Adebayor, Loans don’t equal resolve


In an earlier piece, I questioned whether or not ‘arry and Levy had the moxie to make a big-name capture (or the three they promised) in order to keep the team—and Luka Modric—settled.

A few weeks later, we appear to have our answer in a big, strong striker with a proven goal scoring record.

Emmanuel Adebayor appears to be on his way to White Hart Lane.

“Finally,” I hear Spurs fans singing, “we have made a big name signing—more permanent bedrock upon which to build a strong, perennial top X contender!”

Except, of course, the fact that the fine details of this signature represent more of the same from Tottenham Hotspur management.

This type of signature means two things: that Tottenham Hotspur is unsure of itself, and that this season is by far the most important season in at least ten years either direction.

A one-year loan is not the way to show the resolve to stay at the top of English football. Sure, there’s an option to buy (as is almost always the case), but with that, the door’s still open for an option to sell all of our players and bask in moneybags and mediocrity once this season is over.

This season now becomes THE season.

A top four finish means that we’d most likely buy Adebayor, Modric and company stay, and we make another run at Champions League glory. We buy a couple more marquee players at positions we need (gk, anyone?), and we become a bona fide European mainstay.

And if we finish fifth or sixth?

So long Luka.

Bye-bye Adebayor.

Good-bye Gareth.

If Tottenham Hotspur is serious about competing with the top four—and staving off a resurgent Liverpool and Everton—wishy-washy signatures and half-assed attempts at stopping leaks need to be done away with.

Invest in the future of White Hart Lane, Mr. Chairman. The future could be bright.

By Cliff S

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  1. well mr cliff s what a downer you are and we have not even palyed yet people like you is what makes everyone slag us off why not write somethink good about the team or better still stop writing all together coys

    • Big yid. I could not have put it better myself. Adebayor's wages for the next four years: £35 mill. Cliff should leave the spending to DL.

  2. Harry is going to work for the FA after next summers European championship. Levy is not going to sign anything other than one year loans. What would be the point of letting Harry buy his players only for him to leave and the new guy not fancy any of Redknapp’s buys?

    The only thing stops Redknapp getting England job is the tax man so Levy is right to go for good quality year long loans, they keep us in the mix and allow a war chest for next boss (probably Ancelotti).

  3. Yes i agree with the above comment, Lets see where we are 5 – 6 games in shall we mate. Goo d luck tonight lads, you can do it.

  4. Completely agree. We made a statement in our CL campaign last year that showed the whole of Europe that we have one of the most promising squads on the continent, and the only business we do is signing an unwanted striker from one of our top 4 rivals and possibly another unwanted midfielder from Real.

    I won’t be that unhappy with Diarra, although I do see Sandro as already the better player, but Adebayor on loan for a season isn’t the marquee signing that we all wanted.

    Of course, if he comes in and we get hold of Rossi and Llorente while offloading Crouch, Bentley, Giovani, Hutton etc then it’s a decent summer; but as is stands this window is nothing more than a statement that we’re incapable of competing with the big boys off the pitch.

  5. Nice one Cliff good read and I agree 100%.

    If anyone thinks we have enough to challenge over a premier league season with what we have, they are sadly mistaken. We should act like a big club and do business early, instead of waiting around to pay just as much. All the fucking around doesnt help, fans, club or players. If I was a manager I’d be pissed off at not getting Adebyoure sooner, perhaps Levy has had him running around his mansion so he can be at the same level of fitness that Pav was in when he arrived.

  6. Hiya Tom at last a few sensible statements from you and the the big yid, I do think panic sets into some fans. But the season has only just begun for us, so why do some start to moan so early. I do think Adebayor would help steady things for a while, but long term we really should try to secure a top top goal scorer. And i must just say thank you to Robbie and good luck in the USA . But it is about now and the imediate future of my beloved Tottenham Hotspur, We must respect Levy for not being held to ransome over transfers. But saying that it might be good to meet somewhere in the middle.

  7. Well done Tom my son, and i thought all the people on here wrote in panic mode. It was a sensible article that you posted bravo. Now all the doubting Spurs fans it is the first prem game tonight for us, so lets wait a few more fixtures to see what is needed etc. Yes a top striker would be my first choice, then a good central defender. A hard man with Graham Roberts attitude never give up. Long live Graham lol .

  8. You ain’t much better than fkin doom and gloom merchant Harry I say it as it is Redknapp..reading 3 lines of your article (guess I have to call it article regardless it is white) was enough to go and throw myself from somewhere ffs.

  9. Hey Ivor little un you havin a pop go back to the gooner site. I have just told it how i see it. like your name lol.

  10. So how will the Reds like listening to Glory glory Tottenham Hotspur as they nicked that chant over the years lol. I respect them for what they have acheived but it is our turn to bring home some more glory this year.

  11. Bored of reading the comments on this website… Stop worrying and moaning about our team. Levy and Redknapp got us here and they'll continue to do the business

  12. agree with the article, loan signings wouldn't fill me with confidence if I was a Spurs fan. If you've got the cash, put it where your mouth is and buy the guy, same goes for the Juve winger, and then to be quoted, even in jest, as saying "if he's (Adebayor) rubbish, the (Spurs) fans will slaughter him" or something like that, isn't the best way to welcome a new big-name signing. I like Spurs, they play some good football, and have a few cracking players, but don't think Harry is the man to lead them to glory, don't ask me who is, but I just don't think it's him.


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