Youth and Experience?

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The new transfer policy under Team Pochettino seems to be young, potential squad players. We are currently investing in players who could likely develop their early professional stages of their career at Spurs and could possibly move in a couple of years to cherish their dream of playing for ‘bigger teams’. Yes, that still keeps us as a selling club, something I recall us being named often since we are. But things are looking different coming into the next season. A majority of our big players are ‘happy’ and want to continue longer at the club which for me is a huge positive.

We are almost in touching sights of a top four finish each season but we fail time and time again due to lack of experience. The likes of Chelsea won the Premier League this season due to experienced players like Terry and Drogba who kept driving the team forward. Leicester City, a club who were sure to get relegated, managed to survive towards the end of the season due to experience in midfield in the form of Cambiasso. If you think about it, we have improved as a team this season but there hasn’t been consistency, which is key if you want to be a top European club. Whilst we were within the top five highest teams in terms of scoring goals, we were also at the top five of most conceded, this being with our two most experienced players within our back five.  Out of the top four teams in the last season, only Chelsea were able to manage the right amount of balance required within the team. City were too far off with players past that stage of experience and lack of new input while Arsenal and United were a work in progress.

The balance within the team is not right. It’s not easy to combine more of youth and less of experience in a team in this day and age and expect high returns. One position which can be improved with bringing in experience and improving the overall squad is that of Mason. While he has performed extraordinarily well in his break through season at the age of 24, he has a lot more to learn. IF we manage to get a CM who has the same capacity and ability and help in the development of Mason, it could improve us significantly. The ideal player I can think about at this point of time is Yohan Cabaye, 29, who now recently suggested is open to a return to the Premier League. He’s a proven player at Newcastle United and has a great work ethic. Not only will he be able to provide competition but also drive us forward with his past experiences. Although he is not the best out of the lot, he is a player I admire a lot solely because of his of style of play.

Another position where we significantly require improvement through experience is in that of a main front man, a.k.a, a striker. While Adebayor is clearly facing his personal problems for the last year or so and Soldado not yet to get a grip of English football, we need someone who is well exposed to the game and a critical goal scorer. Charlie Austin is the best man in my opinion.

While he not only scored 18 goals last season for QPR, he was probably their main man to even give them a chance of dreaming about promotion. He scored for a struggling team more times than the player of the season. For Harry, it is too early to be the leading striker of the club. Austin is the ideal man to provide the support to they both can learn from each other significantly.

We also need a ‘leader’ in our back four. Vertonghen does not show the same qualities he did when he first joined us. Maybe he is low on confidence or maybe he’s just given up the role of the back line leader but we need a Vidic or a Silva, someone who dictates the back like well and someone who makes sure we don’t concede so many!

By signing younger players we are in no way strengthening our current starting XI.  Within a year or two maybe they can break into the team but we need current improvements. If we manage to do so, we have the potential of having more consistent performances over the long run.

Although we are being linked with players like Anthony Martial, and have signed played like Wimmer and Alli, we need to get the right amount of balance. The balance is important to set the tone of the team. Our previous signings have mainly been from other leagues and their failure to adapt hasn’t provided us much benefits off late. Experience will be key to push at the part of the season we time and time struggle at, post January period. While I am happy with the youth developments, I think it lacks the edge of support an experienced player can provide. Let’s hope we are able to sign a couple of experienced players to get the right balance we need come next season!

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