Moyes claims no Spurs contact – AVB favourite


Everton boss David Moyes has had ‘no contact’ from Tottenham over their managerial vacancy.

Moyes who was on the punditry panel for the BBC during Saturday night’s Euro 2012 coverage was quizzed by former Spurs and Everton striker Gary Lineker on if he had been approached by Spurs.

The Everton boss spoke of his loyalty to Everton and chairman Bill Kenwright and seems focused on carrying on the job he is doing at Goodison Park.

Andre Villas-Boas has emerged as the favourite to replace Harry Redknapp with plenty of speculation suggesting that he has been offered the Tottenham job.

Moyes told the BBC: “All I can say is that I have had no contact and if I had had any I would have told my chairman (Bill Kenwright).

“I hope to meet all my ambitions at Everton but you never know in this game.

“I came back from holiday and found out about Harry and I feel sad for him because I feel he has done a good job.”

“I’m ambitious and I want to try to win things and ideally I want to do that with Everton,” he added.

“We brought in two or three players in January and you could see the difference it made to the club, to the players, to myself, so we want to try and do that again.

“I told my chairman four weeks ago (that money was needed to compete) so for me my concentration is on getting Everton ready for the start of the season, and hopefully getting off to a better one than we’ve had in recent years.”

Asked if a fresh challenge would appeal to him at some stage, Moyes said: “I’ve always been loyal and I will continue to be loyal to Everton – as long as they want me, I’m happy there.

“I’m ambitious and the players at Everton are ambitious and they want me to push to try to keep the club going forward. We’re certainly, with the players we’ve got, in there competing and trying to do the best we can.”

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  1. Moyes is suited to Everton and there is no guarantee he’d work at the lane. AVB should be given the chance to fix his reputation and show Chelsea what they let go.

  2. Nobody knows ANYTHING yet, the press had all said AVB/Moyes etc. had been contacted etc. … but none of them have!!! how do we know this … they have said in interviews !!! So far the press have been p[laying a guessing game, remember, Levy is out of the country till monday. I think NONE of the so called front runners will get the job, I also don't think Spurs will go back to a DOF. As for Sherwood, he has been retained as a back up. Training starts again soon and they need somebody around to do that (along with Parks for goalkeeping) that is why these people are still on the book … think about it, everybody turning up on day one, I can see it now it goes like this … Here Mod's what do we do now … Dunno Balezy, how bout we kick that round thing about and try and get in in that thing with a net, … Dah OK, oh look it's Mr Levy come to take training today, don't he look great in a track suit !!!! … No That is why Sherwood has stayed, just in case nobdy has the job.

  3. AVB is a wanker , looks like a wanker, and probably is an innate loser, why are we getting him? Levy needs to go.Capello is the best club manager around

  4. I really dont want Capello after the job he did at England and even though AVB did a crap job at chelsea because he is ambitious and wants to play good football unlike moyes who plays unattractive football. For me martinez should be given job.


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