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As a follow up to what I wrote yesterday, and after reading some of the responses in the comments, I thought I would expand on it particularly in relation to Levy and the way the club is run as a whole.

I would begin by saying that I think Levy is the most astute chairman in English football.  If I owned a football club then he would be the one man I would want to run it above all others.  I would even go further than that and say that I think Tottenham has become the best-run club in England during his tenure.  But that is not to say he is without fault.  And this was the point of my previous article, it was not to slate Levy, but to point out his seemingly one blind spot.

I would compare Levy to Wenger, in that they each seem to have a fatal flaw.  In Wenger’s case it was that he refused to accept the fact that there would be periods in games where Arsenal didn’t have the ball. In the last 15 years can you name an above average signing he made in goal, at left-back, right-back, centre-back or defensive-midfield? I can’t. Koscielny maybe? But I definitely wouldn’t go overboard about him. 

And so it is with Levy, in periods of absolute strength when we have had the financial clout and pulling power of Champions League football, and top-drawer players already at the club, he refused to go that extra mile and sign that one player who could have made the difference for us.  That one player whom we would have to pay above the odds for.  That one player we might have to get creative with when it comes to signing on fees and bonuses in order to keep the general wage structure intact.

And so I am not a critic of Levy as I’ve already explained, I’m a fan.  I just live in hope that with an ever so slight tweak to his generally very clever approach to the transfer window, we could actually go on to achieve something huge in the very near future.


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    • Clearly you are an idiot! go and support Man U they spend loads of money on players, if that`s what you think makes a club great

      • Peter – winning trophies makes a great club and spending loads on players and wages is an unfortunate reality if you want to win trophies. I would prefer to see money spent on players rather than overspending on a retractable pitch and cheese room.

  1. If Levy does despite all his efforts finally allow such a move for a game-changer for more than 40 million it won’t be “his achievement” but the result of tremendous pressure from others that somehow slipped through the cracks in Levy’s mindset.

  2. RON
    Levy has the worst record of any Spurs chairman in the last 45 years in terms of lack of trophies and bad managerial appointments. he is a little man who likes to wield his power by playing his football poker game to save every last penny on transfers by waiting until the very last minute and then nearly signing someone decent. people say he is an astute business man and i am sure in terms of Club accounts he is right up there but quite frankly this game is not all about profit and loss it is about trophies and glory and in terms of the former he is a disaster. When will he ever learn that THFC is not about him and his little man ego and that it is a team game and we need to sign players early in any window so they can get used to theit team mates and Mo Po’s tactics, fitness regimes and teamwork. He has blown so many great piositions in Jan by his petty bargaining strategies and notorious poor starts to the season which have cost us in the end. No expense spared on the new stadium but bargain basement tactics in terms of player wages and transfer fees. Finally he is the highest paid chairman in the Prem by a mile but the poores payer.

    I rest my case – go now and stop meddling in our Club


    • Ron, maybe you should learn what it is like to run a business. That is what Levy does, and does brilliantly. He is Spurs number one fan, and loves the club. He has wrought wonders for us for us, we now have a great team with a great stadium that will help strengthen the club’s financial strength, promising greater chances of success in the future on the transfer market and world wide recognition. Perhaps Ron, you would prefer to see more money spent to buy players at the cost of future stability and growth. THFC is far more about Levy’s ideas that yours.

  3. Ha to be fair you put me in my place there Ron, and looking back he has made some bad managerial appointments. The waiting for the very end of the transfer Window every year is also getting boring, but I still think if you look at the steady improvement over the past few years he’s been doing a good job. I can only hope that this time will be different and along with the clever signings for good prices, he goes against the norm and signs that one big game-changing player who will inevitably cost a lot of money.

  4. As others have said, ENIC/Levy’s record of WINNING things (which some of us believe is the object of professional football) is abysmal, and I’m far from convinced about Levy’s supposed astuteness; most of his managerial appointments have been poor (Jol and Redknapp were made in panic – remember 2003/4, when Pleat was caretaker for almost the whole season, and then Levy came up with Santini, who resigned within weeks, and Jol got the gig because there was no one else? Remember 2008, when the ‘two points from twenty four’ debacle forced Levy to replace Ramos with Redknapp because there was a real fear of relegation?), and his great achievement, the stadium for which we’ve been waiting for well over a decade, is coming in late and more than double its original cost, the CEO who’d presided over such mismanagement certainly facing the push in any ‘business’ other than football! People who praise Levy invariably say that he saved us from 1990s mediocrity, but the 1990s were the exception, not the norm, and restoring us to the top half dozen clubs in the PL is no more than par for the course, the birdies, eagles and albatrosses which trophies would represent having been conspicuously absent – Levy’s a bean-counter, nothing more.

    • You are not a spurs fan
      How can you compare levy with Wenger
      U can only compare them financial
      How many trophies did Wenger win & how many has levy got. I no we could have won the league at let once + a cup if levy put his money where his mouth is.
      Mr levy is not a true spurs fan
      For the last 3-4 year we have started and finished with 1 forward. The fans can see it but the man watching can’t.
      Each January window we say we need a forward/help for Kane for us to win something but nothing and we fool short again and again. As for HIS transfers not the managers
      What can I say!!
      He say we buy young. We buy 34 year old forward to do what??to Sit on the bench
      Mr levy do u no the story about the king and his magic coat.
      That is U other clubs see u coming
      U didn’t learn from last season on that waiting game. Just to save face u pay over the odds for Sissoko and Newcastle fan are still laughing after us and we can’t off load him
      That’s good business.
      All I can see is that u want to sell the club and make a BIG profit not put money in to win trophies
      It hurts me to say this but I can’t see us finishing in the top 6 if we didn’t buy 3-4 players of quality not bench warmers and at the end of the season we lose the manager and 5-6 players
      We let shaqiri and long-term target malcom go for 41m
      Other fan are laughing at us

  5. I am a spurs fan. I was just comparing him to Wenger in that they both have a flaw that every general football fan can see but they can’t see themselves. Levey’s is that in order actually go on and win something, every now and then he’s got to seize the moment and go out and spend more than he wants to, and preferably do it before the last few hours of the transfer window! Although reading what’s coming out of the club today with Poch saying their might not be ANY signings, I am starting to worry.

  6. Under Levy Spurs have been punching above their weight. The clubs finances is extremly important in the PL, and except for the year Leicester won, teams usually end up at the same places that they are financially.

    If Levy had “went that extra mile” every transfer window, the club would have suffered long term. Of course one of the signings might have worked out, but the club might also have ended up like Leeds…

    The one thing I really miss now is Pochettino taking a gamble on youth, instead of bringing in people like Nkodou, Sissoko and that other from the french league I cant rembember the name of. And instead of buying many mediocre players, use youth for depth and focus on bringing in players that actually strengthens the starting 11.

  7. Words fail me! I have no idea in the sense of leaving transfers to the last minute and ending up with players like Sissoko and wasting an alarming amount of money. Where’s the smart business sense in that! Then we shut the door on the Premier leagues best Centre back and stand the risk of giving him to one of our competitors when we have no cover!! So we’ll sell Toby and then what? We have no real cover if Sanchez or Vertonghen if they get injured. So are we going to buy somebody, if so name me a player better than the one we’ve already got! None of this is good business sense it’s just balancing the books. I don’t think the current owners give a damn if we win trophies or not, just keep producing profits and that’s all that matters to them. Well how long are we supporters who pay good hard earnt money on season tickets prepared to keep doing that if we never win a trophy? I think the 61,000 capacity stadium is going to start struggling to fill if this philosophy continues. It makes me sick!


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