Sebastien Bassong

Sebastien Bassong has publically revealed that he wants to leave Tottenham Hotspur in the summer.

As we revealed last week the Spurs defender handed in a transfer request after becoming frustrated with the lack of first team opportunities.

“I know football’s rules and I know that it’s up to the manager,” Bassong said. “If he likes someone else more than me, I totally get it. But the fact is that after last season, and what we achieved together, I couldn’t even imagine that I would be in this situation.

“I haven’t made some huge mistake on the pitch or anything. It’s just happened. For a bit, I felt lost because I haven’t faced this situation before in my career. I feel that I have gone backwards, like I have gone from heaven to hell.”

He added: “I am a guy who simply has to play. I would never just sit there and take the money. I am reaching an age where, if I don’t play week in, week out, and if I don’t feel real trust in me, then I can’t stay, no matter which club it is. This is the situation at Tottenham. I have to try to find a way out because I have to try to play. The only thing I want is to play.”

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