AVB speaks on Moutinho to Spurs


New Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas has spoken publically about his interest in Joao Moutinho.

With Luka Modric wanting to leave Spurs, the Porto midfielder has been mentioned as the most likely replacement for Modric after impressing during Euro 2012.

Moutinho worked under AVB during their time together at Porto and is known to be keen to work under his former boss again.

“He was one of the most important players at Euro 2012, of course. He had a fantastic tournament,” said Villas-Boas.

“He is also an important player for Porto and of course counting on players of this dimension will always be interesting for us.

“It does not mean he is the only target we are looking at, but eventually if something happens he is a player we are looking at with some interest.”

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  1. I must admit I really haven't seen a lot of this guy apart from what I saw in the Euros. Is he actually as good as everyone keeps saying he is? Does anyone think he will need time to adjust?

    • He would be a great signing he's got vision, accurate passing, shooting, good at defending, has got pace and stamina, perfect replacement for Modric. Were also said to be chasing Hulk who also worked with Villas- Boas at FC Porto.

  2. In my opinion he's the perfect replacement for Modric, he has vision and the quality to pass the ball accurately, he is also good at shooting from range, taking players on and good at defending he also has a bit of pace.

  3. Of course he will need time but so do lots of people he is a great player and any team will be lucky to have him I mean look at Raul Miereles never played a day any where apart from Portugal now he is really good and Moutinho is much better so he will be twice as good a perfect replacement for modric

  4. hulk is turd, just get ade in and when modric goes try and joao in he is a very good footballer one of very few who can replace luka, if we cant i would like us to try and get axel witsel plays for benfica serious player

    • Hulk is a quality player, but maybe not worth the quoted £30m but if we could get him for £15-£20m would be well worth the money…

    • coys ade alone is not good enough trust me he will score 1 in 10 chances and his ego is too big he think hes better then he realy is yes he holds the ball up well yes hes link up play is ok but hes first touch always lets him down bit on the clumsy side and he doesnt score enough need another striker defoe way better than ade its just hes too small in height need a modern day cf Alan shearer strong in the air powerful on the ground

  5. dont call the weasal by his first name , his name is wanker 3 after wanker 1 berbatov and wanker 2 the geordie thought he was glennhoddle tosser. fuck all those that dont want to play for the lillywhites

  6. Good player, strange manager!! Is Moutinho also a 'solution' and a 'possibility' along with Jan and Gylfi?


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