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  1. I should have added “by his standards’
  2. Tanguay score a brilliant and crucial goal as well as everything else today. He was really good today
  3. How does Kane get MOTM over Tanguay in that game? Kane was poor other than the goal and Tanguay was immense. Must be votes from people not even watching the match
  4. Negative, Bale will never get fit or give us a positive influence if he doesn’t get on the pitch
  5. N’Dombele finally got a full match. THAT is a positive
  6. Brilliant build up and a really poor attempt by Kane
  7. Bale for Hojbjerg, drop Tanguay deeper and that shows the team we will continue to push for more
  8. N’Dombele has absolutely fantastic skills
  9. More of the same. No change in shape, or approach. Kill it. that’s said I would remove Hojbjerg to rest him for the next match
  10. Already taken the foot off the gas
  11. He has been missing his chances of late and looks frustrated
  12. And I’m not knocking Dier, I think he has been good just question the difference in dealing with players
  13. Didn’t Dier make the mistake that conceded the goal against Fulham? yet Jose sticks with him?