Spurs to bid £35m for Porto striker Hulk?


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Spurs are plotting a £35m bid for Porto striker Hulk as manager Harry Redknapp seeks to boost attacking options.

Again this story has come from the Daily Mail and let’s hope there’s more truth in this story than their Yossi Benayoun for Luka Modric swap deal.

However his agent claimed last month that Porto has rejected a £70.6m bid from an undisclosed club for the 25-year-old Brazilian.

Hulk has a staggering £88m release clause in his contract but it is thought £35m would be enough to convince the Portuguese club to sell – claim the Daily Mail.

He scored 36 goals and set up 21 last season and there is no doubt he’d be a superb signing for us.


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  1. First – Complete rubbish again from the mail! If the club turned down 70million why would they accept 35million??? If it turned out to be true he would be the Incredible Hulk!

  2. Cant see it happenin even if it is true, but that would be one hell of a signing, itsa wonder barca or real madrid havent tried to get him… Have they?

    • That must surely tell you something. Not that much interest in him. Or his fee is too extortionate that not even rich clubs will punt on him. So why should we?

  3. I wouldn't want Spurs to double their record fee on anyone. Given that people were worried about having to spend 400m on a new stadium, it would be crazy to gamble a tenth of that amount on a single player! A player that could flop, or perhaps not settle. Given that we had to take a loss on 16m Bent, imagine the potential loss of a gamble on Hulk. Total baloney story. Hulk is not proven enough to warrant that fee anyway.

  4. @bog Agreed. He looks very much the Rebrov to Falcao’s Shevchenko. He’s a decent shot from the edge of the area but he’s not the clinical poacher we need and I doubt that famous strength of his would buy him as much time and space in the Prem.

    You can quote me on this when he fires us back into the CL with 30-goal tally.

  5. There’s no way anyone offered 70mn for him either. Look at the price Torres went for, Aguero… You could get Tevez for just over half that. Nobody has that money except Man City and they wouldn’t waste that on him or even need him.

  6. Tottenham should not buy him for even £35,000. Every time i have seen him he looks like a 1st division player and all the knowledgable and informed football media think he is average too. Please someone, show me some actual goal scoring and assists stats that prove otherwise. Tottenham are now scraping the floor, there’s nothing left of the barrel. The Incredible Hulk? more like The Lumbering Bulk. Still, at least he would make Huddlestone look mobile. I can’t wait for Harry to go.

  7. i seem to remember helder postiga, and look how that turned out for us and 35mill for someone unproven yet supposedly so good, then why haven't real, barca, and other big clubs signed him up.

  8. Is the decimal point missing from this valuation? £3.5m looks about right. £35m looks like an overexcited halfwitted internet journo

  9. If you want to spend £35m on anyone spend it on Falcao. 73 goals is 86 appearances over 2 seasons, not on someone who has had 1 good seaon!!

  10. guys.. dont be so harsh on him.. He is a real talent, a real superstar in the making..if only he playd in england or spain Remember the deal with suarez broke down due to these reluctance from our management.. He is a better version of suarez..

  11. Fuck me, everyone moans that we don't bid for any strikers, a story comes out that we are, and everyone moans. Some say that Barca or Real haven't gone for him so he must be shit, but if Barca, real, inter, milan, man u, city, chelsea went for him, we wouldn't have a hope in hell of signing him anyway. Wake up, we are not a big club. We have to go for the next string down, 35m is far to much for any player, it is a huge gamble, but chelsea paid £50m for Torres, a proven goal scorer, and he scored 1 goal in half a season. We can't and won't be able to compete for the Aguero's, Villa's, Messi's & Ronaldo's of the world ever, we can only gamble on young unproven talent that may become world class, or buy "almost but not quite" players.

  12. Please buy Hulk harry, to all u spurs fan I am portuguese and I follow portuguese football, Hulk is fantastic player and he is better then all our strikers put together and one of you mentioned postiga. Postiga is nothing compare to Hulk. Hulk got pace hes strong and he has a lethal foot.


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