that but some things should have been done in regards to some players. My understanding is that Levy, Baldini and co. did not make an effort to sell certain players due to unrealistic evaluations on those players. Every team places crazy astronomical numbers on transfer fees for their players, money hungry you could say, or simply because they know what they have and don’t want to lose it for cheap, I can understand and respect that particular reason but if you have players you plan on not using then of course, make an effort to at least send them on loan somewhere and allow the player to get some pitch time. Yes that is easier said than done but why keep some players around, all that does is create turmoil in the training/club house. While this doesn’t mean I am screaming for a more active window, I am saying that our manager and chairman need to assure the team gets some help to help push the team forward. Levy is not about spending money, everyone knows that, Mauricio is not going to bring anyone just to fill the bench he is smarter than that, but considering the results as of late, I BET they are probably wishing things had gone a little different back in January. We all know what this team needs (or at least we seem to think so- leave it to MP at the end he knows best) but I am still not convinced about the performance of some players.

Many keep praising Dembele… why people why? Did most of you not watch his recent performances and effort, lack thereof! He makes stupid mistakes, he plays scared and does not show determination when approaching the goal, review tape of old matches and notice the space he is given when close to the box (maybe 5-10 yards out) clear space to shoot, does he? Of course not, he plays like a little kitten scared of the big cats and looks to retrieve and pass back. Nothing irritates me more than a player who doesn’t shoot when given the opportunity or at least takes a chance! Eriksen, Mason, Kane, Lamela (at times), Bentaleb have done it before, you try and see what happens… yes too many shots that don’t go in, go wide or are saved brings your percentage down… who cares, eventually you need to assure that you are giving the team the chance to win by taking chances. Dembele needs to be a bench player, he is no longer the “top player” he was once thought to become, he is done and he needs to move on.

I could keep going on this topic of players Spurs need rid of, things could be worse believe me but I am glad to see the effort and the team keep fighting for top four spot, eventually we are going to get there I have no doubts but let’s give Harry some help, he desperately needs it, let’s bring a true number 10 (DaniParejo anyone?) that can work alongside Eriksen and provide the opportunities for our wingers and strikers. I expect this summer Mr. Levy will just have to give in and rid of Soldado, Adebayor, Dembele, Capoue, Lamela (I keep hearing Seria A wants him) and let’s hope he doesn’t get money hungry and makes a stupid move and sell Kane, Lloris, Eriksen and others. This summer will allow us (AS FANS) to see which direction (Mr. Levy and Company) are moving towards, if we happen to rid of all the above, then money will be available to purchase the players MP wants but we cannot expect those players to fit into his style right away, so it may become another season of “mid table or above but no top four for us”, again I am not hoping to rid of player just to simply have money, not at all!

I have no doubts the lads will push on and give it all they got to finish strong, with capital one cup out of sights as well as Europa League, the team can focus on the league and regain their confidence to play good and give Assenal (yes I did that on purpose no typo here), United and Southampton a run for their money, again It could be worse but I am glad it is not!


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  1. Playing inverted wingers has been used for 2 seasons now and I don't think it works. We lose space and it slows our attack. I think we would get more from Townsend if he played left and more from Chadli if he played on the right.

  2. Great article, and totally spot on, especially about Dembele. I was raving about him earlier in the season, but of late he has just gone to pot. I've always hoped Soldado would eventually come good but he has just become a liability. Lamela even started the season looking like a different player than he was last season, but yet another player who seems to have faded away. Even Chadli doesn't seem like he has a good game in him any more. Let's hope that some or all of these players can be shipped out and the money used wisely.
    I do believe though that we are slowly moving in the right direction.

  3. We paid 30 odd million for Lamela… no one will pay that amount again
    We paid 26 odd million for Soldado.. no one will pay that amount again

    Dembele out
    Chadli out
    Lamela out
    Soldado out
    Adebayor out
    Townsend out
    Chirches out
    Fazio out
    Capoue out
    Chadli out
    Paulinho out
    Stamboue out

    All not good enough but we bought them, no confidence in our buyers ………

    Where do you think the new money will come from for new players ???


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