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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Moussa Sissoko

Is our transfer policy really all good?

As we sit all plump eyed on a Monday, it is hard to look back on the weekend in any real positives. We have...
Mauricio Pochettino

Time for change?

After nine games in the Premier League table looks like this.     GD   Pts 1 Man City   11 20 2 Arsenal   10 20 3 Liverpool   9 20 4 Chelsea   10 19 5 Tottenham   9 19 6 Everton   5 15 7   Man Utd 1 14   At the same stage last season the table looked like this.     GD   Pts 1 Man City   16 21 2 Arsenal   9 19 3 Man...
Christian Eriksen

What has happened to Eriksen?

Spurs endured a tough away game in Germany on Tuesday, but the one occurring question after the 0-0 against Bournemouth was the continued frustration...
Harry Kane

Lack of Focus Dooms Attack (Again)

When Harry Kane's is playing, Spurs attack is a clean, organised machine. It has focus, drive, purpose and a plan.  Everything in attack runs...

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