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  1. Alonso

    Is Kane Staying ?

    If today’s events are indeed true then my estimation of Harry Kane’s character was all wrong. I’m not willing to fall prey to what could merely be the press stirring up shit for a story just yet, but if this is true I will be more than a little disappointed in the behaviour. I think that Kane’s Camp and Spurs should be making a formal statement(s) ASAP
  2. Son, Moura and Dele looked very lively today
  3. Alonso

    2021 Winter / Summer Transfer Window

    I have to admit I'm emotional to see Toby go. Yes he has been slowing down lately but he is still a class player. What shocks me is how Dier is still on the books and Sanchez the one apparently close to a move. I would much rather keep Sanchez because all he needs is to get some consistency. Eric on the other hand seems so lost I cannot see him turning it around. Japhet and Rodon will be ok for Cups and such but we need an all new pairing that gets us the stability that Toby and Jan provided under Poch if we are to challenge the Top 6....and of course we still need to replace Modric. Worth noting that we will likely play with a 3 so I just cannot see us defending well unless we bring in 2 more CB this window. That would alleviate the need for left Wingbacks/Fullbacks because we have Reggie and Sess on the left. The right is still a huge ??. Glad we have a new keeper and Gil may turn out to be a good investment too. i liked Lamela but his injury record made him expendable. He was out more than in.
  4. Alonso

    EURO 2020

    Pickford was very good and it all went to waste
  5. Alonso

    EURO 2020

    Should of had two reds
  6. Alonso

    EURO 2020

    How a Manager can play negatively for 88 minutes and expect to win is beyond me. bringing two VERY young players on at 120 and expecting them to take a penalty is criminal. Saka taking a penalty? Ridiculous Southgate bottled it. we finished the game without a defender on the right FFS!
  7. Alonso

    EURO 2020

    We need some bravery come on Southgate
  8. Alonso

    EURO 2020

    How is that not Red?
  9. Alonso

    EURO 2020

    He will stick with Sterling no matter how poor he plays
  10. Alonso

    EURO 2020

    I know we see Hojbjerg a lot at Spurs but watching him on the other side makes me realize just how good he is. Phenomenal player
  11. Alonso

    EURO 2020

    Time for a change Southgate
  12. Alonso

    EURO 2020

    Born in Wales as was my Dad, my late Mum from Germany and sister born in England. Lived in Canada since I was young. I don't get back to the UK much, 2009 was the last time and we were supposed to go back in 2020 until this damn virus hit. I still feel at home in the UK, just a feeling I get when I'm there and it doesn't matter whether it is Wales or England. I truly believe that times like these all Brits should get behind England and truly show that you really are a "United Kingdom". I understand there is history and do not presume to know it all but I always prefer to look forward than back. Come on England
  13. Alonso

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    When Mourinho was hired there were many here that wished it had been Nuno. Now we hire Nuno and it's all doom and gloom. Until last season Wolves were a newly promoted revelation. I'm confident that this is a similar appointment to Pochettino. Let's all get behind him and see where it leads us Welcome Nuno and Good Luck. I sincerely hope you do make us all proud! COYS
  14. Alonso

    Who Will Be The Next Manager ?

    Parker has officially left Fulham FC.
  15. Alonso

    EURO 2020

    It's pretty clear that regardless of Kane saying he is focusing on the Euros that the looming transfer issue is indeed affecting his play. An off game is one thing but 3 games shows there is something not right. Unless he gets it going I see England falling short next match.