Adebayor takes to Twitter to explain Spurs future


Emmanuel Adebayor - Tottenham Hotspur News

Emmanuel Adebayor has once again stated his desire to remain at Tottenham Hotspur.

As recently as last week Adebayor revealed that he wants to remain a Spurs player for next season.  The striker who scored 18 goals last season took to Twitter to reveal that talks are already taking place with Daniel Levy.

Adebayor has two years remaining on this contract at Manchester City, despite having no future at the club.  The talks will be centered around his massive wage of around £170,000 per week and how a an

He wrote on Twitter on Monday: “Loved my spell at Tottenham. We are working hard with the chairman to make it permanent.”

Hopefully a deal can be reached and we’ll see Ade at the Lane again next season!  It’s great to see he still wants to remain with his despite our Champions League heartbreak.

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  1. I truly hope that a deal can be struck to keep him because this guy is to any success we will have his strength and hold up play have been one of the reasons why we had success any thing other than a player of his calibre is a waste of time quite frankly. But it’s the wages coupled with the few that city want to recoup. Hope out can be done along with any other busi

    business so that come first game of the season we look fluid.lillywhitetilidie

  2. Are you kidding? I would wanna stay in a job that pays his wages!

    Adebayor is over the hill, washed up.His best days were at arsenal and they got rid.

    Hold up skills?? The bloke couldnt trap a bag of cement, and for 8′ tall I only ever seen him head the ball 3 times, hes an older Crouch (and Crouch IMO is a better player)

    Spurs need 1 or 2 Top strikers, get shot of Adebayor asap.

    …..sorry if you dont like my honesty but get real ffs

  3. Good on Ade, some loyalty at last.
    I'll drive Modric to Chelsea, we don't want anybody who doesn't want to play for us. Luka who?
    Look at what Newcastle have done with only limited funds, cash in i say and get someone who is proud to wear the shirt!

  4. Maybe it is time to get rid of Modric.Use the funds for Leandro,Adebayor and Vertonghen. Spurs need to sell some of the "dead wood" and buy some of the above class.

  5. I don't know how anyone can think that Modric is dead wood is beyond me. People need to stop playing the loyalty line and wake up to how football is nowadays (unfortunately).

    I'm sure Spurs have the money to buy all of Leandro, Adebayor and Vertonghen without selling our best player. In terms of dead wood you need to be thinking about Jenas and Bently, i don't know who'll take them off our hands. Then Gio is leaving. One of Naughton or Corluka surely must find their way out. Nelson and King, retirement.

  6. Ade is Ok. When you expect nothing he delivers when you expect something he doesn’t. 7M and he is your cheques made out to “The Champions”

  7. Let Modders go ABROAD for 35-40m, he doesn't want to be with us so bin him. Use the lolly to buy two top drawer players, I'd LOVE to see Huntelaar at the lane linking with VDV.

    Thanks 'peterBKK'…got it…..PLEASE PAY 'The Chumpions' 7m only. Always remember fella, you didn't win it……Utd gifted it to you.

  8. huntelaar hahaha !! ur avin a bath mate, went to madrid and milan with all the hype and went off to schalke with his tail between his legs, he cant cut it at the for modders…sell him n its over for us, levy will tell him to sit down and shut up coz he's not goin anywhere, apparently he's on about 30/40 k, jenas n bentley r on more than that so i think mr levy wont be too fussed about writing off his wages if he refuses to play,which he wouldnt anyway, we should hav finished second atleast this season if it werent for harry's wandering eye,next season,with the core squad we hav,plus 3 more we will bee pushing city all the way


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